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Business Advice/Tips / Important Steps To Take To Become A Successful Entrepreneur by ikoiikenna: 08:16pm On 4 Apr
You hear about people who are successful. You see their smiling faces on television and social media. They look calm, confident, and happy. And you think to yourself, “I want that,” but what you should is that looks can be deceptive. Questions you should ask yourself are:
• Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?
• Are you willing to give your all?
If your answer to be above questions is yes, then here are the tools you need to become a successful entrepreneur:

You will require twice as much capital as you think you require – I assure it. Even if you are economical, you will still have to struggle not to be behind payments. You will be trying to make ends meet constantly. Even if you have significant financial backing, you will still adopt the mindset of a startup and be as economical as you can. The importance of planning cannot be overemphasized. When it comes to starting a business, your financial health is important. You should be the only one that knows your expenses and the income coming in. you will definitely feel pressured due to underfunding but it is advisable to work with someone with experience to help tame your anxiety.

To become a successful entrepreneur, you will work night and day, including weekends, for a long time. Thinking about your business will consume you, to the detriment of your friends and family. You will even dream about it. For how long will your focus be intense? Most likely for years. If you cannot dedicate that much time, it is advisable to stop now. You need to be one hundred percent in because it is going to take longer than you expect.

You should always have the desire to learn. You are curious about everything. Of course, there will always be some part of our business that interest you more than others. Your interest in learning not only how things work but also how to do better is one of your greatest assets. You will definitely not have all the answers. That is okay because there is always more to learn. You should always be willing to seek out opinion from multiple sources. Knowledge is ultimate.

Having the desire, good plan and goals of becoming a successful entrepreneur are not just enough. You must be will to give it everything you’ve got. The determination is a perspective. It is thinking, “It doesn’t matter what is put in front of you. You will always get around it.” There will always be twists and turns, but at the end of the day, you visualize yourself at the finish line. There is no plan b.

If you never try, you never fail. Entrepreneur sees failure as an opportunity to learn. You should not see failure as not a problem, but something you learn from. You will also realize going forward, you will definitely make mistakes. What is important is that you learn from them. Do not dwell on your failures. You take responsibility for them and move forward quickly.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur can be difficult. So if you have thought about it, ask yourself – what do I so much believe in, so much want to do, that I will make effort to make it happen every day, and I will be okay with the success or failure rest squarely on your shoulder? If the answer to this question is “nothing” then don’t quit your day job.

W.E/General / How To Protect Your Bitcoins And Your Computer by ikoiikenna: 10:25am On 4 Apr
It is imperative that you protect your computer if you want a safe bitcoin environment. You never can be too sure and who knows, one day someone might just get a hold of your password and have access to your emails, bank account, and your bitcoins wallet as well.

As a digital currency, the security of your bitcoin wallet should be on the top of your priority lists. You should also know that its transactions are irreversible and publicly recorded. Bitcoin has the tendency to attract lots of thieves and hackers just like banks and other establishments. Although on the site, you are told your Bitcoin is secured, you should also take several measures to keep your Bitcoin safe and secure, and you can only do that by ensuring that your computer is also secured. To help you, here are some things that you could do to make your computer and Bitcoins inaccessible to the “bad guys.”

Use a Good Antivirus Program
On the internet today, there are so many ways you can get infected by a computer virus. Visiting a website, or opening cookies are few of the many ways your computer can get infected. For this reasons, installing an antivirus to protect your computer is necessary. An antivirus software will help you detect the presence of viruses and expel any green-eyed software.

Protect Your Computer With a Firewall
A firewall is a shield that helps filter good information from the bad coming into your PC from the internet. It also protects your computer and makes it difficult for viruses and other harmful software to gain access to the appliance.

