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Fiverr / Re: Free Ebook Tutorial: How To Make Money On Fiverr by Ikoiikenna: Yesterday at 02:56pm

Yeah!!! Thayor, its high time you starting making money from fiverr. This eBook will guide you on how to start, practical money steps to take and start earning handsomely. However, you are required to advertise this forum to your friends and social media followers. Notwithstanding, check your mail it will be sent ASAP.

W.E/General / Six Things You Should Avoid Wearing To A Job Interview by ikoiikenna: Yesterday at 11:04am
Getting a job is at the top of everyone's to do list right after graduating either from secondary or tertiary institutions. The Labour force Is clouded by a legion of work age Individuals with good grades. If one is to have a shot at securing a job you must not pay attention to every detail, from your dress sense to your CV, down to your presentation.

1.Fitted Clothes It is usually better to wear an outfit that is tailored to suit you, rather than anything that feels or looks too tight or too short try wearing short skirts and dresses that will give you a hard time sitting give a very wrong impression of you.

2.Jeans Even if you will wear them as part of the work attire, staying away from jeans at an interview is the best way to go. This is because jeans are casual and comfortable but not professional.

3.Colors Do not wear any bright colors. Stick with the official basics, a black, blue or gray suit.

4.Loud Makeup You Should tone down on your makeup. It is an interview for a job, not a strip club. Make sure you keep it simple and natural.

5.Obvious Bras The ladies need to always wear an Unclad bra under business attire when going for an interview because they rarely ever show. 6.Hats either distract the interviewer or prevent you and the interviewer may not be able to make pepper you eye contact.

Automotive / Web Security:how To Keep Your Data Safe Online by ikoiikenna: Last week on Sun at 07:11am
Security is an important issue even when you online. Many hacking gadgets and software have been developed and thus increasing recent hacking attacks on individuals and co-operate levels. It’s essential therefore that you learn how to protect yourself and your business.

This article provides the guide with an infographic on how you can protect yourself (personally) and your online properties (websites). Web security is important to any internet user, we are all victims but the less you know about and how to protect yourself the more you fall prey.

Follow the infographics below to know how to choose and manage strong passwords, spot infections on your computer and website(s) and deal with resulting issues. I recommend you share this with all your family and friends to help them stay safe too for you are also a victim if they are.

How helpful was this?
please tell us using the reply button below. thanks

Blogging / How Google Differentiate Between Good And Bad Content by ikoiikenna: Last week on Sun at 06:21am
The web is like that one girl who in high-school had the ducky look with braces and all but evolved into a run way model just before puberty hit the home run. But of a cause, you can’t think of the internet without appreciating the immeasurable importance of search engines.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo play a primary function within the discovery of content material on the net and as anticipated at any time when a search comes into play, Google would be the most used. In other words, about 80 percent of web users make use of Google every day, making it the ‘Big bang’ of the web. The planet has unconsciously tasked Google with the filtration of content on the net because it presents search outcome to a greater majority of the online world. But can Google actually tell the difference between good and bad content?
First off, what can also be labeled as bad content material? Asides the traditional blacklist of pornographic content, terrorist affiliations, malware and fraudulent transactions, what relatively can also be classified as dangerous content material? In layman phrases, the unhealthy content material contains knowledge that doesn't go well with the expectation of the viewers.

Being conscious of the impact they have on of the internet, Google has in its potential, tried to make sure that its audience gets quality content. No person understands Google’s obsession with wildlife and confectioneries (see Android), however over the span of 6 years, the search engine has yoked the project of discovering right content material on three separate algorithms; Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. With every launch in different time frames for separate tasks, Google’s algorithms have tried in fact, to filter content in every nook and cranny on the internet via making sure certain knowledge sought out by users are of exceptional quality.

Over the years, Google has evolved by constantly updating its algorithm thereby ensuring web content is well scrutinized. Let’s take a look at these key algorithms;

Panda[ - launched in February 2011 made definite that content material providers with the dependency of stealing and/or copying expertise from other sources were relegated in search results, giving customers the possibility to access content that has been common, on factor and deemed to be of ‘excessive high-quality’.

The Penguin - introduced in 2012 eliminated illegal references that affect search results.
Hummingbird (2013) mixed the attributes of the above engines with another spice, pin point accuracy in its search processes. Nevertheless, authorities have opined that Hummingbird was once deployed to enhance voice searches providing you with exactly what you requested for.

