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General Updates / Challenges Facing Entrepreneurship In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: on Sat at 08:56am
The current economical state of the country is really appalling. The government seems reluctant when it comes to job creation; the rate of unemployment keeps sky rocketing on daily basis, and to make matters worse many companies and even government organizations are downsizing.

Entrepreneurship looks to be the only savior of the Nigerian people; therefore people are beginning to look into owning their own businesses rather than just sitting ideal or waiting for white collar jobs.

However, the road to becoming a successful business owner is not so cheerful (at least not at the beginning). There are numerous challenges associated with being and entrepreneur in Nigeria. Some of them are minor and are easily overcome, while other may just have to be tolerated.
In this article, I will help you identify some of the challenges that entrepreneurs in Nigeria contend with, so as to prepare you as you plan your journey into the world of entrepreneurs. Let’s get started.

This is probably the first challenge you might face as a prospective entrepreneur. Yes you have a business idea, yes you are resourceful and can manage your own business, but you need money to start your business or to expand an existing business. Start-up capital would not be a problem if it was easy to get loans from banks, unfortunately most bank feel reluctant to give loans to entrepreneurs.

They feel it’s too much a risk to take, considering the uncertain state of the country’s economy. Have you attempted to get a loan from a bank lately, well I can tell you that it is pretty difficult. They would frustrate you with their unreasonable requirement for collateral, and even when you scale through that, the interest rate on the loan is simply too high.

The solution to the problem of generating capital for your business is simple. Bank loans are still an option for getting capital, it is not impossible to get bank loans-just difficult. However, if you cannot meet up to the demands of the bank, you can finance your business from personal savings. Another source of start-up capital is from friends and relatives. I will also suggest you find people with like minds who would like to invest in the same business as you. Forming a cooperative with them will help you with the require capital to start-up your business.

The state of infrastructure in Nigeria is simply deplorable. Take electricity for instance. Most business requires constant power supply, but with the epileptic nature of electricity in Nigeria, most entrepreneurs will have to spend a lot of their finance in buying and fueling generators. As a matter of fact, many businesses have closed shop and move from Nigeria to other countries because of the electricity issues.

Successful Entrepreneur / Folorunsho Alakija Biography And Networth by Ikoiikenna: on Fri at 03:09pm

Folorunsho Alakija was born to the family of Chief L. A. Ogbara in 1951 at Ikorodu, Lagos Nigeria. When she was 7 years of age, she traveled out of Nigeria for her four years primary education. She had her primary school education at Dinorben School for Girls in Hafodunos Hall, Wales. And attended Muslim High School in Sagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria. Alakija had a certificate in secretarial studies from Pitman's Central College, London. Above all, she did a course in the world of fashion designing from the prestigious American College as well as the Central School of Fashion, London.

Folorunsho’s began her journey in life when she joined the Sijuade Enterprises in Lagos, Nigeria way back in 1974 as executive secretary. Prior to her limelight, Alakija worked for some years at the then First National Bank of
Chicago, now known as Fin Bank. Not quite long she decided to be her own master and kick started her first business venture with her
fabulous tailoring company, known as the Supreme Stitches. Wow! What a name. Her endurance, perseverance and patience paid off as her Supreme stitches tailoring
company created a special niche for itself, as such re-named it “The Rose of Sharon House of Fashion." This business does paved way to Alakija as she was named the national President and lifelong trustee of the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN). Her competency left no single pebble unturned to endorsed the Nigerian art and culture, through the forum.

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Alakija skilful hand and sense of fashion enabled her to won the heart of the formal president of Nigeria's wife, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida. She was her tailor then and the precious angel who aided her to be granted the oil prospecting license (OPL). She enlarged her coast and expand her horizons by establishing a partnership deal with Star Deep Water Petroleum Limited. Not limited to these, the federal government of Nigeria selected her as the Vice Chairman of the National Heritage Council and Endowment for the Arts. On 9th March, 2016 the business tycoon, Alakija became the first female Chancellor at Osun State University, now Bola- Ige University in Nigeria.

Folorunsho is married to her love, Modupe Alakija, who is
a legal practitioner. The happy couple has completed thier 40 glorious years of marriage and they are blessed with four sons and grandchildren.

Folorunsho Alakija is the owner and the chairman of Famfa prospect Oil Limited, the Managing Director of The Rose of Sharon Group. This group comprises of The Rose of Sharon Prints & Promotions Limited ans the Digital
Reality Prints Limited. Forbes however, rated her as the richest woman in Nigeria with an approximate whooping net worth of $ 2.1 billion, and sit on the number 87th in the list of the ‘most powerful women’ world. Alakija is also rumoured to be the second most powerful woman in the whole of Africa.

General Updates / 7 Things You Must Not Mention On Your Cv by Ikoiikenna: on Fri at 12:04pm
Writing your CV for that job is like writing a letter which states a yes or no to that job. Since the world had been stormed with unemployment. Graduates keep graduating and queueing as the 80% percent of world is stumped with unemployment basically among the working class ages.

It's always an issue of unending but risky joy when you saw an advert of Job vacancy and you're requested to bring your Curriculum Vitae- CV. You will definitely mount your desk to re-write that your old CV so as to match the new application and expectations.