Don’t Open Any Unfamiliar Attachments (even if they promise you Bitcoins)
Now and then, you tend to receive attachments like .zip or ex-files which are often used to mask and install malware on your computer. Hackers are aware that a lot of people are extremely curious about the things they see on their system, and they take advantage to provide you with “dangerous” attachments disguised as “cute puppy photo,” some will even promise you bitcoins. Stay alerted and didn't go opening those files!

Look at For Phishing Scam Mails
Phishing is another way hackers used to send spam emails, and you will be tempted to open it because it looks legitimate. A phishing mail can contain logos of well-known companies and web links that look like they were sent from the “official” websites of these establishments. Don't be the trick, because as soon as you click on those links, you will be directed to a duplicate illegal version of that website, and then asked to put your personal data and your passwords. At this point, the hacker has already gained full access to your digital account.

It's quite a common practice among hackers use in stealing digital identities. To protect your computer and your Bitcoins, only use a sticker on your webcam or a piece of paper that you can remove when you need to whenever you are online or carrying out a transaction.

Ensure to Check Everything About Your Vendors
The fact that you get your bitcoins from these vendors is enough reason to check whether they are registered and to know the security measures that they do while processing it.

Ensure to Use Your Computer For Transactions
It is one of the primary ways to protect your bitcoins. If you are going to be carrying out different transactions online, it is best to use your computer(this is for your security). You never know what will happen if you use a computer that you don’t own, there are so many hackers and thieves nowadays, and you need to be very careful with these simple things.

Always Use a VPN
The importance of VPN cannot be overemphasized. If you care about your internet security and other things related to it, get a VPN service provider.

Agriculture / How To Start A Cucumber Farming In Nigeria And Make Profits by ikoiikenna: 07:47am On 4 Apr
According to experts, the Agricultural sector has proven to be one of if not, the major source of income generator for the nation of the world. As it were, experts have also implied that no nation in the world can survive without an active agricultural sector. This goes to show the importance and usefulness of agricultural sector in every economy.
Except provision is going to be made for the importation of food for the survival of its citizens. Now, this write-up is meant for entrepreneur minded persons. If you are an entrepreneur and looking to start a business, then starting your own cucumber farming business will definitely be successful.

The cucumber plant is a vegetable which according to experts is one of the most widely consumed vegetable all over the world in different forms due to its health benefits. In some parts of the world, cucumbers are referred to as super food because of its overall benefit you stand to gain when consumed. Below are some of the benefits and uses of cucumber: it is a good source of A, B1, B6, C, and D, it can be used to stimulate hair growth, and it’s also used for the treatment of skin irritation. It is also effective in the fight against cancer and could also be used to treat diabetes.

Starting a Cucumber Farm
Before you start a cucumber business, ensure to have carried out a thorough research and feasibility study on the business. Always have it at the back your mind that in this kind of business knowledge is key.

1). Acquire a Suitable Farm Land
As far as this business is concerned land is the most important commodity. Studies have shown that cucumber can grow and survive in any location as long as there are the sunshine, and constant water supply. But it should be noted that cucumber grows better in a rich humid soil. Before you start your cucumber farm, it is advisable to get a land that is located in an area that is humid and very fertile to save operational cost. So a farm that is along the water is ideal.

If you choose to cultivate your cucumber farm in an area with the scarcity of rain and far from the river, then you should know you are in for a hard time and that means you will spend more on irrigation and operational cost. It is advisable to use an expert before you commence this business.

2). Harvest and Marketing your Product
Marketing of this product is very easy. Cucumber is consumed all over the world due to its health benefits which experts have highlighted which makes it very easy to market. Most people are aware of its benefit which makes it very easy to market. All you need do is inform locals that you have cucumber to sell and see how people will come rushing to your farm.
In this business, you have the option of either selling in wholesale or retail your cucumber in a fruit/vegetable market for a reason profit. You can also choose to be a major supplier to companies and group who are into the processing of cucumbers.

