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Web Design / Re: [free Download] Bug Free Nairaland Clone Script by Ikoiikenna: Today at 06:45pm
muhammad:please I need it here is my

Noted. It will be emailed to you shortly. In the mean time, share out this forum, you can share any article of your choice, you will find share buttons below each and every post. Share out west entrepreneur and encourage more people to join. Gracias.

Web Design / Re: [free Download] Bug Free Nairaland Clone Script by muhammad: Today at 06:19pm
please I need it here is my

Business Advice/Tips / How To Use Social Media For Your Business by Ikoiikenna: Today at 05:39pm
Have you heard that social media is now one of the best marketing tool for business? It has always been used by online marketers for their product and services but now, every brick and mortar business uses social media in promoting their brand.

According to data from global web index, 30% of internet users follow their favourite brands on social media. With people now relying on the internet and social media for buying goods and services, there are many reasons why your business should be active on social media.

Have you joined the list of entrepreneurs that uses social media for their business? If you have not, then you are leaving money on the table.

But, let me first ask, do you know how to use social media to boost sales for your business? I know majority of people just post, tweet and upload pictures of their product all in the name of promotion.
I see so many entrepreneur who promote their brand very well and make sale while others just post and don’t even get at least one like.

Social media can be used for any business on earth ranging from network marketing, online retail, freelancing, blogging, fast-food and even escrow business. The list is endless.
If you have been finding it difficult to get good result from social media for your business, then you have to avoid every distraction and study this post very well.

I will be sharing in this post, how you can use social media to boost sales for your business, recruit downline, get new client/customers etc.
Just in case you are still thinking if you should take part in using social media for your business, here are some things you need to know.

Benefits of Social Media for your Business
It is the cheapest means of advertising your business.
It increase brand awareness.
Best way to get customer feedback.
It is a traffic driving tool.
One fastest way to increase sales.

So, how can you as a business person use social media for your business?

Choose the Right Platform
Not because you are been told that social media is one good way to boost business should you consider joining all of them. To boost your business implies picking those platforms and practices that suit your center business procedure.

Case in point, it could possibly bode well for your organization to redesign its Twitter account each hour; what works for another organization might not have the same impacts for yours.

As a business person, you should understand the category of people that uses a major social media platform. Like LinkedIn is generally known for business connection, so establishing your business present there will be a plus to your business.

One approach could be to first figure out which social media platform your potential clients and leads use, and after that construct your online promotion in view of those platforms in order to accomplish foreordained and measureable business destinations.

Make sure you take time to access feedback you get from each platform. Join only platforms you know you can handle efficiently and use them to promote your business.

Use Content Marketing
Have you heard of the power of content marketing? Almost every business is tapping into it to upsell their customers. The most ideal approach to stand out enough to be noticed and drive client connection is to convey regular, high caliber and convincing content on your site and social platforms, or with a blog entry that objectives your group of onlookers.

Here are a couple tips
Have an Arrangement: Comprehend what you need your content to accomplish for your business. Is it true that you are searching for leads or brand mindfulness? Your arrangement will help you see the way forward, and all the more critically, permit you to quantify achievement or disappointment.

Characterize your Crowd Know who they are, what they know, and — all the more essentially — what they don't. This can help you shape your content.
Play to your Interests Your content will undoubtedly be all the more convincing and appealing on the off chance that you have a profound and clear enthusiasm for the topic.

Use Paid Advert to Reach Out
To really go far with reaching customers, paid advert is the best for it. Paid publicizing rest upon an assortment of focusing on instruments including watchwords to put your advertisements into the paid promoting or "advanced advertisement" segment on informal organizations where your clients and prospects invest energy.

Show promotions may likewise show up on the sides of the clients' pages and as they are incorporated flawlessly into the client's experience, they don't for the most part feel like common prominent advertisements. Paid promoting can be a compelling system and numerous social media platform have different advertising plan.

Putting advertisements on online networking channels like Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn, can work with any financial plan, and promotion crusades can without much of a stretch be set up with only a Visa or a MasterCard. You can likewise focus on your group of onlookers utilizing age, sexual orientation, area and interests, among different demographics.

Consider incorporating pictures in your advertisement. Advertisements with pictures are more enticing, prompting more snaps, shares, preferences, and re-tweets.