Did you just saw the advert of job vacancy and you were thinking of how to compose it? Do you need to include and exclude some words and clauses from that CV? Probably yes! Then continue reading because this post will go a long way while crafting and writing that CV.

Thousands of applicant do respond to a vacancy of five offices whenever the job vacancy is pasted, so it only takes 10 seconds for the managing director to glance through each of the piled up CV. Do you know your CV might join the list of 'No!' if you mention any of these seven things in your CV;

1. General skill and Acquisition
Most time we are too considerate in leaking irrelevant skills that we've acquired. For instance, you are writing your CV in alignment to an insurance company and you've had a background in computer having the knowledge of using ms-excel and ms-word, and you thought adding it will seek you the job, No! It won't.

Necessity is what you must include, you are only wasting your productive lines enlisting your skills forgetting there are other things you could cater for! Abstain from that! It must not be seen on your CV.

2. Personal information
Don't forget adding your personal information has no use. Your boss doesn't need to know your position in the family, either first born or third born, he doesn't care! So don't include it. Also, your marital status is never useful, if you are single, your boss won't hook you up so while including it. If you are married, you don't need it too. It must not be mention on your CV if you really want the Job.

3. Your Age
How many times will I tell you this! Okay, get this right away, your age doesn't have a vital purpose! You could talk that when you are fixed for interview. Including your schooling age, your present age and any other information pertaining to age is deadly for your employment. So it must be cancelled except on compulsion.

4. Old and irrelevant experience
You don't need to tell a bank you know how to drive while seeking for the post of an accountant. You don't need to tell them you were a good boy ten years back. It only makes your CV looks local and shabby. No manager will have hundred percent of time to check if you are brilliant or dull while in your high school. It's one of the deadliest thing to appear on your professional CV as it may cost you losing the job.

5. Hobbies
It was when I research about this that was when I knew how dangerous and useless it is to include your hobbies in your CV. My friend lost a secretary job because he loves watching television. When he went back to the company and enquired why he wasn't called for interview they replied that, they don't want an onlooker or a t.v addict! So you can see how deadly it is to include your hobbies. Don't let it appear at all because you will only play away an opportunity that might draw in millions in the nearest future.

6. Funny email address
one of the deadly point you must not mention on your CV is an unprofessional email address. You can imagine yourself as an accountant having email address like Cutepresh2345 or RealNigga420, they are image tarnishing and office gambling. Open the most professional and responsible name, it is quite free, you can just login onto Google and have them change to better names. ThomasKingsley[at] could be a better one. Apply the most acceptable and legalized email address so that you could be tagged as having the esteem.

7. Avoid ruining words
Practical observations carried out that making use of personal pronouns like me, I, mine, my e.t.c are very deadly in your CV for example: I attended ochika community primary school and my result was fabulous. This is a ruining word that can make you loose the job so don't use it! Also while writing your résumé or CV, you must duly abstain from buzzing and slangs like Roll over, JJC, wow!, ah!, hmm! Crush, lift and thousands of others instead use cool and productive words like managed, launched, done and resolved. So avoid excessive choice of words as it is very deadly and dangerous since after submission you might leave a call for you hanging and dangling.

Though there are hundreds of others things you must not mention on your CV but the helpful seven is what you've read and would love you to consider them important so as to leave the queue of unemployed citizen to an employed one while taking heed to a vital corrections. See you in that office as you write the best CV.

Business Advice/Tips / Why You Need Quality Cultures In Your Business by ikoiikenna: on Fri at 08:52am
Business cultures are beliefs, values, attitudes, and habits that make up the characters displayed by the members of that business setting. Business cultures are more of guides of how members of that society are expected to behave. Business cultures are ways individuals in a particular setting are to behave for maximum production in that business setting. It is described as the way of life and a style in that particular business setting. In this post let us reveal why we need quality cultures in various businesses.

· Quality business cultures are needed for effectiveness. A business culture is a guide that everyone in that business setting works with. A good business culture stimulates the effective response of the employees in their various duties. A good culture emulated in a business setting brings efficiency, it also informs the employees of what the business really stands for. Quality business cultures motivate the thinking of the employees, through adapting to these qualities he/she begins to inculcate good and positive characters. One of the successes of any business is the effectiveness of the team or whoever is responsible for the business. So with quality imbibed cultures, the individuals involved become effective in his/her various duties.

· In a business setting a good culture brings unity. It inculcates the habit of unity in the affairs and lifestyle of the employees in that particular setting. One of these qualities can be team work. When the culture of teamwork is shown in that business setting, every employee and members of that setting automatically work together for a better result for the business. When every member of a particular business setting inculcates the habit of making every individual make contributions and suggestions in various meetings, this makes all members to feel among and united. This also includes the culture of respect of all employees in that business setting.

· With a good business culture there is also the display of quality, this means that a good business culture makes a business produce quality products and render quality services. A good business culture brings quality in their service and in their product. This display of quality can be through the various cultures in that business setting, which can be the culture of integrity, diligence, competence, loyalty to mention a few.
The main purpose of a good business culture is to invite progress and maintain a healthy environment for maximum delivery, which is mostly for the success of the business. Good business culture is needed for a successful business.

