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Business Ideas / Top 10 Fastest Growing Businesses In Nigeria by Ikoiikenna: on Mon at 11:04am
While starting out any business in any part of Nigeria, you need to fathom and cordially nose for the most lucrative and fastest one in town so that you won't invest in a dull and tomorrow-dying business.

Talking about the best business outside there, they aren't salutary until they are the fastest business in this giant of Africa, Nigeria. Many investors like you are too watching over the best business that could rake in money instead of the long lasting one which could probably sustain them for lifetime.

Though you might be part of them but, I'm going to unveil the extra-fast business that you can start tomorrow with actually low income. Basically, you might have been hearing about these businesses but here are the 10 fastest growing business ideas in Nigeria which I will advice you to invest in now!;

1. Cement Business
yes! Don't expect me to say the one in your mind. Since the advent and growth in building and construction works, cement business had been rocking the world of business. With as low as #100,000 you can start this business in an area close to new sites and a marketable junction. It grows well in state like Lagos, Oyo, Osun and lots more. Taping into this business is also lucrative and it grows within 3-6 months of your start depending on your premises and target.

2. Agricultural Food Production
Can you do in a day without eating? No! And that's the number one reason you need to start this business. Conversion of food crops into raw edible kind must be your target. All you need is a token and a small room for processing and producing foods. Foods like groundnut oil, rice, frozen poultry, frozen livestock, cassava flakes and lots more is faster than any other business. Building a biological and knowledgeable training is profitable while starting this business. It takes at least 4 months to grow standard in this business depending on the scale and targets.

3. Security Business
Have you ever seen an hotel or bank hiring a police man or an army for security? Definitely No! Starting a security outfit where companies, organisations and individuals could come to while in need of security guards is good. While starting this business, you only need competent hefty men- tall and capable, to handle the job. Your first hire pays you your first rate of growth. This business rakes in a lot of money and connection through out Nigeria, if you wholeheartedly and passionately do it.

4. Exportation business
I know you must have been awaiting me to say this and here is it. Starting an exportation business in Nigeria, you need a proffered stock to be export like bitter kola, coal, gall stones, cocoa produce and lot more must be your concentration. Also you need a license and travelling document which would allow you to start legally. Connection is the basis of this business and within a short range of 6 months, you will be widely known across Nigeria and not just fame but rewarding riches.

5. Real Estate
if you are the type that loves to buy and sell lands and houses then these business might be your fate. It equally entails the buying of properties and leaving it for years to appreciate and then sell for higher prices compare to the latter price. Starting this business needs you to be capital intensive and with it you can probably make the best gain and fame through it. Don't forget while striving for growth, money, fame, honesty is the fundamental foundation of this business, if you truly want to make it great in this business.

6. Haulage Business
What does this means? It entails the use of truck to deliver product, hiring truck and any imaginable diversions. I've seen men making millions annually from this business because with this business many people could be ideally successful. For instance, you bought a truck and gave it to a driver to manage it for you. Either for disposition of gravel, granite, sands and other company products to their destinations and through this you could make the best money. However, licensing and good vehicular engines is the most acceptable one and would advice you to go for it.

7. E-Business
the internet had captured every bit of appreciation needed by man like it's informative, educating , entertainment, connection builder and most importantly money making. You could start as a freelancer in any aspect like marketing, content writing, blogging, web designing, mobile apps developer, e-store and lots more could be your niche. Investing in any of this business entail your ability to manipulate the computer system like laptops, p.c and smartphone is the basis of this business. You could surf online for more online business ideas and probably making your way through one. No matter your choice, it grows within the range of 2-6 months depending on the vast one chosen.

8. Sales of alternative power supply
solar panels and generators had replaced the disappointments from the Power Holding Company of Nigeria-PHCN. You could invest in selling or hiring any other source of alternative power supply to individual and industries making your huge income from it, it also bring forth more growth. Mikano and Power jet are example of companies here and you could be noted out too, if you actually have the knowledge and passion to run it.

9. Facilities management
there had been poor management of homes,offices and companies' facilities, you could be a guardian or instructor in this particular field by lending helpful theoretical and practical tips on extreme maintenance of of facilities. Investing in this business need your months of experience and foremost your workmanship ability with people so as to grow well in this Nigeria.

10. Event planner and Déco business
have you ever imagined who furnished that event and wedding with ideas and decoration. Well! Don't rack segments of your brain, it is someone like you who is able to manipulate and put in to use the needed talent and that is why you are able to love it. You need days of backgrounds before starting this business and thereafter, thousands of naira await your investment.

Taking casual and fast step towards the businesses above is our joy! Smile and pick the one you prefer as you act out growing greatly! Thanks!

Advertising/ Marketing / How To Use Youtube To Grow Your Business In Kenya by Ikoiikenna: on Mon at 07:12am
The population and high demand of any established business in Kenya had lead to the vast development of several businesses beyond anyone's imaginations. Starting your business in Nairobi, capital of Kenya is not enough like growing such business. Growing your business in the premises of Kenya takes different perspective from advertising to Promo deals, from franchise to online marketing but part of this online marketing is the use of YouTube video.

YouTube is one of the rated online website where videos and cordial conversations ensue and pave way for business owners to communicate through the use of video and constant feedbacks and comments.

Do you need some perspectives to look into while growing your business in Kenya? Have you had and idea of growing your business and wish to use YouTube video? Probably yes! Read through to lick the juices of this article, how to grow your business in Kenya using YouTube videos.

