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Business Advice/Tips / How To Succeed Financially From Your 20s by ikoiikenna: Yesterday at 12:59pm
For this present generation, your 20s may seem like they are all about embracing mistakes. when it comes to issues of money, what you do now can make or break your future in financial success. Here are some solid money mistakes you must avoid in your 20s.

1. Not budgeting : Failing to set up and follow a monthly budget can leave you living from one paycheck to the other paycheck. Worse yet, you may find yourself swimming in debt when you are tempted to spend more than you earn. But if you have a well-planned budget, you can not only stay in the black but can also save for emergencies or and your retirement. In other to get started, you will want to track all your expenses using a budgeting app or pen and paper. To create your budget manually, list out your monthly expenses and then subtract them from your total income. From there, you can figure out which unnecessary costs you can cut back on in order to reach your savings goals and Pay for essentials.

2. Not saving for emergencies: An emergency fund can spare you from major debt if you suddenly lose your job, or maybe experience a medical emergency or incur any other unexpected costs, like an expensive car fixing or so. Your savings should cover six months worth of expenses. Ideally, this would give you a bit of the flexibility to bounce back from the emergency. To make your saving convenient and consistent, it helps to set up an automatic transfer from your checking account to your savings account around the day you get paid.

3. Delaying retirement savings: Only about 55% of all millennials are saving for their retirement, according to 2014 Wells Fargo Millennial Study. However, the key to building a solid nest egg is starting as early enough to reap the benefits of compound interest. Compound interest allows us to earn interest on our original investment, plus any money our account accrues in form of interest over time.

4. Accumulating bills : Short-term consequences of not paying your bills could include having to pay various fees, and also higher interest rates on loans and credit cards. Bills that remain unpaid for extended periods of time are most likely to be handed over to collection agencies, in which case your debt may be reported to the credit bureaus (for those in the US, particularly outside Nigeria). Once the delinquency is reported to the authorities, your credit score could suffer until the entire debt is paid. Even after you may have paid up, collections generally remain on your credit report for about seven years. Properly setting up automatic payments on your bills is an easy way to avoid paying a heftier price for your bills in the long run.

5. Rushing into marriage or starting a family The costs of a wedding and Child-rearing in Africa can set a young couple back financially before they even get the chance to harmoniously merge their finances. There has been a steady increase in the costs of weddings over the years, and this suggests we will be paying even more for “I dos” in this 2016. Raising children is the hard part because it's not a one-day thing. So as you are still considering the money angle while making your family decisions it is not necessarily what your heart wants.

Make Money Online / Re: Top Ten Online Business Ideas & Opportunities For 2017 by ikoiikenna: Last week on Sat at 05:36pm
Please take 1 minute and read this message:
PROSPERITY CLUBE is an international investment company based in Brazil. Its business is trading in sports, Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) and Forex; industries that have daily turn overs of over $$ hundreds billions of dollars!!

These activities require large sums of money! So Prosperityclube offers an opportunity to everyone, to invest them and be engaged in this lucrative trade.
Together as investors, we all own their activities and since the business earns millions every day THEY PAY US INVESTORS EVERY DAY UP TO 2.5% RETURN ON OUR INVESTMENT.

NB:👉 We invest using BITCOIN and we earn in BITCOIN too !

👉 If you invest BITCOIN equivalent of $10,000 (Diamond Black Package)’ you\'ll earn $230 everyday; this is around $5000 per month.

👉 If you invest BITCOIN equivalent of $5,000 (Diamond Red Package)’ you\'ll earn $115 everyday; this is around $2500 per month.

👉 If you invest BITCOIN equivalent of $3,000 (Diamond Blue Package)’ you\'ll earn $69 everyday; this is around $1500 per month.

👉 If you invest BITCOINS equivalent of $1,000 (Diamond Prime Package)’ you\'ll earn $23 everyday; this is around $500 per month.

👉 If you invest BITCOINS equivalent of $600 (Diamond Plus Package), you\'ll earn $14 every day, this is around $300 per month.

👉 If you invest BITCOINS equivalent of $300 (Diamond Package), you\'ll earn $7 every day, this is around $150 per month.

👉 If you invest BITCOINS equivalent of $150 (Gold Package), you\'ll earn $3.50 every day, this is around $75 per month.