Advertising/ Marketing / 4ps To Successful Marketing by ikoiikenna: on Fri at 06:50am
No business can survive without successful marketing, no matter how good a product or service may be without a perfect marketing it's hard to survive and knowing this is not just enough and that’s why in this article I will show you the MARKETING MIX( the 4ps to successful marketing)

The marketing mix is a major concept in modern marketing, it is the term used to describe the combination of the four variables which constitute the CORE of a company’s marketing system, via the product price, the distribution system, and the promotion activities.

A firm marketing mix has been defined as the particular blend of controllable marketing variables that the firm uses to achieve its objectives in the target market. It can also be defined as a combination of those controllable internal marketing variables compromising of the four Ps (price, product, promotion, and place).

This is the major object of the organization, other marketing mixes are built around the product .the firm decides what to produce, when to produce it, how to produce it, how to package it. Managing the product variables embraces planning and developing the right goods or services to be marketed by the company or person. Decisions need to be taken such as product quality, features, options, styles, branding, packaging, sizes, services, warranties, and returns.

This is the monetary expression of the value of the product or services. The firm decides the price after taking certain marketing factors into consideration management must be decided on the right BASE price of the products it is offering to the market, and then setup policies on discount allowances, payment periods, freight payment, credit terms and many other price-related situations which ultimately affect the list price.

This refers to the channels for distributing and selling the product.organization scouts out negotiate, decides, and chooses suitable intermediaries, sales man, and locations, market,( distribution). the management must develop the distribution system for physically handling and transporting the product through this channels.A decision also has to be made on where housing and storage location and levels of stocks-inventory management are the responsibility of the management to select and manage the trade channels through which the product will reach the right market, in time, in the right quantity and quality and at the right price.

The organization has great power over this; they can decide which of the promotion mix that needed to be used so as to effectively create awareness and also stimulate patronage. This is a component used by the organization to inform, educate, and persuade the market regarding the company’s offering. Advertising personal selling, sales promotion, publicity, and public relations are the major variables of promotion.
We should not make the mistake of thinking that the concept of marketing is applicable only to business or profit oriented organizations, it is applicable to non-business and non-profit oriented organizations.

there you have it again grab this 4ps and say no to cut back on marketing and reaching out to your clients, customers prospective customers. Also, do subscribe to get updates and remember to leave a comment for they are they are highly welcomed.

Agriculture / How To Build A Poultry House In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: on Thu at 10:01pm

Poultry farming is a lucrative business for any investor as such requires certain things in place and of those things is housing. Housing in poultry farming business is an important factor, and many times the question of how to build poultry farm in Nigeria and poultry farm construction is usually the question farmers and investors ask. Good poultry housing contributes to a fast growing and producing healthy chicken at maximum and in such proper poultry farm is required. For Full details See the feasibility study on poultry farming in Nigeria

There are different housing types for poultry and each defines the feeding method of the chicken. In this article, we will consider two types of poultry housing.
Basically, there are four types of poultry farms:
Deep litter
Half litter and half slats
Battery Cage

Semi fold

But in this article, we will focus on two types: deep litter and battery cage as it is the major types of housing system used in Nigeria.

Deep litter cage system- this is a housing method in which cages are not installed and chicken are allowed to roam free over a restricted area.

Cheap and easy to construct
Low mechanical know how
Suitable and convenient for small scale poultry farms

Contact with chicken and their feces which poses health risks
Direct contact with eggs (in egg production chicken) which can cause breakage and reduction in revenue.
Stock keeping is difficult
Much Labour is required to feed and remove of waste
Wastage of feeds as chicken might scatter the feeds
Poor conversion of feed to meat or egg as energy is lost to movement.

Battery cage- this is a method in which chickens are restricted to a confined space or cage. This device method denies chicken from free movement.

Prevent contact with chickens with their feces which reduce infection
Lowers the overall cost of production.
Prevent contact of chicken with their eggs thereby reducing breakage of egg and maximizing profit.
Stocking is easily effected in battery cage system
Easy removal of waste.
Effective feed conversion in battery cage system as movement is restricted thereby reducing the cost of energy through movement.

Expensive to construct
Not convenient for small scale poultry farms
This is measures to help you decide on the right housing for your poultry farms. But Irrespective of the housing method to adopt your poultry building must fulfill the following standard:

Easy to clean
Ensure sufficient entrance of sunlight
Be situated in a place free from wild animals.

For deep litter, provision must be made to overcome wetting and can be achieved through the use of straw or saw dust.
Should be well protected.
Keep rain and other forms of water out.
Make provision for the feeding requirements, etc
Conclusively, just as a good house contributes to the good health conditions of humans is also how a good poultry chickens.

General Updates / A Wannabe Entrepreneur - Are You This Type? by ikoiikenna: on Thu at 05:35pm

Who is a wannabe entrepreneur? There is something about the word that makes it sound interesting and exciting. I guess because when mentioned, it has an undertone that screams "Hey! Look at me, I'm my own boss". Truth be told, been an entrepreneur or having it as a title in part of your credentials speaks more volume and it makes people take you more seriously.

Personally, I have no issue with individuals referring to themselves as entrepreneurs, as long as they can decide the kind of entrepreneur they are and know what it takes to be one. This article focuses on a wannabe entrepreneur which is the first stage in the classification of an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur is someone who has the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with its risks in order to make profits. Now, who is a wannabe entrepreneur --how can you identify them.

