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Sports Trading / Re: Make #50,000 To #100,000 Monthly From Football Betting With Ease by Ikoiikenna: on Fri at 04:52am
olas:i have lost lots of money too. Pls send me the ebook too

The difference between the successful and the unsuccessful most times boils down to Information. The successful had information on how to succeed while the unsuccessful had little or no information or was informed wrongly.
Check your mail. I have sent you the information that will give you success at every game. Go through it thoroughly and start winning.
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Make Money Online / How To Make Money From Facebook by Ikoiikenna: on Thu at 08:38pm
We spend a lot of daily hours on the various social networks that we are part of, and we end up doing petty things like just checking out people’s statuses, pictures and the likes while huge chunks of our data gets taken off by the minute.

At the end of the month or week, you are already looking for new ways to get your subscription up, but it is not supposed to be so. Instead of letting the internet just take from you, you could also make money from the internet that would not only cover your next subscription but also give you some spare change to achieve some other things by the side.

Facebook being the biggest social media platform out there right now and today, we would be looking at the ways to make money via Facebook.

1. Sell your products/ service
If you have already established a business that sells a product or service, you can set up a page for it on Facebook to better get the world out to even more people. It is free to set one up and you could even make it engaging to keep people interested.

2. Affiliate marketing
If you already have a page on Facebook and you have a decent followership on it, you could start to promote some goods and services to them with your own special affiliate link and you get to earn on the side on each transaction they make through you.

3. Advertisements
If you just built a page on Facebook that has fans/ followers running into tens of thousands or even millions and they are united by a single interest (such as sports, health and the likes), you could help industries to place their ads on your page for an agreed fee.

4. Sponsored posts
Some companies see the importance of texts and writings over elaborate graphics and pictures and therefore use posts for their advertisements. With a great and booming fan page, you could promote the sponsored post for a fee on your page also.

5. Timeline management
Celebrities, stars and politicians rarely have time to update their own Facebook accounts daily but they need to, so as to keep in touch with fans. For this reason, you could offer your services as a social media manager and make money off it.

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6. Surveys
Companies are constantly looking to get what their customers want and as such, they need to conduct surveys. For this reason, many of them come on Facebook to offer their surveys for a fee. You could complete this and earn an already agreed fee.

7. Facebook apps
Remember when a friend invited you to play a game via Facebook? Well, that was the brain child of someone and they are making money off it. if you are good at programing, you could also make a Facebook app to connect users while you make your own money.

8. Likes and shares
You might have started to think that those without a Facebook page don’t stand a chance, but that’s wrong. If your account has a lot of friends, you could put up sponsored posts and advertisements which you would need to get your friends to like and share. The hirer would pay you by the reach of your post.

9. Facebook Page Setup
Facebook is very easy to set up and manage but trust is that things you find so easy can be technical to some. Learn all the kinks of Facebook and start setting up pages for people and businesses. Create attractive pages for them too and they might even keep you on to be the page manager.

10. Marketing

Do you have a huge flair for marketing? Can you convert ordinary fans and followers on Facebook into trusted customers for selected brands? Do you have strong marketing skills? If you answered yes to two or more of the above, then it is time you started offering your Facebook marketing skills to companies and make a decent income on it.

Sports Trading / Re: Sports Betting Tips: Ways To Double Your Winnings! by Ikoiikenna: on Thu at 07:38pm
Ensho:Tis It

Please check your mail.
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Successful Entrepreneur / Akin Alabi Biography And Net Worth by ikoiikenna: on Thu at 06:07pm
Akin Alabi – the owner, CEO and founder of Nairabet – is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country, the continent Africa and even in the whole wide world, but he didn’t get there by mere play or word of mouth. The business tycoon succeeded in launching one of the most widely accepted sports betting platforms in Africa right now and on a daily, the business brings in millions upon millions of naira for him as his customer base grows by leaps and bounds.