A couple of years ago, it might have been a substantial assignment for Google to differentiate between excellent and bad content but with updates and improvements in their algorithm’s form, customers can sleep peacefully understanding that Google will invariably provide the right outcome to their numerous queries.

So to a great extent through the combination of its various algorithms, Google can definitely differentiate between good and bad web contents. Have a nice day.

Training & Workshop / The Real Truth Of N-power You Are Yet To Know by ikoiikenna: Last week on Sat at 12:02am
My thoughts on the 500,000 job empowerment initiative recently launched by the present administration that struck me most is "Every participant will be given a laptop computer for the program"Somebody will say; and so?, I already have a computer?, The computers might even be fake?, Who cares?, and the likes but those words can only escape from the tongue of a shallow thinking individual. A low thinker. An end result of bribe-and-pass educational flow.Yes! Who cares if the government give 3 computers to every 1 participant?Who needs it anyways? Like the words of a popular Nigerian artist, "who heEPP"? No one! But it takes a great mind to see the bigger picture.

The ones-in-a-lifetime opportunity this could mean for you, me and for us(ofcourse without the myopic thoughts). There have never been anywhere in the world where this large number of computer is distributed to a single parastatal. The contract to distribute even a low tech 500000+ pieces of computer system runs in Billions of Nigerian Naira (OMG!). No single firm can handle this large distribution in the given time bracket.

So hello Nigerian youth, I have read both your positive and negative reactions on this newly publicized initiative and although everyone has an unchallenged right to personal thoughts and freedom of speech but so is the right to be responsible for what comes after. I have passed the stage of feeling irked by the weird and thoughtless comments I read from the handles of our supposed leaders of today and now I believe the mission of the biblical Moses should be embraced, not to lead the Israeli slaves to the promise land but to free the children of Israelites from their slavish way of reasoning. The ones who escaped "the promise land" to Nigeria.

Regardless of whether shady or transparent, fair or corrupted. Regardless of the modalities or chances of an average Nigerian getting employed.Regardless of the intent, purpose, goal or objective or whether it'll survive or not. Regardless of who's driving the program, his integrity,commitment to the cause. Regardless of the need for the program or the impacts of its existence. Regardless of party affiliation, criticism,ethnical reasoning or ideological differences clouding the success of this program, the REALITY is, Five Hundred Thousand Computer Systems will be distributed and the contract will be given out to a particular someone or group for execution.

My question then is, will you keep languishing in your penniless world (or better still, the average world of an employed youth)frolicking thoughtlessly with the gadget beautifully designed by youths like you spilling ignorantly on issues just to get on the list of contributors while hiding under the hypocritical umbrella of an alphanumerical identifiers you call username or get your ass up and think about how to benefit financially or experience wise from a program flagged in your own backyard... Your own country?!

Forgive me for been so shallow minded and having a unidirectional thought on matters that seems so ladened with endless opportunities but I'll rather push forward with the believe that somehow there is an opportunity mirages in the unstable situation of this country than languish in circle of plebeians whose thoughts has been myopically colonized and reasoning enslaved in their chained cycle of low self-esteem and limitation. This isn't to say the Nigerian dubious system as changed so much that youth can get their hands on government contracts so easy though. This piece is to encourage the few ones who understands that to hunt and Elephant, a hunter needs to break through the walls of his own limits.

I dare ask you, even when all the odds says the milky part of this program is preserved for "the peeps in their cycle", have you made an effort to break through their walls? Well, my thoughts though.

W.E/General / The Role Of Technology In Employment by ikoiikenna: Last week on Fri at 09:59pm

Technology has greatly made an impact in all aspect of human life from agriculture, banking, cooking, transportation and so on. Technology has improved our life immensely in various ways, making things being done faster and much easier.

Technology has so much improved ways in which business are done, for example with technology, you can do business with anyone across the world without even meeting the person and get paid instantly. This can happen with the improved technology we have now, that with computer and internet you can interact with someone across the world, negotiate on your business and get paid instantly. This was not possible some 20 years back.

But we want to look how technology has affected the employment market. It can be related that technology has made doing business easy and more profitable with less people on hands. This is one of the most basic fact of technology, less hands and more efficiency, which is better for business owners but not for workers. As technology improves, the more likelihood more people will loose their job.

People will loose jobs as technology improves for, technology renders some services useless. Like with the use of electronic mail, courier services has been reduced to just the transportation of heavy items that cannot mostly be sent electronically. Before mails, companies hire courier services or employ courier boys to deliver very important and personnel mails to be delivered directly. Also in the case of factories, machineries have been designed and programmed to carry out specific duty that were usually done by a number of people.