A wannabe entrepreneur who is also known as a "wantrepreneur" is someone who's dream is becoming an entrepreneur. He or she really cannot be called entrepreneur in the real sense of the word, yet they believe that they are.

*A wannabe entrepreneur is always current with business news both from online sites and offline, technology blogs and the latest gossips around.

* A wannabe entrepreneur buys books and publications relating to entrepreneurship and read them diligently you will think they are about to make an invention.

* A wannabe entrepreneur always fantasizes, never really get to do or start anything---when you ask them why they haven't gone out to do something about their passion, they will give you loads of reasons as to why they are not ready. Some of their reasons are based on time, lack of skills, no office, no capital, no connection, no nothing and the excuses keeps growing.

* A wannabe entrepreneur will rather tell his or her self-reasons to not venture into anything than to face challenges.

When compared to the real entrepreneur, it is clearly different. This set of individuals go out and get this done. They rarely make noise or talk about what they are doing and you only hear about it when they are done with whatever project they are involved in. They always find ways to rise to any challenges unlike the wannabes.

So ask yourself, are you a wannabe entrepreneur? Do you procrastinate things rather than get it done? If yes then you are a wannabe.

Do you always make excuses as to why you weren't able to embark on a particular project? If yes...then you are a wannabe entrepreneur.
Do you say to yourself, "Oh I don't have enough money yet or I don't have the technical know how or good managerial skills or I don't know the right people" Excuses! Excuses!! Excuses!!! You are definitely a wannabe entrepreneur

In conclusion, every individual has the mindset to develop something and hope that it will change the world. But not everyone is patient enough and willing to invest their time and money. Don't be a wannabe entrepreneur or if you are already, stop being one - go out there and start something.

Buy & Sell / How To Start A Fabric Shop Business by ikoiikenna: on Thu at 03:52pm
A fabric is a material made by weaving wool, cotton, and silk.Fabrics are used to make curtains, clothes and for covering furniture. It is largely used by people everywhere which are why there are a lot of people selling fabric and more people getting into the business.

Fabric stores cater to a various set of people including, fashion designers, artists, tailors, costume designers, furniture makers etc. If you live in a town that is home to people who work in the fashion industry or there are lots of professional furniture makers in your town/area, then you are sure to have a good customer base catering to their needs for quality fabrics and sewing supplies.
Let's get down to how you can start your own fabric store business.

Obtain a business license. You need to register your fabric store business with your state's cooperate affairs office either on a partnership, corporation or as a one man's business. Contact the relevant revenue office and apply for your tax identification number and also open a merchant account with your bank.

Rent a space. Once you have your business license settled, you need to find a space, an affordable property suitable for your kind of business to rent. Ensure that the rented place is in a busy part of the town or in a shopping complex and space should be big enough to keep all your inventories and also enough to showcase your fabric materials and sewing supplies. Set up your fabric store in a way that will be appealing and inviting to customers. Build colorful pieces of furniture like shelves, tables, chairs and fabric holders.

Find fabric manufacturers. You need to research and find fabric manufacturers or vendors online and offline with a wide range of fabric designs and purchase from them. You need to include other products in your fabric store such as buttons, pin, zippers, ribbons, lace etc. Also, purchase cash registers to keep a record of your sales and earnings.

Marketing plan for your fabric store. Start by building a website for fabric business and showcase pictures of your store and the different quality fabrics that you sell - both plain and pattern designs and other sewing equipment.

Print brochures and business cards and distribute in and around your business area to attract customers such as costume designers, crafter, sewers, dress makers, furniture makers etc. Remember to include all your contact information and customer's testimonials.

Ensure to monitor your fabric sales monthly to determine the fabric that sells the most, while at it, write down the list of these fast-selling fabrics so that you can get enough in stock for customers.

Business Advice/Tips / Retirement Plan And Tips For Small Business Owners by Ikoiikenna: on Thu at 01:54pm
Arguably, almost half or all business owners do scramble and struggle to ensure the business did not collapse in its early stage of establishment. So far the business scape through the rumble and tussle that could have led to its downfall, there is nothing else than the owner to maximize massive profits.

Are you not surprise seeing some business owners growing more wings even after they retired? It's no a magic but power of the plan options and tips for retirement I shall discuss with you, soonest. And are you not agape, again, seeing a successful business owner who had dived in wealth before in its early life and become a parasite on someone neck after retirement? Such a business owner didn't plan well for his retirement. To avoid this mess, you need this great tips for your own betterment my dear.

Let the truth be told, failure to make these inevitable retirement plan, you have the course to call out for your neck and blame yourself when the time call for it. It doesn't mean that it's only business owner of multi million investment that needs this plans, it's meant for every entrepreneur irrespective of your position or classes of business.

Here are however, the precious tips and retirement plans that will help you to strike a balance and differentiate between growing reliable small business and making good plans for the aftermath- retirement.

1. Plan and Save for your Retirement from inception of the business.
It is very imperative to note that “ Rome wasn't build in a day". To plan for the future unseen as a small business owner, you need to start the plan from the very start of the business. Like the proverbial “those who fail to plan make plans to fail”; therefore, make and outline some good plan for your future so as to live a boring and struggling free life when retirement comes by.

Start keeping and setting aside some percentage of your income that won't hinder your business progress in a different account meant for investment and your
retirement- specifically.