As a starter in the business, Akin Alabi started out as an internet marketer and entrepreneur and even in this, had some hard times breaking out into the industry but he never did give up. Through his toils and struggles, Akin Alabi started going around to organize seminars and workshops for like-minded people to come together and share ideas that would help them all move forward in the kind of business path that they had all chosen.

However, he started to gain some massive breakthrough when his seminars started to gain much more recognition due to the hard work he had put into it and then, his internet marketing tips and ideas paid off for him, helping him realise thousands of dollars from sales of products and digital items through the online platform, Clickbank.

Akin Alabi had his primary school education at the prestigious Command School at Ibadan and relocated to Enugu to have his secondary school education at the Federal Government College of Enugu. For his higher education, he came back to the city of Ibadan to obtain a Higher National Diploma degree in Business Administration from the Polytechnic, Ibadan and then went on to further his studies in the united states of America, now holding a certificate of Harvard for the course Intellectual Property Strategy. Now married with two kids, the entrepreneur didn’t get to where he got to today by treading a rosy path all along.

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Delving into politics at one point in time, his most recent and significant setback was failing to emerge, winner, when he contested for a seat in the Federal House of Representatives of the Egbeda Federal constituency of Oyo state in the year 2015. As a winner that he is, he has not let this set him back any bit and he still aspires to run for office again with the hope of winning. This kind of winning spirit and the ‘never give up’ mentality is what steered Akin towards his Nairabet million-dollar business today.

Currently, he is estimated to be worth about $10 million dollars and most of these are proceeds from the Nairabet business, which rakes in more millions yearly than any other of his investments. As an entrepreneur, Akin has also shown the beauty of diversity in investment as not only does the betting platform bring him a steady income, he also makes a decent amount from his other online marketing and affiliate programs.

Akin is a philanthropist, donating money to charity and helping out the needy and for this, he is a well-respected figure in the society.

Telecommunication / Top 10 Lucrative Business Opportunities In Telecom Industry by Ikoiikenna: on Thu at 01:22pm
The untrained eye would look at the telecoms industry and wonder how its investors even make their money in the first place.
Many think that those that delve into the network operation services only look to make money via sales of SIM packs and recharge cards but you could not be farther from the truth.

Glo, one of the telecoms giants in Africa, is one of the main reasons why Chief Mike Adenuga is one of the top ten richest in the country and among the richest in the continent too. Becoming a mobile network operator is not the only way to break into the telecoms industry and asides that, we have other nine business opportunities in the telecoms sector for you.

1. Sales of smartphones
In this century, technology has made it so that mobile phones and devices can handle nearly all, if not all, of what your laptops and desktops computers used to do and this has put in a great demand in the ever dynamic market. for this reason, it would be profitable for you to venture into the sales of smartphones. You can import them at even cheap price and sell at the prevalent market prices which ensures huge returns.

2. Call center agents
Business can never please everyone at the same time and as such, there are bound to be calls from customers. To reduce running costs of having to hire additional hands, businesses now outsource the work to freelance agents to handle it. you could be that freelance agent.

3. Airtime sales
There is no day someone somewhere doesn’t make a call, send a text or subscribes to a data plan (or any other network provided plan for that matter). for this reason, there is always a high and constant demand for recharge cards. With the bulk rate of these cards set at a convenient price, you would equally make a lot in selling in either wholesale or retail units.

4. Bulk SMS
Businesses usually love to keep in touch with their customers and fan base to inform them of promos, new offers, changes and keep them abreast of situations. This means that they would need a form of contact and bulk SMS is what many of them look at. As a bulk sms service provider, you would even cater to schools, churches, classes, etc. and make cool money

5.Network provider services
This is as we stated above. If you have a lot of money to invest and you have seen that the network situation in your country or region is not at full capacity yet, you can obtain a licence and start your own network provision service too.

6. Mobile marketing
Mobile marketing is a streamlined form of internet marketing which focuses on people who access their internet with their smartphones more, which refers to a huge majority of people. Industries are looking to get their products out to these kind of people and if you know how, your expertise would be valued.

