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Technology / Re: How To Start Recharge Card And Data Bundle Business by Ikoiikenna: Last month on Sat 17 at 03:31pm
I was hoping you would ask.

Well this is a breakdown of it, with all you need to start.

Follow me.....

Basically, Data share business is simply Buy and share.
This how it works :

Say you buy a minimum of 10gb depending on the network provider ( Note however that only MTN, GLO and ETISALAT are doing data sharing service based on my practical knowledge so far) for N10,000 and share with clients. This means you have 10gb to sell or share at 1gb each. If you sells the 10gb at N1,500 per 1gb, that amounts to N1,500 x 10gb =N15,000. When you remove the N10,000 being the cost of the 10gb, you will be left with a profit of N5,000 from selling 10gb in just one day.
The amount you sell per day depends solely on your market reach.

Step To Start:
1. Migration

Here, you migrate to MTN SME DATA SHARE PLAN. This is the plan that allows you to buy data in bulk from MTN and resell at profit.

To migrate SMS 465 to 131. This will migrate you to  MTN SME DATA SHARE PLAN.

Step 2: Start Buying Data
Requirements - minimum of N10,000 start-up capital payable to the network provider (mtn or Glo or etisalat)

Sports Trading / Re: Make #50,000 To #100,000 Monthly From Football Betting With Ease by Ikoiikenna: Last month on Sat 17 at 01:17pm
peterklems:please i need the Ebook, i\'m conversant with sport betting and i have been playing for years now. is usually one win, and several loses. please i will be glad to get the ebook to stop my many loses.

Check your mail, its been sent to you mail. Am sure you would have understood the trend. Share out the forum to all your social network and invite friends to join.

Technology / How To Start Recharge Card And Data Bundle Business by ikoiikenna: Last month on Thu 15 at 09:31pm
Have you ever wanted to start a Recharge card business? if yes then io thought you should note, However, this is by far the easiest and the cheapest way to start recharge card and data sharing business – trust me. As a matter of fact, Every mobile phone uses this service for at least three months to do my recharge card and data sharing business. before we dive right into it, let see reasons why this business remains and will continue to be lucrative.

Reasons Why You Should Consider This Method

NO Software is needed It is solely an online business.
Geographical location does not limit you: This means that you can sell to people are Nigeria; it’s an online business!

No Printer needed Printing is not necessary as it is entirely online.

No POS needed You don’t need to start looking for another 60,000 to buy POS.

It’s Easy to get started As a matter of fact; you don’t need anything to get started then just your mobile number! Even a NOKIA touch light phone will do; as long as you can receive SMS.
You know your profit from the start of the business: With this business; you know exactly what you are going to make as you already know how much each recharge card costs.

It is a passive income Even while you are asleep as the business can run with or without your presence.
You have a FREE website for the business: Did I just say FREE website? Yes, FREE website to run your recharge card and data sharing business.

It is the CHEAPEST Yes, it is the cheapest way to start recharge card business as you can start with 5,000. Yes, you heard me right!

Please, drop your questions in comments below, and I will attend to it swiftly.

Agriculture / How To Start Livestock Feed Production In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: Last month on Thu 15 at 09:09pm
Do you want to become a specialist in livestock feed production? Are you planning on starting your own feed production? Do you want to break the chain of poverty by doing what you love in exchange for money? Here are cooled ways you can start.

One of the lucrative and profitable agricultural business in Nigeria of today is livestock feed production business because there isn't much competition in this field as many investors haven't sighted it to be ranking.

A key factor that reign in any livestock farmers mind is to see their herds becoming fatter and healthier, they rear their herds with proffer to believe of making something real from it.

Though a livestock feed producer should go through the process of knowing the right ingredients for his produce. There are some ingredients that duly enables the easy and brilliant growth of any livestock like wheat, kernels cake, oyster shell, bone meal and lots of others.

Before letting the cat out of the bag, think of what areas of specialization could be more fruitful and more effective. Is it, birds feed, rabbits or the ruminant animals' segment. Research about it on time.

Livestock Feed Production

Now let's look strategically and aim-fully into what it takes to start your livestock feed production business.

Formulate your formula.

Feeds aren't just going to be mixed, grounded and packaged without the right amount of ingredient mixing and evaluation.

Livestock is liable to develop infections if ingredients like fibers, vitamins, protein, and carbohydrates aren't there. They still would be disastrous if you don't insert the right volume of this ingredient.

Meet a livestock nutritionist to help you generate your specialization formula and after this, you can shoot the next arrow.

Purchase the necessary ingredients

Livestock feed is solely based on reproducing raw foods into grounded form.

Some common ingredients are corn and maize for energy, soya beans meal, wheat offal for protein, fish meals, kernel cake, oyster shells, minerals, common salt and hydrating elements. It costs less than hundred thousand nairas to purchase this ingredient depending on the volume.