This also can be related to the banking sector, with the use of ATM, POS and now that it is possible to carry transaction through any internet connected devices, banks had reduced their workforce and branches especially in developed countries.

Also as technology is improving the workforce are not keeping up with the pace of improvement so its like they are left behind and are no more viable with the job.

So its advisable to acquire soft skills especially related to computers in the present state of the world. The world is becoming digital and hard skills are to be complimented with soft skills. Even every business that do not join the technology advancement will not survive the age.

It can be seen that most small businesses are embracing the advancement in technology, traders now put their goods online and connect to customers easily, most small shops have POS as most people do not like carrying cash and prefer any source of online transaction.

So as businesses open up to technology advancement, employers should endeavor to advance with the time and make themselves of more value by improving on their skills.

Fiverr / Re: Free Ebook Tutorial: How To Make Money On Fiverr by Ikoiikenna: Last week on Fri at 05:58pm

Sent. Please note how we do it here. We send over the eBook for free and you share out this forum to your friends persuading them to join as it will benefit them.
Check your mail and act accordingly.Thanks.

Sports Trading / Re: Make #50,000 To #100,000 Monthly From Football Betting With Ease by Ikoiikenna: Last week on Fri at 05:54pm
osro:Hi, I would like to have the eBook, <4>

Sent. Please note how we do it here. We send over the eBook for free and you share out this forum to your friends persuading them to join as it will benefit them.
Check your mail and act accordingly.

Business Ideas / Top 10 Recession Proof Business Ideas To Start Today by ikoiikenna: Last week on Tue at 04:51am

Are you looking to start a business but weary due to the recession? Do you have a great business idea you want to startup but wonder if you can successfully start during economic recession? What are the best recession proof business startup ideas? If you are asking any of the above questions then worry less, West Entrepreneur got you covered.

One of entrepreneurs nightmare is recession, it wrecks business, reduces the morale of entrepreneurs to startup new business. Recessions is often a time when thousands of people lose their jobs, it is usually a time marked with many layoff by business in a view to cut down on costs thus resulting in search for job security and recession proof business ideas.
What really is a recession proof business?

Recession-proof just as the name implies are business which still boom even in the most sluggish economy or those business ideas that can survive economic recession better than the lots, They are hardly affected by economic meltdown and they continue to trend or survive unscathed.
This post was inspired by the question one of my loyal readers asked and just like him if you are interested in knowing or starting a business which can stay strong during economic recession then here are the top 10 recession-proof business.

1. Food and Food Stuff Business
Irrespective of the economic situation, people must eat (man must chop). Starting a business that will offer healthy food stuff is profiting as it encourages people to cut down on expense.

2. Bakery
Snacks remain a must eat for all, people will always buy bread, they will always drop by for snacks and fast foods regardless of the economic trend.

3. Laundry service
Irrespective of the hard times, people want to still look good and clean and in such will always squeeze out some bucks for that.

4. Security services
Out of frustration, during times of economic trials, people often look for a way to quick food, quick money and quick everything which in most cases becomes threatening to the next upper person around; thus people often need more security during this time for protection of properties.

5. Health Care Service
Regardless of the economic situation, people will always be in need of good professional health care attention. Health care services is one sector, irrespective of economic trends remain profitable starting a business in this sector is never a bad choice.

6. Contraceptives
Whether or not the economy is fine, couples still enjoy sex even without intention to have kids, teens also have casual sex and don’t want babies thus reason why there is huge market for contraceptives.

7. Cosmetics
Application of cosmetics has become a religious act (so to say). Infact, people (especially ladies) apply their facial and body cosmetics several times a day. Economic recession is no excuse for anyone to look ugly and thus people will always pay for cosmetic.

8. Garbage Collection
Though may seem a dirty job, the returns however is an immune to economic trend. People need to dispose waste and garbage but usually finds it difficult. Starting a garbage collection relieved this hardship and in returns relieves your pockets.

9. Repairs and Fix
During economic recession, people rather repair a broken item or fix them rather than by new ones. Thus repairs and fix services business is a lucrative and recess- free profit business.

10. Personals
Irrespective of recession, starting a business involving dating can help turn the tides. Regardless of recession people are always looking to make new friends, start a new date and ultimately get married. Providing a platform that allows people to do just this will remain rewarding.