7. Angel investing
This is easy, but requires that you know how to check out the prospects of a business. If you have some funds that you are not putting to any use, invest it into an already existent business in the telecoms industry and you would have set up a continuous flow of income, letting your money work for you.

8. Affiliate marketing
There are various online markets where phones are sold and since the sales are in very high demand, set up an affiliate link to many websites that are legit and offer phones for sale and with every sale they get through you, you earn a percentage in commission.

9. Internet service
Many would think that this kind of business is outdated but it is still in practice, especially around industrial and school areas. You can set up a simple cybercafé with some computers where people would come to surf the internet and pay you for the time used.

10. Data reselling
Data is hotcakethese days and peoplecan’t seem to get enough. Many are usually running out of subscriptions before the end date and you could make this stop. Register to be a data reselling agent an offer extra chunks of data to customers at cheap prices. This business is particularly viable around schools and such other student populated environments.

Insurance / Four Insurance Cover Every Business Should Have by Ikoiikenna: on Thu at 11:44am
Are you starting a new business or you are already a business owner wondering what type of insurance to apply in your company? Well, read on as this article will summarize some of the main types of business insurance and then you figure out the right one to apply for your business.

The right insurance cover is vital for protecting businesses because every business have its own needs that is why it is important to ensure you are protected from any risk that you might face. Having the right business insurance policy will ensure your business is compensated in monetary value for any loss.
Here are the various types of business insurance policy you might need for your business.

This type of insurance policy is vital to most business. This is so because it protects the business owner from unfounded claims made by a customer who feels that you made a mistake in your work with them. For example, you are a business consultant and a client comes to you for a business advice and you rendered the service with the best of interest but unfortunately for the client, things didn't turn out as expected.

That client then feels it is because of your advice they didn't get what they want and might feel the need to sue you. Now, this is where this indemnity insurance policy becomes important especially since you offer professional services or advice.
Also, you need an indemnity insurance policy if your business or services cut across areas like architecture, healthcare, financial adviser, accountancy, marketing agents etc.

Employer's liability insurance policy is the only legal type of business insurance mandatory in countries all over the world. If your business requires you to employ a worker or workers, then you need this type of insurance policy and there is always a heavy penalty to pay if you do not have one as an employer.
This type of insurance is made to cater for any compensation claims made by your employee in cases of injury or damages gotten while on the job.

This type of insurance apply to renting of property or owning one. If you own the property where you run your business from, then you need to have the building insure. but if you are on rent in the property or space where you run your business from, then you only need a content insurance policy. Because you will only be responsible for covering the contents of your business while your landlord is the one responsible for covering the building part of the insurance.

Say, you have a business that caters to the need of people daily, you need this type of business insurance. For instance, let's say your business is the kind that people need to come to your premises or the type that you have to go to client's homes or premises , this type of insurance policy is designed to cater for compensation claims from possible injuries or damages made by client on your business.

For example, say a client got injured due to an object on the floor of your shop or if you sell a product and it causes injury to a client during usage, your product liability insurance policy covers for any compensation claims or legal costs.

Oil & Gas / How To Start Your Own Gas Filling Station by Ikoiikenna: on Thu at 10:49am
We all know Nigeria is one of the highest oil producing country in the world with reach oil well in south, south west, south east region of the country. But how many of us know that Nigeria is still among the highest oil consuming country in the world?
Let’s see the statistics:-

Ø What is the population of Nigeria?
Ø How many cars, trucks, vehicles, okada, tricycles, etc are currently in Nigeria and are active?
Ø How many generator, leister, petroleum driven turbines and machines are in Nigeria?

Now, you’re interested in going into the oil and gas sector which is currently the biggest and lucrative industry in Nigeria, are you interested in starting and owning a filling/gas station, do you want to become a successful petroleum/gas marketer? The let the above question rock your mind and read down with concentration as I will take you down through all you need.