After purchasing your ingredients, you would have to kick the next ball.

Purchase the needed equipment

Though you might be less financially buoyant while purchasing the necessary machines and engines. Here you can reach out to those industries that have it and finally, you can pay them while they process the food for you, after all, you would have to do it for a while and thereafter, you can get yours available.

If you have the money, some of the equipment are; grinders, mixers, pellet maker, elevators, steam boiler, cooker, sifter, crumble maker, conveyors, freezer, weighing scales, packaging bags, sealers and bag sewers.

Purchase them yourself, if you can't, reach a specialist or an expert.

Sum it all

While succeeding in getting the necessary things.

You need to get a name for yourself, register your farm and off you go for efficient production.

Also, you need to market your product and surely you shall marvel at the end of the day. Don't forget packaging and strategy give birth to success. Aim high!

Manufacturing/ Production / Re: Ideas On How To Start Detergent Soap Manufacturing by ikoiikenna: Last month on Thu 15 at 09:03pm

I\'m tired bro. I don read am over and over again. It keeps confusing my brain like a chemistry textbook. I sent you a PM containing my whatsapp number. Please add me so I can ask you questions on the powder detergent production steps that I don\'t understand.

At the moment, the only thing I understood after reading is mix caustic soda and water in a plastic container using a 4:1 ratio. mix soda ash light and water in another plastic container using a 4:1 ratio. 5. Prepare each solution on a separate container. 6. Store all materials properly.

Gbam, that\'s all I could understand. I have never made soap before. maybe there might be some aspects of the book where the reader is expected to connect the dots using previous soap-making knowledge and this could be why I\'m unable to understand it past that point I wrote in above paragraph because I have zero knowledge of it. I don\'t even know what caustic soda is or how it looks, same with the soda ash light.

Except for the soda ash light, the caustic soda that was mixed with water using the 4:1 ratio is not listed among the specimens required for the POWDERED DETERGENT (synthetic) FORMULATIONS .

I will be very grateful if you could shed some more light. I really really need to know how to make powder detergent soap because that is the first part of the production business. Thank you.

Smiles.... I understand. i have collected your number and have also sent you mine. I think it's better we talk there.

Advertising/ Marketing / Best Ways To Attract More Customers To Your Business by ikoiikenna: Last month on Thu 15 at 08:38pm
There are various ways to attract customers in the business world. There are expensive ways and there are low-cost ways. When you have the intention of attracting your audience in business you are either advertising or marketing a product or a service. From this post let us look at how a product or service can attract the right audience.

A good product and service are one of the things we need to stand out of the crowd in the business world. Your product should be able to solve problems of individuals. The relevance of our products and service is the problem we are solving. The bigger the problem you solve the bigger your relevance in that market or business. Your product and services play a big role in the process of attracting your target audience.customers

Make a brand. A brand is made up of the product or service, the culture of the organization, the identity, what the business entirely stands for. A brand distinguishes, it identifies you, it makes you known in a crowd, it is more of a symbol but more than a symbol, it is a good name. Sometimes all we need to be at the top to lead our market and to attract our target audience is by consistently being a good brand which is one of the features of quality products and services. The experiences by the first customers in your target audience you had can influence people around her for patronizing your product. How excited and satisfied they determine if they will come back and bring others along with them. Cheers!

Go directly to your audience. Go to them, Approach them face to face among other various marketing activities and advertising also have a web presence to mention a few. Tell them about your product, let 1 trial convince them that is if your product is up to the task. If your product is of good quality as you claim you should not have a problem gaining your target audience. If you are in the right audience where your product is needed if the products are of good quality and also if the product solves a relevant problem in that area you are almost there. What you now need is to communicate to them by passing the right information.

These are few of what you can do to gain the attention of your target audience in business. For your product to be highly recognized it should solve a relevant problem. Solve something majority of individuals cannot do without. Solving the problem is not enough as your competitors are also solving same problems how quality, unique and effective is your product, how affordable and realistic is the projected brand. For me making a brand a household name due to its quality is the best strategy and technique in getting across and having the attention of your customers at all times.

Manufacturing/ Production / Re: Ideas On How To Start Detergent Soap Manufacturing by Ikoiikenna: Last month on Thu 15 at 04:01pm
Go through it again, you are getting it mixed up. Well I will try and get a production video along, though that would not be anytime soon.

Manufacturing/ Production / Re: Ideas On How To Start Detergent Soap Manufacturing by Ikoiikenna: Last month on Wed 14 at 09:24pm
danieluyi:I appreciate your help so far bro, drop your acct number so I can send a little change to cover recharge card :)

Wow, thanks.
Diamond bank : 0067981952 : Ikoi Abode Ikenna

Make Money Online / How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: Last month on Wed 14 at 08:54pm
How to Make Money As A Freelance Writer in Nigeria is one of the most commonly asked questions I hear from new writers or writers who are writing at a low rate and I also asked the same question when I started.