Conclusively, don’t forget to make us of the right pesticide whenever pest attack your cucumber farm so that your cucumber can come out big and beautiful. Healthy vegetable makes you rich with a good return. You can also choose to grow your cucumber organically. Cucumber grown organically are more expensive that those grown the normal way thereby yielding a higher return.

Funding / Smart Reasons To Get A Business Loan by ikoiikenna: 10:56pm On 4 Apr
There are different reasons why a business owner would take a business loan. Extra funding might be required because of industry related issues, or competition has made the space competitive. Business owners might find themselves in need of additional funding for countless reasons ranging from the need for expansion, additional workforce, or marketing.
Following are reasons you might need to get a business loan to help your business do better:

The Business requires more Equipment.
Whether manufacturing or creating information, there always seems to be more equipment to acquire. Ranging from computers to photocopier, expensive coffee machines to motor vehicles, the sudden need to replace equipment for a newer and more sophisticated one can come up anytime. When it does getting a business loan to is a great way to financial such major purchases.

Need for more inventory to meet increasing demand.
You can’t make sales when you are out of stock. And while having a little waiting list could make it seem like your product is in high demand, it could also give your customers time to shop elsewhere thereby leading to loss of sales. It is necessary to always have your product available, or materials to produce those products. This is where a revolving loan can be helpful, allowing you to buy inventory when required, over and over again in order to meet great demands.

When business is booming that can be the perfect time to take out a loan and make things bigger, because bigger is almost always better. Whether it is expanding your present location or adding a new location, it requires funding. Expanding your current location could mean renting close by building or buying new shelving. It could mean having more product or diversifying in store. It could also mean expanding to online sales or taking online sales into the physical store. All this take money.

Building business credit for the future.
There comes a point in the life of every business that you might need to borrow money. Thus, it makes sense to start building credit in the name of the business now so as to get a good credit rating in the future.

Your business needs fresh talent.
For most businesses payroll takes up a large portion of expenses. Despite how much it costs sometimes you need more manpower. That can be expensive. While investments in talent will bring in money in the long term, it can be a large expense in the short term, particular through training. A business loan or taking out cash for future payments on a structured settlement plan can be a good way for fund hiring and bring on some new, talented staff members.

Unforeseen Emergency.
There are always surprise emergency that comes up which require cash to solve. When a situation like this arise, and your company doesn’t have enough cash on hand to manage it, what business loan may be what will save you.
As you work to grow your business be sure to always have a cash reserve on hand because you never know when something will come up and you need some quick cash.

In order to aid expansion, a business loan is required.

Business Advice/Tips / Biggest Financial Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make by ikoiikenna: 09:16pm On 4 Apr
Money issues are the definitely the biggest pitfalls that entrepreneurs face. But the good news is that there are a number of things that can be done to avoid these problems.

Here is the most common financial mistake that entrepreneurs make (and now that you know these common mistakes, you have the power to avoid them).

Not Testing before Investing
Eager entrepreneurs will lot of money to perfect their product. Most do this before they have even tested it out to see if there is a market for it. Before you go ahead to ensure that your product is perfect, ensure you do a test run on it and get some feedback.

Spending on do-it-yourself Projects
Certainly, as an entrepreneur, you want to be able to hire contractors and outsource work. But you might not be able to do that yet. There are some simple tasks that you should do yourself, instead of hiring an outside source to do it for you. This will save you money pending when you can afford to outsource the task.

Overhead Investments
Many entrepreneurs invest in things like renting an office and purchasing expensive equipment a lot earlier that they actually need to. These are usually expensive areas and can wreak havoc on your business. Don’t invest in these things until it is necessary to.

Purchasing Extravagance
Do you really need that expensive office furniture? Maybe not, even if there are prospects coming to see it. Spending money on things that you really don’t need at the moment is a big waste of financial resources that can be used on something more pressing. That doesn’t mean you can’t have that cushy office set-up; it just means it should wait until the business can afford it.