Webinar / Webinar: How To Start Making Money On Instagram Today by ikoiikenna: This month on Sat 15 at 08:31am
One difference between the rich and the poor, Between the successful and the Failures, Between the average ad the nobody of this world in this generation is INFORMATION. Believe be when i say this, its information that keeps on in the light. Are you aware that just as you are spending money on Data to access the internet, others are making thousands if not million of dollar for this same internet. Now probably you mind is wondering away, please don't get it wrong this people are making this huge sums legitimately doing just simple things any-other person can do. However, its the information they have that is working for them.

They say what you don't know remains a Mystery, that couldn't be more true. while you spend just to chat, socialize and like images on instagram, people are making huge sums from instagram. Sorry if am being too tense stress this, its just that i was on the same both as you on, i was recently exposed to the earning potential of instagram to business and individuals that i became angry why i haven't know earlier.

Instagram has grown pass being just an image sharing or bookmarking site, She is now a force to reckon with, list of social network wont be complete without instagram on it. marketers are channeling resources to instagram, company create advertisement budget precisely for Instagram. instagram have over 100 million active daily users. So what is it for you?

Do you know that you can earn a thousand dollar daily on instagram? do you know you can turn that followers into a stream of income? more surprisingly you don't have to play any planks, you don't have be tech, you don,t have to do any hack, all you need is your usual mobile device and socializing knowledge and you will be on your way to financial freedom. There is huge opportunity for individuals to make money online from Instagram but the question now is how? well that why we are preparing this, we are putting up a webinar to this effect. You don't have to only spend on social media, its time you earn from it, others have started its time you do too.

It was a friend that learnt the process and improved on it for the past months that we now have a formula, however he is giving it out for 10k (occasionally ) but for all West Entrepreneur Members its free, but you will share your earning with us :) am joking. But Yes the WEBINAR IS FREE. it will take place on, the time will be communicated so i would suggest you join if you haven't joined so you wont miss out. You will so thank me for this.

Foods / How To Start Pounded Yam Flour Production Business by ikoiikenna: This month on Fri 14 at 02:56pm
Why you might still be complaining of no money, many are smiling to the bank doing one business or the other. believe it or not there thousands of lucrative business one can start today and make huge profits. West entrepreneur is know for bringing to your knowledge some of this businesses and of such we will today through this article discuss how you can start Pounded Yam Flour Production Business and make high profits.

Yams are tubers which have white, yellow, or purplish flesh that have very minimal sweetness.its one of the widely consumed agricultural product in all states and country alike. There are different process of preparing yam of which Pounded yam is one of the most enjoyed by many.
However, the traditional method of preparing this pounded yam has made it a stress for many. but with the pounded yam flour many cant help but to enjoy themselves. outside the context of personal choice and demand for pounded yam, there are several health benefit of yam that has been revealed and has in turned increase the demand for yam. of this health benefits are:

1. Heals Skin Diseases & Cures Respiratory Problems Yam has been used as a traditional medicine in China, Korea and Japan for centuries as it contains allantoin, a cell proliferate that expedites the healing process when applied topically on ulcers, boils and other skin diseases. Its decoction is also known to stimulate and relieve bronchial irritation, cough and other respiratory problems.

2. Good Source of Vitamin B6 Yam is a good source of vitamin B6 which is needed by the body to break sown a substance called homocysteine, which can damage blood vessels walls. High levels of homocysteine can also lead to heart attack despite having low levels of cholesterol.

3. Supports Female Endocrine System Yam is particularly useful for menopausal women. It contains an enzyme that provides a natural alternative to hormonal replacement in women who have reached menopause.

4. Source of Energy & Antioxidant Yams contain complex carbohydrate and fiber which gradually slow the rate at which sugars are released and absorbed in the mainstream. Being high in fiber, yam keeps you full without putting on those extra kilos. Yams are also a good source of manganese, a mineral that aids carbohydrates metabolism and is very important for energy production and antioxidant defenses.

5. Helps in RBC Production & Improves Blood Flow The minerals present in yam also play major roles in the body. Copper is very useful for the production of red blood cells and improves blood flow in the body. Iron further improves the blood circulation in the body. Manganese is used by the body as a co-factor for the antioxidant enzyme, super-oxide diastase.

Skin Benefits of Yam

6. Delays Ageing Signs Yam has amazing anti-ageing benefits. It contains amazing skin-friendly nutrients like beta carotene Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and antioxidants which can help to prevent wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

7. Face Packs Boil some yam and leave aside to let it cool. Mash it properly and add a dollop of honey. Apply it all over the face and let it stay for 30 minutes. You can also soak your feet in the boiled water to calm and relax your feet. Cut slices of your yam and place them on your eyes. Tubers have natural bleaching properties which help to reduce stubborn dark circles and rejuvenate the eyes and treat wrinkles as well.