👉 If you invest BITCOINS equivalent of $75 (Silver Package), you\'ll earn $1.60 every day, this is around $35 per month.

NB: Registration is 10$ (additional).

**There are Much More incredible bonuses when you grow a team of downlines:
*Other Benefits:
👉 Direct Indication bonus is 10%
👉 Binary bonus up to 60%
👉 Residual monthly bonus up to 40$ a month per each of your downline!
👉 Renewal bonus 50% of the renewed package points.
👉 Career plan up to $170,000, …

Don\'t hesitate! Get ready to earn every day!!
Register here:

Contacts/whatsap :+2347064511526


Interesting. will try it out. i will chat you up too

Beauty Care / How To Start A Cosmetics Retail Business by ikoiikenna: Last week on Thu at 03:26pm
Cosmetics industry remains one of the most lucrative industries that earn billions of dollars in sales every year. Previously, investing and making a profit from this industry was mainly by multi-national corporations/ companies but today independent individuals like you and I can venture into this industry and become successful either as an artisan or a retailer. Staring a cosmetics Retail business can be enjoyable and profitable but it requires the proper know how and thorough planning.

Cosmetics in this text refer to a preparation that is usually applied to one body part or the other either the face, the body or all over the body. Starting and Running a Cosmetics retail business from all indication and through research is a good one and a lucrative business for investors as almost everyone makes use of one of the different kind of cosmetics products.
Cosmetics business irrespective of the high competition remains a lucrative and fast moving and profitable business because of the high demand. Additionally, cosmetic business requires minimal capital unlike other highly profitable business; you can start small, medium or large scale. Depending on the capital at hand, you can deal with the cheap and affordable cosmetics products and from there grow gradually. Nevertheless, the profit is guaranteed.

In This article We will discuss and show you how you can invest in this fast moving and lucrative business irrespective of the capital at hand, you can easily start up with capital as low as N30,000 and enjoy frequent turnover and return on investment within just a month of startup.
Types of Cosmetics Products
There are different Cosmetics Product you can choose to retail on such as:
1. Hair Care product
2. Skin Care Product
3. Fragrances
4. Personal care and toiletries
5. Make-up Products

Whatever be the Type of Cosmetics of business you would want to retail, below are the things you need to put in place before starting off investing?

1.Familiarize yourself and Decide the brand to sell:- As previously stated, there is a huge competition in this business, there are different brands and as such, there is different brand acceptability among consumer. The different brands have different acceptability. Familiarize yourself with the market and decide based on conducted research the best brand that sells most and stocks your retail store with such brand. Avoid brand that has little or no acceptance among customers.

2. Draw up a business Plan: Like most business, starting and Running a successful cosmetic retail business requires adequate planning. Proper planning requires a good business plan which will in this case outline the potentials and possible pitfalls to avoid.

3. Register your business: Legality of a business increase customers trust. Register your business with the appropriate Agencies.

4. Choose a location and Set-up your store: - This step is very important. Choose a good location for your business as it determines the customers you get and invariably the sale you will make. Choose a good location and set-up your store.

5. Buy Products and Stock Store:- Buy your products and decided in Step 1 above. There are different markets in Nigeria where you can buy products, some of those are Mushin Market, Dosunmu, Balogun market – all in Lagos and other markets across Nigeria.

6. Advertise! Advertise!! Advertise!! : - As stated earlier, this is a business with much competition, to get a fair share of the market and to win more customers to your business; the need for advertisement can’t be over emphasized. Advertise on social media and on any platform that has your target audience.

1-on-1 Training / Learn How To Produce Unisex Boxers And Make Profit by Ikoiikenna: This month on Sun 13 at 06:08pm
In addition to our on going online practical section through which we are exporting individuals to startup a business and make huge profit, we are starting a one one practical training and the first business to be taught is Boxers production business.

Do you know that you can make quite a fortune from Boxers production and sell. By Boxers we mean men's underwear, see image below for better understanding.

Gone are the days men wear Pants. Most, if not all men now wear Boxers, to some extent ladies also do wear it. Thus, making the market for boxer business in Nigeria and abroad large and lucrative.

For long, the boxer business has remained a secret that only few Nigerians are into it and are making all the profits. However, it's been exposed and now you can start and make huge profit.