Tax Avoidance
Most entrepreneurs are often reluctant to speak with an accountant, for whatever reason. The truth is, you must meet with an accountant, as it will save you money in the long run. An accountant can help you everything such as avoiding tax penalties, setting up with the right salary and ensuring that you are on track with your quarterly tax payments. The accountant is your friend, I promise.

Hiring before you can Afford it
Many entrepreneurs long for the day when they can hire their first employee. While this may be a good feeling, it should be delayed until the time comes that you really need to hire someone. If you hire someone too soon, then you will be taking on a big expense with very little return.

Under-Estimating Miscellaneous
Every business has miscellaneous expenditure. Those are the expenditure that doesn't make it to your business plan and was never expected. But they will come up, so assume your miscellaneous expenses are going to be a lot more that you first thought.

Money issue could make or mar your business. So you have to take every opportunity to be smart with your expenses. If you take out time to avoid the mistakes list above, you will be well ahead of the game.

Business Ideas / Top Franchises To Look Out For In 2017 by Ikoiikenna: 07:24pm On 4 Apr
Starting a business is no easy task, trying to make it profitable and all other challenges that comes is pretty much exhausting. It is a big miracle that most people are able to keep a business afloat because so many hardly survive. But for others, a franchise is the only way to stay afloat and not sink.

Considering Franchise?

The cost of franchise varies. It ranges from millions to thousands of dollars in ongoing operational costs and your initial investment, but it all depends on how complete the business package is or how big and strong the company is, and also on the industry as well. Before deciding on which franchise to invest in, you first need to know if you have the required capital to buy in or just go for a business loan. This is the time a lot of crunching numbers takes place.

So how to choose the right franchise aside knowing if you have the necessary funds? Carry out research, because knowledge is power. Let's now look at some of the top franchises that are most likely to outshine in high growth for 2017.

Top Franchises for 2017:

1. Subway
Agreed, Subway has been around for quite a long time but there are now a couple of health categories included in their menu and they're here to stay. Imagine whole wheat sandwich or salad hungry raving individuals standing in line at your register. It is something to look forward to and this five-decades-old brand might just satisfy that craving.

2. Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches
Another clear sign that a lot of people are getting conscious of what they eat is the emergence of Jimmy John's sandwich shops across the States. This franchise which has been around for over 3 decades, don't seem to slow down anytime soon. It keeps growing with major support from franchise owners.

3. Anytime Fitness
This brand is well recognized globally, with a membership status that allows customers to attend their gym anywhere.Even though there’s no shortage of fitness franchises around, this particular brand has made a name for itself that's worth it.

4. Clean It
Clean it are experts in the cleaning services (both in homes and businesses) and they continue to experience growth. One of the reasons is that people tend to go for trusted names, rather than allow a novice to come into their house or offices.

5. Jan-Pro
This franchise already has a reputation of being one of the fastest growing franchise in 2016 and its seems to maintain that position. Jan-Pro offers a favorable incentive for veterans intending to be part of their franchise program for up to 20% discount.

6. Hampton by Hilton
If you are looking to invest in the hotel business, then you should consider Hampton. Its a fast-growing hotel chain with impressive future plans both in the US and beyond.

7. Right at Home
Right at home is predicted to continue growing at least 16 percent for the next 5 years, according to Forbes. The company is into hotel and hosting services and its brand name is well-recognized in growth and in size with a minimum of $150,000 in liquid assets. People love to go on vacation and trips, and they will much prefer to do so at a place popular for its name and services.

Bottom Line:
People need franchises that they can trust, so as to rest easy that their money is in safe hands. This is where the strength of a franchise brand becomes important, and 2017 is the right time to start looking into all these franchises.