Thankfully, I figured out how to do it and as a result, I have become a successful freelance writer. Are you an aspiring freelance writer in Nigeria or you are already into freelance writing but you are not making enough money like the others?

Do you know that you can make a full-time income as a freelance writer? I am a freelance writer and I am making a full-time income running a five figure freelance writing business here in Nigeria. So, you have made the decision that you are going to step into freelance writing career but how do you get a client who needs experience writers for their business to pay you to write for them?

This post is a most read if you are really thinking of making money as a freelance writer in Nigeria. You can still get dozens of a client to pay you even if you are just starting out as a freelance writer.

These 5 tips on how to make money as a freelance writer in Nigeria will help you become a successful freelance writer if you take action. Remember, if you take action.

1. A Freelance writer Blog

Building your online present is essential for branding yourself as a freelance writer. If you don’t have a blog, it is of no use how good you are as a writer.

One of the reason clients want to visit your blog is so they can check out your writing. Your blog is your portfolio where you are to fill great samples for your client to see. You need to have a blog if you want to be seen as a professional writer. Whether the blog is beautiful or not, what clients are interested in is the write-up.

As a writer with a blog, you need to create a good post on your blog, do not rush this process. Sit down and create samples that show your expertise. Your client might just visit your blog and will be surprised to see that you have written an article on a topic he or she needs.

Write a blog post that when you read it, you will be proud that you wrote something. Remember these posts are your sample that will entice your client to pick you for a writing gig. So, if your blog posts contain grammatical errors, are out of the point or not engaging, it will surely chase your client away.

2. Guest Posting

Guest posting can be a powerful tool to getting client quicker if you can use it effectively. Guest posting helps you reach out to an audience that may take years to reach out to if you are to rely on your outreach. Guest posting helps you stand out of the crowd of freelance writers. You have a couple of blogs that you always visit, why not pitch them a chance to guest post on their blog?

A lot of blogs accept guest post, familiarize yourself with those blog editors and submit your articles to them for exposure. You can never tell if your first or next client is a reader on that blog. I can’t count how many clients I have gotten just from guest posting in a blog with the large audience in my niche.

3. Cold Pitching

As a freelance writer, you should have the confident to pitch blog editors for a gig. I know everyone hates rejection so we just prefer client coming to us to negotiate, but what of if it is taking long for them to come because they are so busy with other things but not welcoming new writers? The highest you can get is no, but it is worth giving a try. Be clear and concise, and use a great title/subject in your pitch email. It is the first thing editors see before they will think of clicking through to read your message.

If you don’t know whether they need a freelance writer, kindly ask if they do use the services of a freelance writer and you are available for them. Drop links to your samples or a link to your ‘Hire Me’ page which should contain your portfolio of guest posts.

4. Choose a Specialty and Stick to It

You may be thinking that too actually make money as a freelance writer you just have to be a good writer right? You are definitely wrong, being a good writer is what you should before you should even call yourself a writer.

Why am I able to charge client at a high rate and yet they still pay me for my writing services? It is just in one word, ‘Specialize’. When you specialize in a niche, you gain more experience in that niche. This makes you authority writing on that niche and enables you to charge more because the client knows that they are working with an authority with a lot of experience.

The client will gladly pay you generously to write for them because they know that your writing is from a place of authority.

5. Learn from a Proven Mentors

You must have known people who are already where you want to be in terms of becoming a highly paid writer. You need to get close to those people, the social media has made every closer with each other with just a few clicks.

Subscribe to their newsletter, join their Facebook groups, like their page. Just hang around them and if you have the finance, enroll in their coaching course if they have any or just meet them and tell them you will like them to mentor you. It is faster if you have someone who will show you the way and teach you what you need to know to avoid you traveling a long journey to arrive at a destination that should have taken you just a step with a mentor.

As a writer, I have so many mentors and coaches that I learn from, do you have? And you call yourself a writer?

Manufacturing/ Production / Re: Ideas On How To Start Detergent Soap Manufacturing by Ikoiikenna: Last month on Wed 14 at 04:30pm
Check your mail we have sent details across to you.


Manufacturing/ Production / Re: Ideas On How To Start Detergent Soap Manufacturing by Ikoiikenna: Last month on Tue 13 at 10:49pm
Am glad you made it here to ask. Well, we have packaged a detail eBook covering all the information you need to start and leap success in this business. To get this eBook include your email address, we will send it across to you. In turn you will advertise west entrepreneur and invite friends and as many that would want to startup a business, manage it and attain success.

If you are reading this and you have any question on how to start any business, or you need help on any legitimate money making business, kindly create a post and we will get back to you.