As a matter of fact, as soon as
you get your first check from a business deal, you should set aside a percentage for your retirement. Discipline yourself by saving part of your income so as not to feel financial constrain, instead live a financial freedom life during your retirement.

2. Visit the Financial Advisor and or business consultant
Endeavor to visit any Financial Adviser that is so versed on the field. An expert on the field that has over time shown and proved his ability in the industry. You could ask around from your folks and inquire from them how they have walked this path so as to get the very best.

Let him (financial adviser) help you out to structure the very best ways you could ply to gain financial freedom after your years in service as a business owner. Ensure you are in conformity with the plans he will brought forth and the investment opportunities he would dash to you, if you ain't contented or satisfy with them, don't hesitate to reject them before going into any treaty with him.

3. Have a Succession in mind
Another retirement plan options and tips for small business owners is to ensure that there is succession plan at hand. It's part of the retirement plans that you need to put in place and make sure that you set and have it in mind; the best and perfect time to retire from your business and leave the business to the successor.

Your successor maybe your child or member of the family. No course for alarm. But be informed that you need to be very careful in choosing successor because if you choose any of your child as your successor and at the end of the day he/she don't have have passion for business rather he feel lackadaisical to the organization that is a big treat to the business future. On the other hand, it's crucial to choose the member of the family that knows about your business or else the business won't last long if it's been handle by a crook.

To crown it all, The truth and reality still boils down to the fact that, if you have a perfect successor for your
business, you can peacefully retire without having to interfere in
the making and running the business again. If you are so sure and confident about an individual who can successfully build, grow and run your business in your
absence, then, you have a course to rejoice and don’t need to bother to save up some percentage any longer for the retirement. Why? because you will surely continue to earn from the business.

4. Embrace Investment
Embracing Investment or joining any legal, relaible and trustworthy investment club will take and ward away the stress of searching for the perfect retirement investment to make off your shoulder.

In as much as you are able to cope with the investments, you can be assured that when retirement comes your way, your investment (money) will surely be
working for you. You can have a peaceful and blissful retirement while you continue to earn enormous money from your investments portfolios.

5. Highlight Plans to Own Private Properties
As an entrepreneur who own small businesses and looking
towards retiring peacefully someday, it's ideal you set goals of owning or having some properties for your business. Owning properties related to your business makes it easier for you to have an eternal business even while on retirement.

It might be difficult though, but ensure that you don't retire from your business leaving behind rented properties. Leaving properties that ain't yours symbolizes that you are likely not going to have a nice time during retirement- most especially, if you don’t have steady cash flow during your retirement.

Finally, obedient pays and it really worth the time if you can sit down and plan accordingly on how to have a peaceful retirement. Seriously, behind the dim, unknown. In case you are confused and still, can't figure out how, where, when and what to plan, don't hesitate to visit a business consultant to enlighten you more.

Make Money Online / Get Paid To Write Reviews by Ikoiikenna: on Thu at 12:15pm
By now, I think that we have established the fact that the internet is just more than a place to socialize, send mails and download some files. It can also be a money making tool and as we have earlier written, one of those ways is by writing reviews on the internet.

There are a lot of products out there today and the companies that make them are looking for young and vibrant people to give opinions and reviews of these materials because they would sell more with recommendations.

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This is where you then come in. so, have you got a laptop with a fast and reliable internet connection? And above all, do you have the ability to read and write and a flair for giving your honest opinions all round on a product? Then this is for you.

1. Research
There are a lot of reviews out there and each one takes a different medium to the other. Some are written while others are audio and visual reviews. There are also a lot of websites that offer reviews likewise and reading these would give you a hint to what is expected of you. It wouldn’t hut to have some background knowledge before going into the business.

2. Video Reviews
If your video camera is a great one or your webcam is top notch, you could employ that to make great video product reviews which you could then post on sites. Currently, you could earn within the range of $2 - $10 for every one you make. Online resources such as YouTube can prove a great place for posting.

3. Written reviews
If you are not comfortable with getting your voice and face out there, you could hide behind texts and still write great reviews that pay well. Get the specifications of what you are reviewing from the client and do some research on your own too. Put all the knowledge into great use and write a stunning review. You could find work on various freelance sites such s Freelancer and Fiverr.

4. Experience it
To better make your review very credible, go the extra mile and get the product. Experience the product for yourself and your opinions would be better top notch and nicer to read. You would be taking the reader byte hand and would prove invaluable to such companies.

5. Blog
To better attract clients and visitors, start a free medium blog and paste your review there. If you don’t want to deal with the minimal hassles of having to run a blog, your reviews could be pasted on sites such as the HubPages.

6. Use a template
An unspoken rule about all reviews is that there is always a template somewhere that is expected to be followed. To prevent confusion, it might be better that you pick a niche of products to review so as to be a master of that template but there is no harm in handling more if you can. Use the template judiciously and follow it religiously to please clients.

7. Get an affiliate network.
To earn some earnings on the side after you must have been paid for the reviews, it would be nice to have an affiliate link where your readers can go through to buy and you’ll be getting commissions on each sales that they make via your link.

8. Get traffic.
Of what use is an affiliate program or writing reviews if no one gets access to them? Advertise your links and drive traffic to your reviews. Look for forums where the kind of products you are reviewing is being discussed and encourage them to visit. Send to family and friends too, but never be too aggressive in your campaign for traffic.