Sports Trading / Re: Make #50,000 To #100,000 Monthly From Football Betting With Ease by Ikoiikenna: 08:40am On 4 Apr
Mossyb:Please I have lost so much money on betting help me send it to my thanks

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Marketing & Advertising / Re: 6,000 Active Nigerian Email Addresses Database List by Ikoiikenna: 08:36am On 4 Apr

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Google Adsense / Re: Resource: Ebook On Google Adsense Profits by ikoiikenna: 10:10am On 4 Apr


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Make Money Online / Passive Income - How To Create A Multiple Streams Of Income by ikoiikenna: 09:34am On 4 Apr
For most people, the only method for earning income is their job. They will get up, go to into work, come home, and collect their paycheck at the end of the month – and they believe that was good enough for them. But when they start having children, they realize that one stream of income is not just enough because all of their income was reliant on one job, and if that job went away, the family suffers.

But how can you solve this problem carrying a big debt load, a full-time job, and the needs of a family? What you need to do is create more sources of revenue, even though they are not as much as your full-time job, so that if something happened to your job it would not be that disastrous.

Here is list of what to do:

Start Blogging: You can earn some income from advertisements and writing can pretty much be done whenever by filling in the gap in your time.

Start a Computer Consulting Business: it is nothing complicated, mostly just helping people select systems that match their needs, doing some tune-ups, and a few minor repairs. It is not time-consuming and earns you a regular income.

Flea Markets: Do you have stuff in your basement, attic or garage that is collecting stuff? If you do, pack up your SUV or car and go to the flea market. You can make few hundreds, even thousands, depending on what you are selling. You can go to the market every weekend or at least every other weekend.

Investments: Stocks, Bonds, annuities, etc. are great ways to earn passive income. If you are not financially oriented, you can hire a financial advisor who will help you choose the right investments for you. It is advisable to take a couple of finance classes to enable you to understand what your financial advisor is speaking about when he/she recommends an investment strategy. Done well, investments can pay off for years.

Network Marketing: Network marketing or multi-level marketing as it sometimes called is one of the most popular passive income streams. When you join a network marketing company, you become part of the team. The aim, for some, is to become a leader, such as a district leader manager of your area, because you earn more money.

Real estate: Believe it or not, real estate is a good way of earning extra income. Real estate investment includes fixing and flipping houses. This is highly capital intensive, so you can partner with someone if you can. You will attend housing auctions and bid on houses; you can get them for good price. Hire a contractor to fix up the inside and outside, have the house appraised, sell it, make a profit and split the profits between you and your partner.

Start a freelance business: Have you thought of owning your own business. You could start a side business while working full-time. For example, if you are a graphic designer, you could start your own graphic or web design business on the side. If you like to make jewelry, you can sell at craft fairs and online and make a good income.

The real goal here is financial freedom. By making yourself less dependent on a specific revenue stream, you are giving yourself independence and flexibility to make choices that you never had before.

Sports Trading / Re: Make #50,000 To #100,000 Monthly From Football Betting With Ease by ikoiikenna: 07:58am On 4 Apr
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Sent. check your mail. please remember to share out this forum. thanks

W.E/General / Entrepreneurship Role In Job Creation And Economic Growth by Ikoiikenna: 06:25pm On 4 Apr
Entrepreneurs and SMEs in Nigeria are now seen as the backbone of the economy. Already there are policies on the ground that encourage the growth of small businesses, and entrepreneurship plays a very vital role that's considered to be healthy for the economy at large.

So what's this link between entrepreneurship and job creation?

Here's a fact, for a capitalist economy to thrive, there has to be innovation, competition, and growth. Successful entrepreneurs tend to be competitive in nature, think outside of the box type, and this has enabled them to find easy answers to difficult tasks in their businesses.

When President Obama said in 2014, for example, that small businesses had created 64% of the new jobs in the previous decades, this is how they got it done.

Startup businesses Challenge Existing Market
When a startup business enters a local or global market, they stir things up. Very few businesses open and try to be the exact replica of a competitor. Even if they have a similar mission statement and value propositions, they still create a new pattern that will showcase their brand differently. New businesses may start by bringing an existing product to a new market segment, by first, drawing customers away from other business. While older companies are either forced to make changes or lose their market share.