The oil and gas sector is in fact one of the most vital and essential sector in which many other sector depends on. Gas station is highly lucrative in Nigeria , Nigeria having a population of 40 million people, With millions of cars, trucks, vehicles, okada, tricycle, that currently commute the Nigerian road depending hourly on petroleum , with millions of generators, leister, and other petroleum driven machine which must be powered almost 80% of each day and each month as individuals, families, hospitals, schools, private and government establishments rely on generators for power and this generators no matter what the type depend solemnly on oil products ( either PMS, AGO) following the inconsistent of power, mostly every one depend most of the time on generator and other power supply system and all this system is gas powered and this gas are constantly purchased from filling station.

Research show that more than 40 million liters of petroleum is consumed daily in Nigeria and this liters are obtained/purchased from gas stations across Nigeria.

What is a Gas Station?
A gas station/filling station/fuel station is a place where petroleum products either DPK meaning dual purpose kerosene, PMS meaning premium motor spirit or fuel, AGO meaning automated gasoline oil of diesel. Lubricants, engine oils etc are retailed or sold to consumers/users (motorist)

Okay, I assume you now get how lucrative this business is no wonder why all the richer/ bigger players in Nigeria are directly or indirectly involved in the oil sector and own their own filling station

The business of a gas station/filling station is among other this
· A profit guaranteed business (100%)
· A worthwhile/tangible investment and asset
· A world dependent business
· A business having a readily available market
· A business with high profit
How can you start and make money

This post continues after the cut.....................................
If you have any question please ask.

Web Design / How To Create A New Website by ikoiikenna: on Thu at 08:19am
Creating a great website is key to running a successful business, but for those who lack the necessary tech-savvy, it could turn into a complicated process. This guide will get you started.

It’s that easy. People tend to think to start your own website has to be really difficult and require special skills or lots of money, but in fact, it’s pretty much just as easy as using Youtube or doing any number of other things you do on the internet every day.
Today, the website of a company has usurped the front office as the place where first impressions are gleaned. Where it used to take a meeting or a few product samples for a customer to form an opinion about your business, now it's only a matter of a simple Google search – which means you need to make sure that query result is a memorable one.

you want to get the word out to the people you have been missing without spending a fortune. Knowing how to start a business website will allow you to get your site started on your own or avoid getting taken by the many web design companies that charge an arm and a leg for services that are so basic my mother could probably do them if she really tried. Actually, my mother probably couldn't do this, but it is extremely simple even for those that have very little experience.

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Step 1: Buy a Domain for your Business Website
The first thing you will need is a “domain” – that’s an internet address, like “”. There are various companies that can register a domain for you, some better than others.You need a domain for your new business website. If you choose Mochahost for your website hosting you may be offered a free domain depending upon the package and payment plan you decided upon.other domain name registration company and sites are:
Namecheap,,, and we4africa .

Step 2: Gather Your Website Tools Together
This is a step by step process which can be made a little easier if you have your tools in place before you get started. Here are the items that you will need.

Step 3: Set up your FTP Software
The next step is quite easy, you will need to set up your FTP Software. Install the software of your preference if you don't already have it installed. Open the software; if you are using CoreFTP at this point in time the "Site Manager" box will pop up. Click on the "New Site" button at the bottom and you will then need to add the FTP information that you set up through your web host.

Step 4: Set up your SQL database
First of all, login to Cpanel through the link your web host gave to you using your username and password. Once you are in Cpanel, scroll down until you find a link that says "My database Wizard" and then goes ahead and clicks on it.

Step 5: Getting ready and uploading step 6: apply for web hosting
One thing to keep in mind when you are setting up your website is how you organize your files on your local hard drive. I recommend setting up a separate folder in My Documents and naming it the name of your site. Any files you change or backups you make will be saved in this file.

Step 6: Apply for web hosting
One of the final steps is applying for a web hosting service this is the process of hosting your website pages, images and all content on the web to make it accessible to readers.