We will be conducting a one on practical training for all intending to learn.
Call or WhatsApp on 08168710034.

Blogging / Re: Get Free .com Domain Name Blog + Full Blogging Tutorial As A Gift by ikoiikenna: This month on Fri 11 at 11:17pm
Dplanter:Firstly I will try my possible best to promote and as well advertise this website( www. also, I will contribute by posting relevant articles in this great site.
Thanks sir, I am Daniel Unachukwu

Thanks so much Sir Daniel, we appreciate your interest. Please include your email address, or send a mail to an admin as we would want to work more with you to help reach out to some people and keep West Entrepreneur relevant. thanks

Webinar / How To Produce All Kinds Of Cosmetics: Cream, Cleanser, Stretch Mark Removal Etc by ikoiikenna: This month on Mon 07 at 08:30pm
You don't have to complain anymore, it's time you start doing something. There are thousands of lucrative business you can venture into and make huge profits, one of such businesses is cosmetics production business.

Do you know that the average Nigerian both male and female spend thousands of Naira on cosmetics, not to mention the crazy fashion trend and perfection mindset among ladies? I won't stress you with the details, rather I would go straight to the point.

Do you want to have your own cosmetics line? do you want to start production and selling of cosmetics? if yes then look no further.
I will be conducting an online seminar for interested people on WhatsApp. The class will last for 7 days, from 8 pm each day.
You will be taught how to Produce the following:


All for just 5,000 Naira only. Ask around, learning just how to eliminate Strech marks have caused Hundreds and thousands of Naira which in some cases still end up not working. but here I will be teaching you how to Produce Effective products all for a token of 5k. Believe me what you will learn is way more than what you will pay.
CALL 08180081665 OR EMAIL: to get started.

Beauty Care / 50 Profitable Business Ideas In The Beauty Care Industry by ikoiikenna: This month on Fri 04 at 01:30am
By definition, beauty care can be described as the Maintaining good looks, hygiene, and health, through products, diet, etc. The beauty care industry traditionally used to be run by women, but the acceptance has grown for it to be a ventured into by men. Recently, most women feel men can handle their hair, nails, and skin perfectly than their female folks. Beaty care business is a good business, it is not only a good business but also a billion dollars industry that is made up of various sectors and segments. The beauty care industry is predominantly rendered to women but lately, men are also customers to beauty care providers. Beauty care providers deal with hair, skin, nails, and other outer parts of the human body. The essence of this article is therefore to highlight business opportunities in the beauty care industry.

The beauty care industry is made up of a wide range of career opportunities that are both rewarding financially and also in kind. The allure of the beauty industry continues to impact on people everywhere and there’s no wonder, when the thought of the beauty industry come to mind, glossy campaigns or catwalks hairstyles springs to one mind. The industry is a very vast and expanding one, you definitely have a space to fit in if you ever want to go into the beauty care industry.

1. Become a Hairdresser.
2. Become a Nail Care Artist
3. Become a Dermatologist
4. Become a Barber
5. Become a Cosmetic Retailer ( Read full Article Here: )
6. Become a Tattoo Artist
7. Become a Tattoo Remover
8. Become an Electrolysis Hair Remover
9.Become a Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon
10. Become a Soap Maker
11. Become a Producer of hair products
12. Become a Mobile Masseuse
13. Become an Artificial Tanner
14. Become A Sauna Bath Operator
15. Become a Stretch Mark Remover
16. Become A Herbal Soap Maker
17. Become a Beauty Care Blogger
18. Become A Beautician Or Cosmetologist
19. Become A Make-Up Artist.
20. Become A Fitness Instructor
21. Become A Beauty Care Magazine Writer
22. Become A Skin Care Consultant
23. Become An Image Consultant/Stylist.
24. Become A Foot Masseuse
25. Become a Body Piercer
26. Become a Wig Retailer
27. Become A Beauty Exhibition Planner.
28. Become An Aroma Therapist
29.Become A Teeth Whitening Specialist
30. Become A Beauty Care Product Importer And Exporter.
31. Become A Sales Representative.
32. Become An Esthetician
33. Become a Cosmetic Research Scientist
34. Become a Cosmetic Wig Maker
35. Become a Cosmetology Instructor/Lecturer
36. Become a Mortuary Beautician
37. Become a Mobile Manicurist
38. Become a Salon Manager
39. Become an Eyelash Technician
40. Become a Beauty Counter Staff
41. Become a Photo and Film Stylist
42. Become a Nail Artist
43. Bridal Make-Up Specialist
44. Become a Beauty Care Magazine Editor
45.Become a Beauty Care Public Relations Specialist
46. Become a Beauty School Owner
47.Become a Dermal Therapist
48. Become a Beauty Therapist
49.Become a Hair Stylist
50.Become a Beauty Product Model/Brand Ambassador