9. Earn as you learn
If you are still a rookie at the business and you are not getting people to buy your reviews yet, never mind. Make sure you use the other forms of making money we have advised above and while you keep improving, you would have already started earning on the side already.

Manufacturing/ Production / How To Start A Methylated Spirit Production Business by Ikoiikenna: on Thu at 11:13am
Methylated spirit is a medicated liquid substance with a high level of alcoholic content that is used for different purposes. It can be used to clean wounds, surgical procedures, to remove stains from walls or from paint brushes, also serves as a temporary fuel for lamp or stove and many other things.

The demand for the methylated liquid is very huge, and it looks keep increasing because of its multi purpose usage. Opening a business that you will produce and get your returns within a short period of time is a good business that you do not want to ignore. So read on and follow the important steps to get you started on this business.

As a start up entrepreneur who intend to run his or her business effectively, you need to write a business plan. Get a business plan that will break down the processes of managing your business both now and in the future.

It is necessary to rent a space that will serve as both production house and office address for your company. When you get this facility it will enable customers to easily place order or come in person to place and collect their orders. If you are short on cash, you can start from home, find a space in your backyard and use as a production place for your methylated liquid. As time goes on and you continue to make sales, you can then rent a commercial space.

It is important to register your company and business name because you will be dealing with a product that is related to health and it is also mandatory by the government to get the relevant license and approval papers that will show your product is fit for consumption.

One good thing about this business is that it is not capital intensive, with $50 which is about #15,000 in naira you can get started on this business

The raw materials required for the production of methylated liquid is not that complicated and it can be gotten with ease. The raw materials are;
*Ethanol (10litres)
* Methy-violate
* Water (4litres)
* Measuring containers
* Hand gloves and plastic bottles

The production or for making methylated liquid is very easy and most people don't even know this. All you need to do is get your containers ready, then put on the gloves...
* Pour the ethanol into the container
* Add water and mix
* You can add a little of the methy-violate to it if you like, it does add or increase to the quality of the methylated liquid, what it does is to change the colour if added. So mix all the ingredients very well and package neatly in small plastic bottles.

Once you are one with production, you need to take your product samples to places where you have potential buyers, like, hospitals, clinics, pharmacy shops and other medical practitioners for them to use and gain confident in your product.

Grant your customers discounts from time to time to make them stick to your product and also, make sure you are position in strategic places where you can easily sell to individual one to one for personal usage.
Be creative and innovative in your marketing patterns and before you know it, your business have grown into a successful business enterprise.

Media/Publishing / How To Start A Video Blog And Make Money by Ikoiikenna: on Thu at 09:29am
We are in a generation where real life reality is being replaced by online reality, in every spheres of life. Out of this online reality many are making millions of dollar daily, monthly and yearly. Of this most recent in this trend is video blogging now simply known as Vblogging. Blogging is now generally known as we now have more blogs than before. However, Video blogging is still a blogging format yet to be explored by many.

READ ALSO: How to Create A Professional Blog=>

Video blogging provide more advantages than other blogging format, it increase conversion and relationship between author and audience. Also video blogging provides huge earning potential.


Choose a Niche-
Just like other blogging format the first step is to choose a niche. What will your video blog talk about? What problem will it address for your viewers? Will you just show videos of personal life or will you focus on health, technology, foods etc.

Identify your audience-
After choosing a niche, identify who your audience are or likely to be, this helps you choose the right background, how to speak and how to dress.

Buy Good Video Production gear-
Unlike other blogging format, you will require to get good video production gear, quality matters. This gears includes a video camera and a microphone. At startup however, use what you have.

Create mini studio or prepare your video recording environment-
Once again quality matters- Choose either to create a mini studio with background color or use natural background. Either way, ensure it in suit with niche and target audience.

Dress according –
Dress according to audience needs and niche requirements. No matter how you love to be on your pajamas, if blogging on business, your audience will never like to see you on that. Dress accordingly, it give you a tag of seriousness.

Start recording-
This is however the most crucial step- runs your gears with you as the focus. Get more hands if you can’t handle all the gear.

Get a video editing Software’s/editor
No matter how professional the background or your flow, you will have need to either cut out some part. Add some touches. Using editing software you can add titles, credits, effects, music etc.

Choose a blogging platform for your Vblog-
Creating good videos is but a step, getting it across to your target audience is yet another. Choose a platform from the avalanches of web platforms to host your vblog. Popular video platforms are YouTube , vimeo, viddle, etc. choose platform according to your need and to one that will readily make your videos available on the net.

Following the above steps, one can successful start a successful video blog in Nigeria and earn hugely.

Travel / Packing Checklist For Business Trip by ikoiikenna: on Thu at 07:20am
Business deals often come with business trips. Of the top query in every business man struggle, the least is “How can I pack the essential things but with little luggage?” often many set out thinking they have everything needed for the trip but then just after arrival they realize they forgot an essential item like an electronic gadget or your toiletries.

The key to pack right and travel light with all you need during your business trip is through creating a checklist covering the essentials. this list will help you remember to pack only the most important things.
If you are planning a business trip within the boundaries of Nigeria or overseas? below is a checklist, applicable and useful for people setting out either from Lagos to Port Harcourt to close a local business deal or flying out of the country to attend business meetings or conventions.