YouTube offers an assortment of promoting choices, at times charging expenses just if clients really watch your recordings.

W.E/General / Top Ten Business School In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: Today at 08:36am
Considering the life of the most successful entrepreneur, they are often MBA holders of one business course or the other from one business school or another. Many start-up entrepreneurs now wonder if it’s a necessity to attend a business school. Well, attending a business school upon graduation adds more advantage to your struggle as an entrepreneur; it helps simplify your work as a businessman as you will be equipped with full business start-up and management skills. Additionally, MBA holders are sought after employer than the non-MBA holder, so from all gathering, it’s necessary to attend a business school for easy adaptation and success in today business world.
In a step to further simplify this step, we have compiled a list of top business schools in Nigeria. While most people attend and study business courses in the university, this list is exclusively on specialized business schools in Nigeria.

Lagos Business School

This a privately owned business school in Nigeria, located in Lekki area of Lagos. This business school is owned and managed by the Pan-Atlantic university and offers both full-time MBA, exclusive MBA, and doctoral programs.

African Business School
This is another top business school in Nigeria, located in Abuja. African business school was set up in the year 2000 and affiliated to other top notched international business schools.

The Executive Business School
This is also located in Lagos state, established in 2007. The executive business school partners with other renowned international business school and offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Delta Business School
Also known as Delta school of business and technology, delt business school is located in Warri Delta state.

Fate Foundation
Still based in Lagos, Fate Foundation was established in 2014 as a non-profit and private lead organization set to provide training for all aspiring entrepreneurs.

Unicaribbean Business School, Nigeria
Unicaribbean business school is located in Lagos state Nigeria and is fully accredited by NUC.

West African Business school
This is a leading figure and one of the topmost business schools in Africa with branches in Lagos Nigeria and Ghana.

Integrated Business School
Integrated Business School is located in Northern part of Nigeria (Kaduna), it was established in the year 2000 and have dozens of graduates to its name.

Bowell Business School

Bowell Business school is yet another top business school in Nigeria with branches in Lagos and Akure.

GPE Business school

GPE is located in Enugu state ( South-Eastern part of Nigeria) and provides creative formal education for all aspiring entrepreneurs.

MSME Business School
MSME Business School is a NUC accredited Business school in Nigeria and it’s affiliated with IESE business school Barcelona.

University of Lagos Business School
University of Lagos business school is owned and managed by the University of Lagos Nigeria and offer various business courses.

As stated earlier, this list comprises more of specialized business schools only. Other business schools include Obafemi Awolowo University Business school Ife, Enugu Science and technology Business school, University of Ilorin Business school, Unizik Business school, Kaduna University Business school etc.

Business Advice/Tips / Seven Must Have Leadership Skills For Managers by Ikoiikenna: Today at 05:47am
Are you a manager in a leadership position working for any top organization in Nigeria? To be an extraordinary manager in business requires highly leadership skills. Communication skills are a critical factor in administration particularly for a manager.

Would you like to improve on your management skills? Whether you are a business owner, an executive or mid-level manager, you can develop your skills which will increase the productivity of your team.

Leadership is a critical attribute for all managers, yet several managers are not leaders. In this post, I will be sharing 7 leadership tips that you as a manager in Nigeria should practice if you want to be a good leader and lead effectively in your organization.

These tips will help you turn into a more successful leader which will thus make you a more compelling manager.

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A manager has individuals help, and give things to others to do. Do not delegate out of laziness or use your position to oppress your subordinate. However, if you don't have the trust and you have not established yourself as a true leader by leading by example, then people are not going to do the work you are delegating.

You may think from your ego, and feel that since you have the title you can delegate. Be that as it may, in the event that you don't have the trust and you have not built up yourself as a real leader by showing others how it’s done, then individuals are not going to take every necessary step you are assigning. They are not going to hear you out, in light of the fact that you have not done the essentials to set up yourself as a leader.

Leaders are humble. They learn and they do. They stay away from pride. Real leaders get in with the team. Leaders need to get in and get dirty now and again. You need to get in the trenches and understand what people are experiencing. If not, you will lose influence.
Take a look at today's politicians, how many of them know what is going on in the average person’s life? They are not in the trenches and can't understand it. Real leaders appreciate getting in with their people, and appreciate realizing what they are encountering, and how to help them.