Starting a business website is actually easy, as following the steps above and after uploading contents. images and file one can then make his website live on the world wide web. like for those that want to start and create a successful business you can contact us for help.

for does that wants to start but don't have the financial support necessary, don't get discouraged for there are several online tools that help you create and host your websites for free.

Sports Trading / Re: Make #50,000 To #100,000 Monthly From Football Betting With Ease by ikoiikenna: on Thu at 07:41am
Ola3000:I need it,

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See you around.

Web Design / Re: [free Download] Bug Free Nairaland Clone Script by ikoiikenna: on Thu at 07:37am
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Make Money Online / Re: Free Ebook- Making Money Online Made Easy by ikoiikenna: on Thu at 07:17am
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Business Ideas / Small Business Ideas And Investment Opportunities In Cameroon by Ikoiikenna: on Thu at 02:14am
Cameroon, one of the biggest African countries and sharing borders with the likes of Nigeria, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, the Republic of Congo and Gabon, this has set the country up for a good source of income through the exporting of its products also.

As a Cameroonian, you should know that the greatest contributor to the economy of the country is the agricultural sector, the tourism sector, manufacturing and services. If you would also then like to make money in your country and become a successful businessman, we have highlighted 7 of the most profitable business ideas to adopt.

1. Tea production
Cameroon is recognized worldwide to be one of the largest cultivators of tea and if you can also tend to this business, with proper packaging and all, other parts of the world would be glad to have your products too. Think local tea sales, think exports, and think the rewards too.

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2. Livestock farming
Even though you would have to sell mostly to those in your own locality, livestock business is one of the best ventures for you. Most livestock rearers are found in the rural parts of Cameroon and the good news is, labour can be obtained cheaply, giving you less cost of production to worry about.

3. Food processing company
The food processing industry in Cameroon is not saturated yet and is still at the infancy stage, meaning you can still get in and gain a lot. The only problem that comes with food processing is that of epileptic power supply but with the soil of Cameroon, there is enough and ample supply of raw materials (the food products) so you can make up for the costs lost for power.

4. Transport business
Transportation is one of the main worries of residents of Cameroon and you could jump into this industry. Get buses, taxis or any other form of public source of transportation and charge generously. The returns on transport are very great and you should embrace it too.

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5. Plastic production
Even though they are one of the biggest exporters of the rubber product in Africa, Cameroon still does not have a good plan for manufacturing plastics themselves. You could draw a good plan and get suitable investors to start a rubber business yourself, reducing the amount of plastic products imported and ruling the market.

6. Run a football agency
If you are very conversant with football, you should know that Cameroon is one of the strongest African nations when it comes to the sport and they have a whole sea of talents who are looking to play abroad. If you can get up a good football licensing agency, you could act as an agent to these players and get fees on their endorsements, signings, transfers and the likes.

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7. Outdoor catering
If you are a caterer and you live in Cameroon, what is stopping you from launching your own line of food catering services? Get in contact with people, network and get clients that would help you grow your business. From as simple as a cocktail party, having a buffet or tea party to a grand ceremony, a caterer is indispensable

Make Money Online / Free Ebook- Making Money Online Made Easy by ikoiikenna: on Wed at 08:05pm
West Entrepreneur introduces you to another interesting e-book titled: Free Ebook- Making Money Online Made Easy.
Discover the most profitable and easiest ways to make money on the internet as soon as possible...from small tiny e-books that make a fortune, to quickly setting up businesses that sell for over $30,000, to becoming a super affiliate that gets paid gigantic commissions!
The Ebook will show you the way you can make money starting with little or no capital right from that very place you are.

All the making money methods outlined therein are tested and proven and like other times, we have taken the stress and have provided it on a platter of gold that you only need to reply your email address below and have it emailed to you in less than 30 minutes.

Drop your email below. it will be forwarded to you ASAP

Web Design / Re: [free Download] Bug Free Nairaland Clone Script by Ikoiikenna: on Wed at 06:45pm
muhammad:please I need it here is my

Noted. It will be emailed to you shortly. In the mean time, share out this forum, you can share any article of your choice, you will find share buttons below each and every post. Share out west entrepreneur and encourage more people to join. Gracias.