Hair Benefits of Yam

8 Promotes Hair Growth Yam is considered as an excellent source of natural health promoting compounds like antocyanins and beta carotene. It also contains Vitamin A which is highly beneficial for cell growth, including growth of hair. A deficiency in beta carotene can lead to dry, dull and lifeless hair which flakes off into dandruff.

9. Prevents Premature Hair Greying Yam will also prevent premature greying as it contains a good amount of Vitamin B6 which creates melanin and gives the hair its colors.
We can go on and on telling you the benefits but that outside the scope of this article. considering this above health benefits which has invariably increased demand for yam products over the years thus making money for all entrepreneurs who have invested into yam production business.
well, its not yet late, actually now is the best time to invest into this business, recent research on this topic has revealed to be a fertile ground for any to invest into.

Gone are the days wives/mothers will work literally hours just to prepare pounded yam, actually, nobody does it again only few in the rural areas, they people now prefer buying pounded yam flour which ensures quality and delicate pounded yam meal but saves them the original stress of preparing it. if you are interested in starting this business follow and reply to this thread as more information with detailed business plan will follow soon.

Registration/Licencing / Re: How To Obtain An Export License In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: This month on Fri 14 at 02:00pm
Obiinono:Hi, please do you need any sort of license from the foreign host country to import goods into theirs.. Agricultural products to be specific.

Good day sir Obiinono, if i get your question right, No you don't need any license to import into another country say you intend exporting from Nigeria to USA, you don't Need a license to import from Nigeria in the USA. However, As an importer you must assure that your merchandise complies with the regulatory agencies requirements (e.g., FDA, EPA, DOT, CPSC, FTC, Agriculture, etc.) and obtain licenses or permits for a product, if required, from them.

Hope the answer Helped?

Sports Trading / Re: Make #50,000 To #100,000 Monthly From Football Betting With Ease by ikoiikenna: This month on Sat 08 at 07:53am
Check your email we have sent it to your email. questions or clarifications you can open a New thread. thanks

Agriculture / How Profitable Is Pawpaw Farming Business In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: This month on Sat 08 at 06:25am

How you ever wondered how profitable is pawpaw farming business? below is a complete guide on How to Start Commercial Pawpaw Farming In Nigeria

With the unpleasant Economic recession in the country, many now embrace agricultural farming as a lucrative source of income. However, amidst this number, the majority still give little or no consideration to commercial pawpaw farming for profit. Pawpaw Farming in Nigeria for long has been seen only as an integral fraction of our farms; many farmers only plant one or two pawpaw tree either for personal use or for family consumption.

Recent research shows that we have for long-neglected a lucrative source of income due to our negligence to pawpaw farming business for profit.
Pawpaw plant is a tropical plant usually found in tropical climates which bear pawpaw fruits also known as Carica Papaya.

pawpaw-treeThe papaya fruit is highly known and consumed due to its medicinal and health benefits. Papaya fruit has low calories content, contains no cholesterol and is a rich source of photo-nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Papaya is usually preferred over other fruits because of its soft, easily digestible flesh which has a high amount of soluble dietary fiber that assists in normal bowel movement thereby reducing constipation. Ripe papaya provides high vitamin C than any other fruits (Orange or Lemon) and thus regarded as an immune booster and anti- inflammatory agent.

The medicinal and health benefit of eating Papaya are such that leads to the high demand of this delicious fruits by many, also pawpaw is demanded in fruiting company, beauty products company, hotels and restaurant and this high demand turn to be profit for the Commercial Papaya investor.
Are you looking for a farming business to invest into with little or no startup capital and have a high return on investment within a short period? Then you should consider pawpaw farming business. Pawpaw farming has a huge market in and across all tribes, states, and countries. Startup requires little or no capital and surprisingly easy to start up and manage.

Read Also: How to Start Potato Farming Business =>

The First Step to start this lucrative pawpaw Farming business is to get a land composed of the right soil for pawpaw cultivation. A good preferred soil is a mixture of sandy and loam soil [but generally, Nigerian northeastern soil is also good], however, avoid water logged areas and rocky lands.