For tips on organizing a business travel checklist; here are some of the things to take note of:

Use sized bag:
Most business travelers prefer using carry on luggage only, though it saves time and reduces the risk of losing your luggage. It, however, extremely uncomfortable to arrive at your business destination without your work Kits. you don't need to check your luggage in or wait for a pass.

As a business traveler, your wardrobe should be a lot more conservative. Catchy outfits and accessories should be kept to a minimum. A number of factors affect the type and amount of clothing needed for the trip, pack only business attire that can also play a double role for both meetings and be dining out and stick with few casual outfits for your free time.

travel-bag employs best packing method- The Bundle Wrapping Method. this increase the number of outfits that will fit into your sized bag. Roll softer fabric and fold stiffer fabrics. Also, you can use garment carrier bags when traveling with suits. Ensure you pack and strategically arrange your items, it saves valuable time reduces hassle when going through security.

Travel documents and money:
This step is the most crucial. Keep your travel documents organized and safe while traveling. Keep extra copies of your document separate at all times as you are likely to need some of them for your journey:

Electronics and Gadgets:
Ensure that your luggage gives you easy access to your laptop and to remove it from your bag when going through airport security. Every business traveler takes a small mobile office along on trips(laptop). Also, you need your mobile phone, laptop, iPad and charger and other necessary business gadgets.

Minimize the number of toiletries you put in your bag as much as possible, only take the necessary things like your hygiene products, antibacterial wipes, insect repellent, sunscreen lotion etc.
While arranging, keep your toiletry bag at the top for easy access. if you must travel with any liquid, put all in the right size of containers (less than 100 ml. this is the current regulation) and should be in separate clear plastic bags.

Follow regulations:
The Transportation Security Administration as you know, screen checked all aircraft passengers and luggage prior to boarding a commercial aircraft. Visit the website of your departure airport for regulatory information before packing.
Packing for a business trip doesn’t have to be such a difficult task. Prepare ahead of time and sticking only to the essentials, focus solely on the trip.

Agriculture / How To Start A Gardening Business by ikoiikenna: on Wed at 08:50pm
If the unpredictable Nigeria weather isn't enough to dampen your desire to work outside, then gardening is a great industry to get involved in. With the ease of networking and use of a strong hobby, entrepreneurs are in a good position to start a successful business.
If you have dreams of wanting to make a living interacting with people outside of an office environment, this article will guide you and give you a head start to get your name out there. Who knows, one day you may find yourself exhibiting at the world famous Flower Show.

It's difficult to pinpoint a strict routine for someone running a gardening business but, for many, this might just be a part of the market appeal. More as, you're guaranteed early morning starts and weekend work. Customers typically want their work finished at specific times and may want you to be around the house when it is done.
If you plan on taking less residential work and working with businesses instead, you're going to find you will have a more regular working day. However, it might be hard to find these corporate contracts in your early start-ups. Keep in mind that commitment is all you need to give to networking and administration.
Another thing is, showing up on time, even in the early hours of the day, maintaining good relationships with clients will help spread your name.

Due to a combination of simplicity and pre-established networking opportunities, it is most common to start a gardening business close to your home. But, don't just take my word for it, research your location first so as to know how many competitors you will be up against, what they are offering and their prices.

If you have seen someone who's already using a well priced and effective gardening business near you, it is going to be very hard to get the customers. Your best option is to look at areas where there's a need, and start offering services in those areas. So do your research and make sure you know as much as possible about where you are going into business.
Once you're done scouting those few areas, start looking out for large areas that you can reach, weigh up their benefits, such as market appeal, gaps in the market, advantages and disadvantages such as commuting time and expenses. Once you have this sort out, you can decide what/where will be the first location of your business.

Running a gardening business requires you to function in a lot of different ways. While your ability to create beautiful landscapes will be tested regularly as a business owner, so will your financial expertise and people skills.
Moreover, before committing yourself to the business, you need to know if you possess the following skills:
• Creativity
• Communication skills
•Organising skills
• A knack for designs
• Planting and general gardening expertise
• Bargaining skills to cut costs and increase profits
• Reliability to hold up your business' name
• The motivation to keep working in the wonderfully changeable Nigeria weather
• A grasp of business and management skills

As you start your gardening business, you will need some clout to show you what you are going to be doing in a garden. While a huge portfolio of your work will help bring the clients, so also will a professional qualification.
There is a wide range of options available, like obtaining a certificate in practical horticulture or working for an established landscaping company. Make sure you conduct a proper research on the business so as to build your business and enhance your skills.

One of the best aspects of starting a gardening business is the low costs, you get to set up without searching for outside funding.
Other than what you spend on any qualifications, your outlay will go towards equipment, goods and marketing. You can cut cost by establishing good relationships with suppliers although you will need to purchase a couple of equipment from the start-up.
When starting up, it's advisable to combine buying a smaller set of equipment to hiring large, more expensive ones to keep your invested cash to a minimum before you know how well your business will fare.
On the profits side, ensure to stay realistic about what you can make and grab every available opportunity. Starting up takes a lot of hard work, but if you combined your work with effective marketing, you're sure to bring in a good income.