Fiverr / Re: Free Ebook Tutorial: How To Make Money On Fiverr by Ikoiikenna: Last month on Wed 07 at 09:56am
Rossgift:Please I need the e-book. thnks

Sent. Please share out this forum and invite people to join.

W.E/General / 25 Words Never To Say In A Job Interview by ikoiikenna: Last month on Wed 07 at 07:23am
So many people just have too many dream jobs that they keep blowing things up, they know the worth of the job, they know the pay grade and its allowance so well that they are too nervous to even make a pass in an interview, some are too smart even for her potential employer that they just use words that to them is a hammer on the nail but unknowing to then it's another dream job never gotten.

A job interview is basically a general assertion of one capability in nearly all areas of life that is measurable. The use of word plays a vital role, we are often asked the question of how are you?, describe yourself in a sentence etc, this are really really simple English question that a high school student can answer talk less of someone with a college degree. But yet you see many blowing up the opportunity of a million dollar worth job opportunity because of these questions, what's the problem? WRONG USE OF WORDS

To help out I have compiled a list of words though seem right should never be said in a job interview. I will make a list here in our next article I will explain why you shouldn't use them if you intend to score the job.

Money, salary, pay, compensation
Weakness and mistake
Park or benefit
Terrible, horrible, awful
Never use the curse words like Fu--, bi--- etc
Um, so
Divorced, pregnant or sick


W.E/General / #madeinnigeria- Promote Made In Nigeria Goods Here by ikoiikenna: Last month on Wed 07 at 07:05am

Start a business to stop unemployment

The made in Nigeria campaign is all about indigenous production and promotion of goods made in Nigeria. Jobless graduates and residents of Nigeria, who are self-driven, may take advantage of this, and apply for short term loans in this regard. Loans from the bank of industry have in recent times become more accessible. Self-employment is a viable key to tackling unemployment. Why not try this out, and expect a positive outcome today?

Or have you started ?
We have been advocating for more patronage on made in Nigeria products, and Nigerians have become more creative than ever before. This post is dedicated to all Made in Nigeria products and how they can be found. Are you a small, medium or large scale Entrepreneur, Feel free to include your business and Made in Nigeria Products and how you can be contacted below. Advertise your Products

Travel / How To Become A Good Travel Photographer by ikoiikenna: Last month on Wed 07 at 06:27am
If you remember quite well, we sometimes ago talked about the possible investments you could make and the career paths that you could choose by going into the business of photography, and when we started to narrow things down, we also talked about how you can set up shop as a wedding photographer and make it big in the business. Well, we were not planning to leave other niches on the list hanging as today, we would be talking about how to make money from travel photography.

People are fond of traveling and during the holiday parts of the year most especially, they would go on vacations and holidays either alone or with their family and friends. They usually come back with beautiful shots that they had taken while over there and while you may be amazed by the beauty of the pictures, you could also start earning big by taking up that line of work. Either you wish to build a team of travel photographers or go into the business yourself, below are the steps that you should consider.

1.Conduct necessary research
One thing about business is that it is unique to different individuals. You and your friend might start the same business in the same day and one of you might go on to be more successful than the other in the same time frame, not because the other didn’t put in efforts, but just because it didn’t align with their interests. If you are not confident about travel photography business, the first point of call is to make extensive research on what it really entails and see if it aligns with your interests. If it does, it is the career path for you and you should go on with this.

2. Learn skills
To be a travel photographer, there is a whole repertoire of skills to be learned. The fact that you have been handling the camera for a while does not mean you would excel when taking unique pictures and capturing moments with people and places in it. you need to take up courses to keep you up to date with how to recreate that magical, longing and unforgettable moment with a single shot. You might also need to pick up a language if you would be going out of your region to work sometimes.

3. Join a group/team
Don’t be afraid that you would not find one because they are very many around you if you look closely. Find a team of experienced travel photographers who have a steady workflow and join them. This way, you would get jobs on the regular, get the chance to travel with them and gain some experience and even learn the ropes or when you want to branch out and start yours.

4. Get Traveling Documents
Since you would be working as a travel photographer, you would need to get documents that would aid your passage into the country where you are going to make coverage. The visa, passports and every other document needed by travel agencies should be available because the duty can call anytime.

5. Cover sites in your country
The best way to gain experience is to go on the field. Check out the tourist regions in your own country and cover them. If you are on a team already, you could submit them for grading and assessment to help you get better in the future. This might even be a good reference point later when your clients need to see how proficient you are.

6. Sell your works
If you have been gathering some beautiful and magical pictures of places for a while and you think that your collection would find good application in greeting cards, artworks, and the likes, you should start looking for clients to buy them. Travel magazines, documentaries, review websites and the lot of them are suitable clients to sell your work to.

From the above, you can see that while you would be having fun on the job by getting the chance to go places, you would be making money from the pictures for your clients and also, on collections you gather on the side. What are you waiting for?

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