Get Seeds- Propagation
Propagation of papaya tree is via seeds. There are options to explore at this stage- either to buy already prepared Agric pawpaw seeds or prepare them yourself. Preparing or getting a pawpaw for planting simply involves getting seeds from ripped and fully matured pawpaw fruits then sun dry them. Either option can be explored but in each case ensure getting good species for planting.

There are many varieties of pawpaw, but mostly cultivated variety is the Red flesh and the yellow flesh. The ones with yellow fresh are regarded to be the best due to its big size, taste and long shelf life.

Raise Seeds
Due to some reasons in addition to the fact that pawpaw tree is a delicate plant, one is advised to plant seeds directly in the intended place while leaving a 5-meter gap in between holes. But with good knowledge of transplanting and nursery, one can initially and temporarily create a nursery bed prior transplanting. The best practice is to use big nursery bags, packed full with a mixture of sandy soil, loam soil, and manure, and then introduce two seeds per bag. Ensure seeds are located at the center of each bag to avoid damage to the roots during transplanting. Mulching, Watering, fertilizing is done for the first two months after which they are due for transplanting.

Note: Chemicals needed at this Early stage
· Vegimax- a fertilizer for healthy growth
· Dudu cypher- insecticide to killing insecticides.

Assuming you planted firstly in nursery bag/nursery beds follow the below steps to ensures safe transplant, proper growth, and maximum fruiting.
To transplant- dig 10ft holes inline but 5 meters or 10ft apart. Please note this spacing is highly recommended to ensure good exposure to sunlight and to avoid pawpaw trees from just growing tall with poor fruiting. 250 pawpaw trees are recommended for one acre of land.

Inspection and Weeding
Just like most farming, weeding and inspection of the farm are advised. The wedding is of high importance at this stage to avoid competition for food, space, water, sunlight between the pawpaw tree and the weeds which may cause poor fruiting.

Read Also: How to start cucumber Farming business and Make Profits=>

Pawpaw matures very fast, harvesting commence exactly at 9 months after planting. Though at this stage, the harvest is still low or scanty, as they are yet to reach full production. But when trees are between 12 months to 18 months harvest is high and at its apex.

As early mentioned, the market for pawpaw is very huge and the demand is high, the sale of harvest can be guaranteed. Also one can start a fruit processing factory too, to make even more from this business.

The challenge of this business is minimal. However, one that must be noted is the need for good preservative means to avoid perishing of harvest as pawpaw are prone to perish.

Pets and Disease
A major disease of pawpaw is the fungal diseases which are known to damage the leaves.
Control- Spray with Dythene or Dudu Cyper.
Conclusively, Pawpaw farming is a lucrative business for any investor.

Registration/Licencing / How To Obtain An Export License In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: This month on Wed 05 at 06:27pm
In our previous post, we discussed extensively on the opportunities in exportation business and we even gave our free business plan/ feasibility report on it to get you started.
As a follow-up and in answer to some of your questions, we will be discussing the practical step by step guide to obtaining an export license easily.

Exportation business remains lucrative irrespective of the type of product you exports, whether an Agricultural product like better Leafs, better kola, soybeans, Crayfish, catfish, etc or you choose top export Mineral products, the earning potential is high. However, if you intend starting and export business on a large scale then the need to obtain an export license from the regulatory agencies becomes mandatory.
An Export License provides legal coverage for you and your exportation business and enables you to export governmentally approved export commodities.

In Nigeria, there are basically two approved government agencies commissioned to issue an export license and they are:-
Nigeria Export Council and
Federal Ministry of Solid Mineral Development.
For agricultural products and commodities, Nigerian export promotion council is the regulatory body commissioned to issue an export license. But if you intend exporting only mineral products then you need head over to Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals development as they are responsible for licensing.

Registration process:
The registration process takes a little longer time than registration with C.A.C but fairly easy when you have all the requirements which include:
- Certificate of Business- this is your certificate of business registration with Cooperate Affairs Commission. The company you intend to get a license for must be fully registered.

- Fully Filled Registration Form: - Have applied you will need to duly fill out the form given to you with you full credentials
- Processing Fee: - this is the fee required for first time registration.
With this above requirement, you can head to any office of the ministries mentioned above to start the process.

If you have any question please feel free to ask. West Entrepreneur is a forum thus your question or contribution are highly welcomed.
How clear was this? If not well this is a discussion forum. Click on the reply button below to ask your question or better to add your contribution. However, if you are not seeing the reply button or you are seeing if but it’s not working it means you are yet to join West Entrepreneur. So quickly join to join the conversation or start your own thread. Use the link:

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