Strategy Thinking
Managers in Nigeria need to work with a key perspective. Managers need to spend some of their time talking with workers and companions about ways to improve the business and keep creating in the right course.
Delegation of responsibility is critical here, and sketching out an abnormal state connection will guarantee that the administration group can assume responsibility of the way toward enhancing the association. Ask strategy questions, and create answers by involving the team around you

Personal Development
Real leaders go for personal development. They are always looking for ways to improve and to recognize their own weakness. Leaders are not hesitant to admit their own wrong. They are straightforward, and not reluctant to admit they committed an error, a mistake in judgment, or something did not go the way they arranged. They will be the first to admit this, correct course, and go another direction.

Leading by Example
A leader picks a course, is idealistic, self-assured, has uprightness, build trust, and has a vision to push ahead. Leaders make their vision become animated. That is what is going to pull in people to you and help you turn into an effective leader.
You don't need to be born with charisma to be a leader. Being a leader is more about discipline and knowledge. The reality that you live and the straightforwardness that you have, will make you a leader. Be that as it may, realize that the more you apply all these leadership traits, the more magnetic you will get to be.
When you are leading, remember, "The velocity of the leader decides the rate of the pack." The faster you move, the more that you do, the harder you work, and the better time you are having, whatever is left of the pack is going to have a great time and push ahead with you!

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Leadership includes a great deal of man-administration and correspondence, and an important element of this is listening to the people in your organization. No one welcomes a totalitarian manager who pushes their weight around, and this would imply that efficiency is more than likely to decrease.

Listening to everyone, and considering their opinions and observation into account in your leadership role helps your associates feel esteemed, and makes them more receptive to your thoughts when you need to express them.

Inspiration is key to success. If you can instill inspiration to your management team and the rest of your organization, everyone will work that bit harder to guarantee that they are a win.
Incentives aren’t generally simply financial, and motivation can be drawn from offering another viewpoint, offering positive acknowledgment for accomplishments inside the organization.

Business Ideas / Lucrative Businesses You Can Start With #15,000 In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: Yesterday at 07:47pm
Starting a business in Nigeria might seem to stress, awkward and fatigue-like. Though this might sounds scaring you need to understand that, Alh. Aliko Dangote, Wale Adenuga and the likes of others started just like you but what they do that seems different from your ego is that they researched for a profitable and most lucrative business before starting out.

By all means, you need to strive for the best profitable business which you can start with #15,000 in Nigeria but while you keep searching many sites and felt dismayed for not seeing a suitable one. I'm referring and summoning you to stay calm and digest the content of this article, it could set your feet on the right track, enjoy! Re-emphasizing on a profitable business you can start with #15,000 in Nigeria here are tested and trusted 5 profitable business you can try;

Investment is better than starting as a reckless employee or begging across the street. Though it seems tactical that you woke up in the morning and kept on rolling on your bed because you have no particular business to handle for the day which could bring you money. Starting this business is the best and profitable and fast-growing business for you.

Have you got 15k and you keep imagining which form of business can you venture in. Well, let me open your eyes to this business. I've failed to go to church for some certain stock in a popular market called Sunday-Sunday. Ask me the kind of product that dominate the market, I would answer you it is second-hand clothes that were bought from Cotonou and Togo.

As this may sound trending and imaginable. All you need is to meet a professional in the field, tell him you have 15k, he will ask you to start right away. Get small premises in a marketable environment close to a junction or probably in a market. Order for second-hand clothes from that Igbo man. Tell him to teach you the steps in starting and you will be amazed as thousands will keep walking into your purse every day.

Beware of fraudsters who will tell you they are capable of going to Kaduna, Kano or Cotonou for your sake. Seek for a durable and trusted partner so as to make it real and truly profitable.

Wait a minute, do you think this business is not profitable? Wow! I like your confirmation but I will disappoint you that your words are lies. If telecommunication isn't profitable why is MTN, Glo, Etisalat, and Airtel still in business? You can start this business by getting a small Nokia phone that could read the minutes. Buy a sim and work towards registering your stand with any of the trending four telecom-networks in Nigeria. Start desirable with nothing more than #15,000. Register and start the business residing in a lucrative environment.