Market Breakthroughs Can Cause New Job Fields to Open
In the manufacturing industry, a lot have been said about how robotics breaks and continues to disrupt traditional manufacturing jobs, which have lead to the reduction in the line jobs.

However, other fields have taken advantage and opened up to needs for alerts, program systems, maintain systems and repairs as they are needed. Netflix, for instance, breaks the video rental industry to the point that renting of videos in the neighborhood video store is more or less a thing of the past. And in its place, people now stream movies and television to their TVs through a paid subscription service.

Small Startup Businesses are More Flexible Small start-up businesses usually start with fewer staffs, less overhead, and equipment than big companies.
In a typical market setting, this can be a disadvantage. In terms of, lacking the clout to organize discounts on certain products, or be unable to hire the very best hands because they can’t offer the same kind of compensation packages as big companies. But small businesses are much more flexible since they can adjust to changing market conditions than big businesses. They're quick to react to an opportunity, and can also operate on a timescale of weeks or months, whereas big businesses need enough settings and approvals in advance in order to get things done.

Competition Pushes Businesses to Streamline Although small businesses are more flexible overall, big businesses can survive disruption when pushed to become more streamlined, so as to maintain their power while minimizing their bulk. And streamlining big businesses can drive innovation just as much as nimble small businesses can.
As a small business becomes successful, it faces additional challenges from other small, startup companies that are able to innovate more quickly and disrupt more profoundly.

Real Estate / African Real Estate Industry And Green Revolution by ikoiikenna: 02:30pm On 4 Apr
Africa is currently undergoing economic growth at an amazing pace that everywhere in the world, investors are scrambling to share in on this. Physical distances are shortening, urban markets are expanding, information and communication costs have reduced tremendously. And not leaving out transport infrastructure and macroeconomic conditions, which have so much improved than decades ago.

However, there is some academic debate on Africa ability get out of poverty in the 21st century, most of the opinions differ from each other and some largely on how viable present-day Africa growth directions are, there is also a known consensus that agricultural transformation is vital to the smooth present and future welfare gains.
In the long run, it was agreed that recent signs of agricultural productivity growth from a long term, is the boat for present-day developments and demographic growth which does raise the possibility that Africa will complete for a green revolution of its own.

The introduction of ‘Green Revolution’ in Africa couldn't have been better. It occurred exactly in the period when the population growth reached its zenith. With this comes the responsibility to keep pace with population growth. According to a recent report by UN, the population in the world will increase from 7 billion to 10 billion at the end of this century. About 50% of the calculated increase is expected to occur in Sub-Saharan Africa alone, this projection has shown the need to improve and balance the growth in urban areas with that of the rise in rural incomes. As it is, the majority of Africans is still employed in agriculture, so improving rural living standards is the vital instrument to curbing the further increase in socioeconomic backgrounds.

Favorably, there is a renewed focus on national and international markets on rural development in Africa. After a long period of neglect, investors are increasingly recognizing Africa's economic, and geographic diversity. In addition, there is a calculated ambition to do away with the environmental costs of the green revolution in terms of land erosion, water, and soil pollution. Agreed on the need for a green revolution clarifies the need to combine agricultural productivity growth with a more improved form of economic management.

Lastly, It is crucial to recognize that most of the technological advances are contributing to the development and need for urbaner demographic growth. In addition, the more close African countries with a historical legacy of rural intensification are, the more favorable for giant colonial structures. More, the effects of climate change are likely to expand intra-African diverseness and raise intra-African movement. In other words, it is possible to say that the Great Divergence that emerged at an increasing rate in the past centuries, will be seen within the Sub-Saharan Africa in the 21st century.