W.E/General / Re: #madeinnigeria- Promote Made In Nigeria Goods Here by ikoiikenna: This month on Fri 04 at 12:11am
dantee:Hi, Great work been done here.

Thanks So much for the Encouraging comment. Please do Share out this Forum and encourage more people to join

Make Money Online / How To Start Selling On Konga by ikoiikenna: This month on Thu 03 at 11:24pm
As an Entrepreneur, creating a product is only but a step to success in business, marketing your product is yet another challenge to overcome and in most cases appears to be a dead end to the average entrepreneur. Do you have a product that you would want to sell? are you into buying and selling and you are wondering how you can make more sales and reach more customers? if yes, have you considered selling on Konga?

In today world of business, the online market trends more than the usual brick and mortar stores (offline market), we have often advised entrepreneurs to create an online presence for whatsoever business they start. the need to have an online presence can never be over emphasized. you need to create a website, you need to create social media pages (facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) as all this helps you get new customers, keep old ones and make more sales. In addition, this generation prefers buying things online and have it delivered to their door post without having to stress themselves with traveling down to the traditional market and working from shop to shop in search of their desired product. with the online shop, they can simply find what they are looking for with just click on their computer or internet enabled mobile phones.

this and more makes having an online presence a necessity in today's business. However, setting up an online presence is never easy, there are lots things that need to put in place in addition to the time required before an online presence start yielding. these things include good knowledge of website design, strong knowledge for Search engine Optimization (SEO) etc. Notwithstanding, you can still have a strong working online presence for your business without worrying about promoting nor advertising. How? through affiliation with already established brands and online stores- this is where Konga comes in.

Konga is one of the largest online stores in Nigeria and Africa, with over a million active customers. Selling on Konga provides many advantages to startup entrepreneurs as you can, therefore, leverage on their reach and utilize their infrastructure to deliver your goods to your customers.
If you are still wondering what am saying, let me explain.
As a business on your own, you can register with Konga not just as a customer but as a merchant and then be able to list your product and start making a huge sale. as mentioned earlier Konga has a very large reach, millions of people visit Konga to serch one product or the other and of cause to make a purchase. if you have a product, either self-created or resell other companies product you can signup for Konga merchant account and start selling. that is invariably you are reaching out to millions of buyers on the go.

Sounds nice right? well then let's get started! How do you register and start selling on Konga?

It's challenging but simple. How it works

visit Konga Seller HQ page,
CREATE YOUR STORE. Register your store with a unique Store URL for your store on
LIST YOUR PRODUCTS. Create your products, set your own prices, and make them available for purchase.
SELL TO MILLIONS OF BUYERS. Manage your orders, choose your own shipping method, and receive sales proceeds.

From the look of things its just a three step thing, but t can be more than that if you don't know how to, in a bid to simplify this more we have put together a step by step guide to help you get started and if you need our help in setting up a store with Konga feel free to contact us.
IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION OF CONTRIBUTION PLEASE DO THAT USING THE REPLY BUTTON. ( if you are not seeing the reply button below then you haven't joined this forum please do that right away. visit to join, it's free.)

Agriculture / How To Start Catfish Farming Business In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: Last month on Sun 30 at 09:59pm
Fish farming is an important aspect of agriculture widely practiced globally. With the ever increasing demand for fish globally, production to is increasing to match the demand. The global returns for fish farming currently at 33.8 million tonnes per year. Catfish farming is a lucrative form of fish farming business. Some of the reasons why cat fish farming is lucrative are:

1. The operating cost for feed and maintenance for cat fish is very low compared to poultry which is also widely practiced.

2. There are a lot of restaurants, fast food outlets, and bars; that use catfish (Point and Kill or Fish barbeque ) as their favorite food on their menus.