This is another profitable business you can start with just #15,000 in Nigeria. Most people like you don't know that this business is adding thousands into the owners account monthly. While starting this business. You only need a small shop in a marketable area. Buy kitchen utensils and other foodstuffs like Indomie, eggs, bread, and tea. Get them on the table for consumption latest 8:00 am. You don't need to make yours like that of the Hausa- Meshai. But socialize, clean and striving for consumers' satisfaction.

Most times you need to be as early as 6 am so as to make everything ready, this is a lucrative and profitable business in cities like Lagos, Kwara, Port-Harcourt, Abuja and lots more. Don't forget, customers' satisfaction must be your target.

If you're part of those that knew not of the secret behind this business then I will unveil it. Selling recharge cards and registering sim cards is one of the best business raking in money in Nigeria. You can only get the sim pack for free or 10 nairas for each from your preferred network offices. Registration cost at least 100- 150 naira compare to the 10 naira you received it from the telecom network.

Also, buying, three thousand naira card could profit you almost 300 nairas, now sum this by selling 10,000 kinds, the profit there will aid you to buy more next time while making your money and saving from the excessive begging of alms from irrelevant hands.

This is another kind of business which entails your ability to buy and re-sell packaged water to people in traffic, street or to laborers in Sites.
Better still, while starting this business, all you are required to do is to get a competent person that could sell for you. Revealed, sachet bags of water is 80 naira from the company. By buying 50 bags is 4,000 naira, now buy iced blocks and add some can coke of your ability as you hire boys and girls stranded on the street and after their sales, you can give them a token after the day. This business can be done exactly from your room depending on your ability and money capacity, I won't advise you to rent a shop. But when the business starts booming. You could get the necessary things.
Cheers! I guess you digested the five, reading it alone doesn't serve but acting ultimately. Wish to see you starting the business with #15,000 turning into millions!

Successful Entrepreneur / Adenike Ogunlesi Biography And Net Worth by ikoiikenna: Yesterday at 01:27pm
Adenike Ogunlesi is a Nigerian entrepreneur who has gone on to be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to children’s clothing. She is the brains and money behind Ruff N Tumble, a children’s clothing and clothing accessory store. She birthed the idea for the business while she was acting as a housewife and had to make pajamas for her own kids because they had some problems with the ones that they were making use of.

Adenike Ogunlesi started out as a young lady, had her primary and secondary education in modest schools as she was not from a very rich background. When the time came for her higher institution learning, madam Ogunlesi went into the university to become a student of law but just two years into her law program, she had to drop out of school and at this point in time, she lost focus. Not knowing what direction to tread and what best to do with her life, she finally got convinced by her mother to come and start picking up some skills in her tailoring shop.

By doing this, she follows the trend of university attendees who ended up not using their degrees or finishing them in the first place. Within just a year of staying at the shop, she finally started to see what her life was actually panned out to be - fashion stylist and not some lawyer as her father would have wanted at that time.

After she left her mother’s shop, madam Ogunlesi started to make clothes for different women since she now had the expertise but because her kids used to run out of pyjamas and she would make another for them, she discovered that there was really a lot to gain in the market of children’s clothing and therefore dumped everything else for this venture. In the year 1996, she succeeded in launching her own clothing line and company for children and named it Ruff N Tumble. Today, the business has spread so much that it now exports children’s wears to many different parts of the western Africa.

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Contrary to the opinion that she might have started off as a big shot, she had to make use of a small shop on start-up and only had one employee with her then - her mother.

Now, many years later and many employees after also, she has become one of the leading names in the children clothing business in this country and beyond too. She has also gained a series of recognition also, featuring in the documentary “African Open for Business” and in the year 2005, nine years after she established her own brand, she was recognized as the Fate Foundation model entrepreneur of that year. Currently, she also serves as a mentor to the aforementioned Fate Foundation and Junior Achievement of Nigeria.

Madam Ogunlesi is the true embodiment of what an entrepreneur should be. When everyone else was gunning for an education, she identified what she really needed was not school and made a tough choice. With perseverance, she spent a year and over at tailoring to learn the basic skills she needed. Also, she felt a need out of creating pajamas for her own children and filled that need by creating such clothing on a large scale to make profits too.