W.E/General / 5 Proven Steps To Financial Freedom by ikoiikenna: 12:21pm On 4 Apr
Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the simple detail of money management. Sometimes we forget the big picture. If you have resolved to take charge of your finances, then this article is for you. It is loaded with tips and resources for making the most of your money.

Here then are the simple but effective steps to take charge of your finances.

Step#1: Set Financial Goals
The road to riches is paved with goals. If you don’t know why you are doing this – why you are making sacrifices, why you are working really hard – it is very easy to fail. But if u set goals, they can serve as a roadmap when things get tough. Times you have to make a decision, your goals can help you stay focused on what’s important.

For your goal to be effective, you have to make them personal. They have to mean something to you. For example, your goal might be to save money for travel, pay up long term debts etc. Be prepared for setbacks. You are not going to meet your without mistakes. Stuff happens. The best way to deal with problem is to have plans before they occur.

Step#2: Track Every Penny you spend
It is advisable to track every penny that comes into and goes out of your life. This is the best way to become aware of how much money actually comes in and goes out. This is the step that makes the biggest impact. It doesn’t matter how you track your spending, the most import thing is to just do it.
• You can use cash notebook
• You can use online tool
• You can use a piece of software
Whichever method you choose, stick with it. Make it a habit. Don’t fudge the numbers. Record your transactions as they occur to you wouldn’t have to forget.

Step#3: Develop a budget
After you’ve tracked your expenses for a few weeks or months, use the data you have recorded to develop a budget. Budget is one thing that set wealthy apart from the rest. Most rich people keep a budget. Many people fail to budget for many reasons: it is boring, most people don’t think they need it, or they just don’t know how. But this simple act can provide a roadmap for your money.

Spend less that you earn. This is the basic money skill. It is common sense, yet most people never learn to do it. Only when you spend less that you earn can you build wealth. This is easy to do only when you track your spending and develop a budget.

Step#4: Earn Extra Income
You can meet a lot of your financial goals by reducing spending and using the right tools. But nothing can propel your progress like a boost in income. Here are ways you can get extra money:
• Ask for a raise.
• Switch employers. Not every employer is able or willing to offer a raise, even when they are merited. If you find yourself in this situation consider finding a job.
• Take a second job
• Use your hobbies

Step#5: Fund your Retirement
If you are young, you probably don’t see a reason you need to start a retirement account. You are wrong. No matter your age now is the time to start saving for retirement. The extraordinary power of compound interest favors the young in a big way.

Taking charge of your finances can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be that way. One effective way is to take a vacation day from work. Take this day to finally set up yourself and you will see yourself walking down that road to financial freedom.

W.E/General / Top Best Accredited Business School In Nigeria by Ikoiikenna: 08:28am On 4 Apr
Education they say is power and information is the fuel that drives the world today, just getting the right information can transform a junk Gardner into a sought after billionaire. The difference between the poor and the rich is access to right information.

This is true for all works of life and business not left out, gaining and applying the right knowledge to business ensures success. Do you know that many are making millions from this internet you and i know while you are only spending and burning data on it? Do you still know that your business that seems to drag along can become much successful if you had the right know how and strategy? This and more are the reason why many opt in for business schools. Acquisition of information with regards to business has become important, to succeed in today's business you need the right information.

Studies reveal that 80% of successful Entrepreneur attend one business school or the other. While many prefer traveling overseas to attend a business school of choice, there are still great number of business school you can attend in Nigeria.

Below is a list of top ten business schools in Nigeria:

1. Lagos Business School
2.African Business School
3.The Executive Business School
4.The Delta Business School
5.Fate Foundation
6. Unicaribbean Business School, Nigeria
7. Integrated Business School (IBS)
8. Bowell Business School
9.Beeches Graduate School of Business
10. GPE Business School
11. MSME Business School
12. University of Lagos Business School
13. Obafemi Awolowo University Business School, Ife
14. ESUTH Business School,Lagos
15. University of Ilorin Business School
16. Kaduna Business School
17. UNIZIK Business School.

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