3. Cat fish can survive in almost all water conditions because it has both gills and lungs for breathing in and outside water. So mortality rate is lower compared to other fishes. Even though Catfish is not the most popular fish in Nigeria, this fish species is by far the most cultivated in Nigeria.

4. Catfish is one of the easiest fish species to cultivate. Which makes people naturally flow to the direction of fish species they found to be the easiest to cultivate. You can either cultivate it in earthen pond or tank as the case may be.
However, there are several factors to look into before embarking on catfish farming.
Knowledge First thing is to get adequate training about it because every business needs knowledge, you can also make plans to employ competent hands to help manage your farm.

Know your market, What do they need? What are the things they crave for? What is your market demand? How do they want it? You need to identify and provide an answer to these questions. You need this information to make it BIG! If you can proffer to these, then you would be successful in it. You must pattern your production to meet your market requirements.
Business plan Your business plan entails you knowing the cost implications of various things you will need, like the cost of fingerlings, pond construction, type of practice to use maybe earthen pond or tank.
Location of the farm is one of the most important and there are certain factors to take note of.

• Well drained soil, not waterlogged
• Proximity to source of water (except if its tank system)
• Accessible road because of market
• Security
• Good drainage facilities For new cat fish farmers the best way to start is to start small and expand gradually so that you take the minimal risk while you get more grounded in the nitty gritty of the business.

Watch out for the next part.

Marketing & Advertising / Re: 6,000 Active Nigerian Email Addresses Database List by ikoiikenna: Last month on Sun 30 at 09:05pm
sammytee:Here is my email .

I will be greatful if sent, Thanks.

Sent. please check your email and remember to share out this forum and get more people to join.

Marketing & Advertising / Re: 6,000 Active Nigerian Email Addresses Database List by Ikoiikenna: Last month on Wed 26 at 12:52am
sammytee:Here is my email .

I will be greatful if sent, Thanks.

Sent. Please remember to share out this forum and get people to join. Thanks

Fiverr / Re: Free Ebook Tutorial: How To Make Money On Fiverr by Ikoiikenna: Last month on Mon 24 at 02:56pm

Yeah!!! Thayor, its high time you starting making money from fiverr. This eBook will guide you on how to start, practical money steps to take and start earning handsomely. However, you are required to advertise this forum to your friends and social media followers. Notwithstanding, check your mail it will be sent ASAP.

W.E/General / Six Things You Should Avoid Wearing To A Job Interview by ikoiikenna: Last month on Mon 24 at 11:04am
Getting a job is at the top of everyone's to do list right after graduating either from secondary or tertiary institutions. The Labour force Is clouded by a legion of work age Individuals with good grades. If one is to have a shot at securing a job you must not pay attention to every detail, from your dress sense to your CV, down to your presentation.

1.Fitted Clothes It is usually better to wear an outfit that is tailored to suit you, rather than anything that feels or looks too tight or too short try wearing short skirts and dresses that will give you a hard time sitting give a very wrong impression of you.

2.Jeans Even if you will wear them as part of the work attire, staying away from jeans at an interview is the best way to go. This is because jeans are casual and comfortable but not professional.

3.Colors Do not wear any bright colors. Stick with the official basics, a black, blue or gray suit.

4.Loud Makeup You Should tone down on your makeup. It is an interview for a job, not a strip club. Make sure you keep it simple and natural.

5.Obvious Bras The ladies need to always wear an Unclad bra under business attire when going for an interview because they rarely ever show. 6.Hats either distract the interviewer or prevent you and the interviewer may not be able to make pepper you eye contact.

Automotive / Web Security:how To Keep Your Data Safe Online by ikoiikenna: Last month on Sun 23 at 07:11am
Security is an important issue even when you online. Many hacking gadgets and software have been developed and thus increasing recent hacking attacks on individuals and co-operate levels. It’s essential therefore that you learn how to protect yourself and your business.

This article provides the guide with an infographic on how you can protect yourself (personally) and your online properties (websites). Web security is important to any internet user, we are all victims but the less you know about and how to protect yourself the more you fall prey.

Follow the infographics below to know how to choose and manage strong passwords, spot infections on your computer and website(s) and deal with resulting issues. I recommend you share this with all your family and friends to help them stay safe too for you are also a victim if they are.

How helpful was this?
please tell us using the reply button below. thanks

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