Reviews / Questra Review | How To Earn Passive Income With Questra by ikoiikenna: Yesterday at 12:31pm
Questra Holdings was founded in 2009 and has its head office in Spain. Questra has 158 employees working for them. Of these 25 are managers/traders who have, to date, completed 88% profitable transactions. Questra is in 28 European countries.

Within Questra Holdings, there are 2 main companies:

Atlantic Global Asset management (AGAM) - Deals with the management of financial assets of Questra holdings, andQuestra world - Questra world deals majorly with promotion of the parent company Questra holdings

Questra is into Buying and selling debentures; Buying and selling of shares of the companies conducting initial public offering of their securities on the stock exchange (IPO); Evaluate and buy shares of promising companies; Auctions; They are into real estate

As an investor, it is possible to choose from several different investment packages which range from 90€ to 21870€ (90, 270, 810, 2430, 7290, 21870).

The duration of these investments is 365 days and any profits are paid every week on Friday evenings, with the exception of the standard package where all profits aren’t paid until the end of the year

The company also offers additional benefits such as:

• A written Contract

• 0% Credit for a motor vehicle and property

• Insurance via the DAS

• A personal Investment Manager

For Investors who want to minimise their risk, and have the option of ensuring their money via the DAS-Insurance.

Payments and withdrawals are possible via Bitcoin, OK Pay, Perfect Money, AdvCash and Bank Transfers (BACS). As stated previously all profits are paid out every Friday evening. However, it is possible to make withdrawals at any time. In addition, investors are notified of their profits on a weekly basis via text message.

I encourage you to visit the Questra Holdings website for more details and of course I am available to answer any questions you may have anytime.


Google Adsense / How To Create A Blog And Make Up To $20 Daily Online by segiade 20: Yesterday at 11:53am
One of the best ways to make money online is through Google Adsense. This is a program where Google (one of the biggest and richest companies in the world) pays those who register for its revenue sharing program for putting its adverts on their website/blog.


This is the way to earn passive income online and have your cash transferred to you straight to your bank account in Nigeria or you have the cheque sent to your address anywhere in Nigeria.

Are you looking for a simple way you can make a huge income of $300 – $1000 monthly? If yes, you can now make money from Google Adsense in a very simple way.

Google Adsense is all about traffic, and I will show you how to generate traffic to your Adsense website/free blog with a click of a mouse, it is very easy and you are there making money....

Advertising/ Marketing / Get 50 Millions Of Nigerian Active Phone Numbers & 3 Millions Emails Free by segiade 20: Yesterday at 11:51am
Promote and advertise your products and services to Nigerian database of phone users - corporate bodies and individuals by sending advert text messages and also through email marketing. I'll be giving out the valid GSM numbers creating software that can create over 50 million valid numbers for you (these phone numbers have been confirmed active) - the software creates active phone numbers.

The reasons you have to join the bandwagon of Mobile Marketers and email advert marketers in all your Marketing Systems are so many. Public Office aspirants will be looking for and beg you to sell them Nigerian phone numbers so that they will be able to propagate and reach millions of electorate for electoral activities.

You need to get this GSM phone numbers for GSM Short Code Business, bulk SMS, Quiz Competition etc. You make money from firms and entrepreneurs that need Nigerian GSM Phone numbers to advertise their products and services to millions of Nigerians.

If you are also an internet/information marketer you will also make money by sending advert through SMS to these number base of Nigerian users and with the email marketing - send bulk emails to the email addresses....

Make Money Online / Make $20 Daily Online By Typing Captcha In Nigeria by segiade 20: Yesterday at 11:46am
I want to teach anyone who wishes to make money online without any investment how to make money online by typing CAPTCHA (i.e. by typing ABC or XYZ in a space). In fact, if you start today, you will make $7 to $15 before evening. Multiply that by 30. That is $200 to $400 monthly. At today's exchange rate of over N300 to a dollar, you will be making N60,000 to N120,000 per month.

You can even make more than that and up to N250,000 if you improvise - you will get the strategy in my training or material whichever one you choose. This is a very simple way to earn money online as you don't have to sell anything, you are not driving traffic, no referral and it's nothing to do with Google Adsense, no website building. All that is required is just for you to type short numbers or letters and you get paid.