Business Advice/Tips / How To Use Social Media For Your Business by Ikoiikenna: on Wed at 05:39pm
Have you heard that social media is now one of the best marketing tool for business? It has always been used by online marketers for their product and services but now, every brick and mortar business uses social media in promoting their brand.

According to data from global web index, 30% of internet users follow their favourite brands on social media. With people now relying on the internet and social media for buying goods and services, there are many reasons why your business should be active on social media.

Have you joined the list of entrepreneurs that uses social media for their business? If you have not, then you are leaving money on the table.

But, let me first ask, do you know how to use social media to boost sales for your business? I know majority of people just post, tweet and upload pictures of their product all in the name of promotion.
I see so many entrepreneur who promote their brand very well and make sale while others just post and don’t even get at least one like.

Social media can be used for any business on earth ranging from network marketing, online retail, freelancing, blogging, fast-food and even escrow business. The list is endless.
If you have been finding it difficult to get good result from social media for your business, then you have to avoid every distraction and study this post very well.

I will be sharing in this post, how you can use social media to boost sales for your business, recruit downline, get new client/customers etc.
Just in case you are still thinking if you should take part in using social media for your business, here are some things you need to know.

Benefits of Social Media for your Business
It is the cheapest means of advertising your business.
It increase brand awareness.
Best way to get customer feedback.
It is a traffic driving tool.
One fastest way to increase sales.

So, how can you as a business person use social media for your business?

Choose the Right Platform
Not because you are been told that social media is one good way to boost business should you consider joining all of them. To boost your business implies picking those platforms and practices that suit your center business procedure.

Case in point, it could possibly bode well for your organization to redesign its Twitter account each hour; what works for another organization might not have the same impacts for yours.

As a business person, you should understand the category of people that uses a major social media platform. Like LinkedIn is generally known for business connection, so establishing your business present there will be a plus to your business.

One approach could be to first figure out which social media platform your potential clients and leads use, and after that construct your online promotion in view of those platforms in order to accomplish foreordained and measureable business destinations.

Make sure you take time to access feedback you get from each platform. Join only platforms you know you can handle efficiently and use them to promote your business.

Use Content Marketing
Have you heard of the power of content marketing? Almost every business is tapping into it to upsell their customers. The most ideal approach to stand out enough to be noticed and drive client connection is to convey regular, high caliber and convincing content on your site and social platforms, or with a blog entry that objectives your group of onlookers.

Here are a couple tips
Have an Arrangement: Comprehend what you need your content to accomplish for your business. Is it true that you are searching for leads or brand mindfulness? Your arrangement will help you see the way forward, and all the more critically, permit you to quantify achievement or disappointment.

Characterize your Crowd Know who they are, what they know, and — all the more essentially — what they don't. This can help you shape your content.
Play to your Interests Your content will undoubtedly be all the more convincing and appealing on the off chance that you have a profound and clear enthusiasm for the topic.

Use Paid Advert to Reach Out
To really go far with reaching customers, paid advert is the best for it. Paid publicizing rest upon an assortment of focusing on instruments including watchwords to put your advertisements into the paid promoting or "advanced advertisement" segment on informal organizations where your clients and prospects invest energy.

Show promotions may likewise show up on the sides of the clients' pages and as they are incorporated flawlessly into the client's experience, they don't for the most part feel like common prominent advertisements. Paid promoting can be a compelling system and numerous social media platform have different advertising plan.

Putting advertisements on online networking channels like Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn, can work with any financial plan, and promotion crusades can without much of a stretch be set up with only a Visa or a MasterCard. You can likewise focus on your group of onlookers utilizing age, sexual orientation, area and interests, among different demographics.

Consider incorporating pictures in your advertisement. Advertisements with pictures are more enticing, prompting more snaps, shares, preferences, and re-tweets.

YouTube offers an assortment of promoting choices, at times charging expenses just if clients really watch your recordings.

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