Insurance is a big deal in the gardening industry. You need something, which covers you for accidents, injury, theft and damage to property and others.

Having an in-depth knowledge and skill sets you apart and gives you something to sell yourself to help you reel in business, even when competition might be stiff in the market. Once you know what you can offer, get the word out too far and near; while local advertising such as papers and shop windows may work, it will be far more effective to spread your name through friends, family, and contacts. Make sure to use a website to advertise yourself and effectively brand your company in order not to lose out.

Aside from this, consider striking up deals with garden centres and other businesses in your area. If you are buying goods from them regularly, and they do not offer landscaping services themselves, then maybe they can recommend you to customers.

Don't be blind to the range of opportunities available. While acting as a gardener, remember you could be selling tools and products to your customers.
Be both professional and friendly with clients. Striking up friendships with all your clients is the best way to bring in business, but always stay professional, have prices agreed and decisions documented to prevent unwelcome disagreements later on.

Never let yourself become disorganised - just because you currently have a few jobs lined up, doesn't mean you shouldn't be scouting for more in the near future. But, at the same time, double booking yourself is not a good idea as it might leave at least one customer dissatisfied and may cause negative impressions. So stay organised to remain on top of your clients.

Sports Trading / How To Start A Sport Betting Business In Nigeria by Ikoiikenna: on Wed at 07:04am
It is no more a news that most Nigerian youth have diversify into online sport betting all in the name of recession. Thanks to Nairabet, Bet9ja, soccer360 and host of others for their initiative. Well, Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad says the best time to venture into business is during a recession. I think I support this assertion. I therefore, write this comprehensive article on how to start online sport betting.

Online sport betting is one of the latest profitable and lucrative business, where subscribers and predictors (bettors) comes together to predict a sport score on monetary basis. Imagine predicting a game for #100 and earn #100,000, amazing, isn't it?

Online sport betting in Nigeria is like setting up a multi-million business when located in a marketable environment like Lagos, Ibadan and the likes. This business needs 100% of your time and tactics because it's a game of tactical prediction. Basically, soccer is one of the must-do for any sport bettor because it's an entertaining game loved by largely percentage of male folks.

Have you being told doing online sport betting is your fate? Do you need a cool guide to easy startup of online sport betting in Nigeria? If the definite answer to the above question is yes, then all you need to do is to relax as I unveil the fundamental dos and don't while starting online sport betting in Nigeria.

I don't need to tell you to hire or rent a shop in a marketable place before you know you have to. But if you don't know before, then I think I've done that now. Withdraw a token of #30,000 or more from your bank account and research for an arena that has high population of tertiary institution students and guys, near a populous field and probably around a barber's Salon. This is important because men are 90% of your customers and you need to move near their resident.

On like the ancient baba ijebu and baba ijesa local lotto where they only need a kiosks and a table to start their business. You need a durable Laptops or P.c to visit the internet, a modem for mobile network, a printer to print out document, a T.v and a decoder to watch sport update and news, a table and chairs to accommodate customers.

For More detail of what to buy, you can visit a nearby sport betting (Bet9ja, Nairabet etc.) shop for research. Be wise enough to buy only items that are needed and urgent and later when income comes in you can fill in the necessary gaps.

Congratulation to you in advance because if you can do the above two steps, then I assure you doing this won't be difficult. Register your business as far as you've set up your betting store, pay certain amount to incorporation organization and get your betting shop registered so as to set a pace for your licensing.

Since you are becoming a private limited company, then you need to be offered the Tax payers I.D which will enable you to pay your tax and makes government cater more for the masses.

While betting, you need to create a more reliable and easy payment Column on your website. Let people be able to pay from the corner of their room. If truly you have set out your website to fit the taste of how you want to run it. Don't forget a web designer is the best specialist to do that for you.

Start out by receiving information and well connected to the sole registering sported company so as to earn your income from the two source as you're serving as intermediary between the bettor and the Host. Easy payment is what you must ensure and after that you need to;

Starting an online sport betting in Nigeria entails your ability to manipulate the characters on your p.c to generate income by ensuring trustworthy transactions as for the winning side and the losing side will keep earnings you the more.
Now you must be licensed as a corporate body. As a legalized company, you need to get the necessary documents and files that will save you when it comes to defending your business from governmental bodies.

Getting the license is very important as it saves your brand and would let the government know that you are truly not a fraudster.

This is a very important aspect of your online sport betting tactic. Stand up for real and advertise your firm, create jingle in media houses. Sponsor a program or soap opera. It will let people know more about you and more confident in you.

Don't be too egocentric seeking your own interest forgetting you are catering for people's interest. So doing, you are going to become the best upon the best in the field of online sport betting in Nigeria as people will keep knowing you the more. Better still, you need to be standardize in your online marketing because doing so will pave way for your efficiency.

In conclusion, while setting out as an entrepreneur in the field of online sport betting in Nigeria. Don't omit the virtues of your business, be faithful; when people won don't trick them and say they loose, it makes you loose more customers when they loose all the time. Be consistent in achieving the best. Hardworking and diligence must not be lagging as they will aid your growing online betting store and set the best pace for you reaching the peak of successful entrepreneur.

Following the ways explained above, you need to note that, researching more and seeking advice will be of great benefit to you.
My dear, I will be expecting your brand outside there! (Winks)

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