Now Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of this online income opportunity....

Sports Trading / How To Make N100,000 T0 N500,000 Monthly With Football Betting by segiade 20: Yesterday at 11:43am

I'm sure you might have heard someone talk about football betting, you might have even seen somebody turned to a sudden millionaire. Well, that’s the power of football betting business. If you have ever wondered how to make money by betting in Nigeria or anywhere in the world then be grateful as you have come to the right place at the right time.

We help you earn between N100,000 and N500,000 monthly from football betting right here in Nigeria without you having to sweat.

You see, the reason some people are not making money with sports betting is that of greed, they don't take it as a business by wanting to hit it big in one day like using N100 to want to earn N20,000 or N5000 to win N100,000 using big odds.

Our odd varies from 2.00 - 5.00 daily, it is very easy to make money with football betting business you just get the pick, play it, win it and withdraw money....

Startup Tips / Five Vital Steps To Take To Set Up Your New Business by Ikoiikenna: Yesterday at 07:33am
So you have decided to start a new business and you are thinking of what to do get to get the business running - you have your business plan, capital, and all other important stuff to start the business on ground. Now what you need to consider next is how to get into full operations. Here are very important steps to take in order to fully set up your business.

It is expected that you have decide on the business structure and all that it's left is to how to legalize the business entity. If you are forming a joint corporation company, ensure to go to the relevant authority in your state's department for your business registration along with documents needed to process the registration of your venture.
If you are starting your business as a one man's venture, you still need to register it with the relevant government agency as a sole proprietor and learn about all the other procedures to get you to officially launch your business.

Having a merchant account is vital to your business, you just cannot start a business venture without one. It facilitate smooth transaction and enable you to keep records of your sales and profits. So contact a reputable bank and find out what the basic requirements are in order to open and operate a business account.

The next step is to source for the best business location/area for your business. As it is now you already know if you will be working from home or not, and if starting from home, all you need is to create a designated workspace in your home and put everything together to ensure you run a uninterrupted business operation.
But if you are opting for external property, find the right location that most suit your business, get the appropriate business and start running your business.

As you start your new business, you will as required need a outlay on equipment and materials to start up and it is important to shop smart - that's knowing and purchasing the right materials needed to set up your business. Offline, you can take a market survey to know the demand of consumers while online you can search for wholesalers or manufacturer that deals on the kind of materials/equipment you need for your business.

It is important that you protect your business from the unknown by taking the right insurance policy for your business. Note that; the kind of business you operate determines the type of insurance policy you will need.

I believe these simple steps will help you get started, so go on now and run that business to a successful venture

Web Design / [free Download] Bug Free Nairaland Clone Script by ikoiikenna: Yesterday at 06:28am
Have you ever wanted to create a forum like Nairaland but don't know how to start. probably you have heard of Nairaland Script and wondering where to get them or maybe you are a webmaster and tired of the bug infested so-called script lying around then this is for you. Get a bug-free Nairaland clone script all for free.
yes it for free. All you need do is drop your email below and within 30 minutes it will be forwarded to you.

you don't need to do much. However, if you insist you must do something, then kindly share out this forum and encourage more people to join. Thanks

Web Design / Re: How To Create Forum Like Nairaland And Make Money by Ikoiikenna: Yesterday at 06:07am
tboy070:Morning sir/ma

Pls how do i go about it if i want creat forum like this for a private polytechnic.
What the conditions i need ro meet?
By creating forum of this type can it be medium of advert for sch

Creating a forum like this is quite simple, and yes it can be a stop center for adverts and school related information ( just as you intended) we have created so many forum like this for schools but polytechnics and Universities.

The requirement for creating this forum
1. A domain name ( is www dot yourname dotcom)
2. A web host
3. Forum script. ( Nairaland forum script)
4. An experienced webmaster ( one who will install the forum and get it running)

We can provide 3 and 4 for you at a price ( which will be cheap ) while you provide 1& 2.

With the above requirements your forum will be up and running in few hours.

You can also choose go just hire us to do all the work from scratch to finish. To do so what's app us 08130525154.

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