Since the advent of YouTube video there are had been diverse and multiple ways to market, improve and grow your business, here you can scan through, six standard models you can use in growing your business in Kenya.

1. Use direct visuals
Do you know visuals with sounds catches the attention of anyone on earth. Instances, thousands of eyes glue every time in any cinema to learn a lesson, and that is why you need to use visual.

Video-coverage your latest workshop, your latest seminars, your latest achievement of your business around Kenya making people to submit to the efficiency of such business. Be real in making out this videos and posting them regularly on YouTube video so that many people could easily and effortlessly submit to your modes of running thing if you can truly captivate their attention with arresting visuals because, visuals get more customers!

2 Upload tutorials and testimonial content
To the marvel of the masses, when they subscribe to your page and views the testimonies of recent customers or consumers, it could easily make them love your product. Creating a captivating and lesson-filled tutorials could also crave your inch of success in your marketing world.

There are millions of things people are yet to know about your company, posting such tutorial and testimonial video could make you get the best partner with your business, all you need is to start earlier, start very well so that you could pull in more customers with the power of YouTube videos.

There is nothing joyous as having millions of Kenya followers on your YouTube page, those that talk the best of your business, feedbacks that comment on your new budget, your new model, your new products merit as well hundreds of words about your recent video which you've posted.

Comment and feedback help you to know those that love your new strategy and would love to follow its link by patronizing you. Nevertheless, good and bad comment tends to strive the balance, all you need to do is to react to new advice and helping comment, it will let you know what they want and what they dislike.

4. Use your playlist
Exactly like that on your gallery, you can create multiple numbers of video and saving them online so as to help viewers and subscribers to get your latest changes. It is an open and pure way to grow your business anywhere around Kenya. Don't ever decide to upload just any video, but promoting and relevant ones.

Having the best and better videos in your playlist for YouTube users to use must be your daily deals so as to enable your business to grow wide and vast within a short period of time. Not that, you need to also provided an easy guide that could enable YouTube users to follow you and probably order for your service after your referral to your website.

5. Use YouTube ads
Yes, no matter where you are in the world, you could probably make the cool cash online if your service is good. By means of marketing, you can create your Company's advertisement with just a token.

Steps you need to take are; register your company on YouTube, wait for sometimes when you are really able to generate follower and then you could click of the advertise your product button and there you go, but don't forget that no free thing in free town.

With this marketing tactics you can actually make high rate of subscribers and followers wishing to patronize sorts of your business around Kenya.

6. Search Engines Optimization
Basically, you could make a lot of people to call for your product if the title of your videos meet the demand of Google search engine optimization on the YouTube pages.
Perfectly and profoundly, marketing and growing your business on YouTube as you still need to be consistent and never get bored doing it, so be quick in posting, patient while awaiting feedback that would grow your business in the giant country, Kenya.

Hope you grow your company using YouTube today!

Fiverr / Re: Free Ebook Tutorial: How To Make Money On Fiverr by Ikoiikenna: on Mon at 06:37am
iamseyifocus:here is my email also.

Sent. Ensure you download the 2 eBook, read then with concentration so as not to misunderstand the Information provided therein. If you have any question feel free to ask here.

Since you have gotten the eBook for free, a thank you won't hurt. Please share out this forum in all your social media account, feel free to use as your signature.

Fiverr / Re: Free Ebook Tutorial: How To Make Money On Fiverr by iamseyifocus: on Mon at 06:10am
here is my email also.

Import/ Export / 5 Things You Should Know About Exportation by Ikoiikenna: on Sun at 09:02pm
It is important one keeps learning in any field of endeavors and exportation is not an exception. The truth is that there are lots of acclaimed experts in this field of exportation which made people confused of who and what to trust. Thereby, making valuable and concrete business decision is becoming increasingly difficult for some obvious reasons which have eluded these newbies thereby making them a prey for the so call expert.

Last month, a loyal reader of this blog came to my office to make some inquiries about exportation. Just like I will always ask; what do you know exportation? This is important because knowledge is indeed power! The woman answered and said she has been speaking to someone who claimed to be exporting bitter kola in kilograms on a regular basis. Honestly, I was surprised because I know bitter kola cannot be exported on a small scale except you are sending a sample order (though, there is a way round this). So, I told her to call the man again in my presence! But before then; I have provided answers to some of her questions based on what I knew but she did not believe me because she was expecting to claim what is not; she was expecting me to accept what is not. It is important you know that not all you hear about exportation is true in the real sense!

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That is why discuss the five simple truth about exportation; irrespective what and where you are exporting from. The points I will be raising here are something any serious exporter should take seriously.

Exportation Requires Time: I do not know how many times I need to echo this! Exportation is a business that requires time; it does not happen in days like eCommerce business does. This does not mean it should take forever; it simply means you need to give it time because it’s an international business that requires trust.

You Need Knowledge: Knowledge is the application of information that is why knowledge is key in whatever business one does and exportation is not an exception. Be it, local or international; you must make sure you tried to get the right information on exportation.

Unstable Government Policies: This is something that keeps changing every now and then in Nigeria and even other countries. What is exportable today may no longer be exportable tomorrow. That is why you need to stay among people who are relevant in the field of exportation.

You Need Others: Exportation is not a business you can do in isolation you will always need some other people to stay inform and get the business going that is just the nature of the business of exportation

No Documentations for Small Exportation: This is something that I get people ask me almost every day. If you are doing small scale exportation; no documentations are required except you are thinking of going MEGA.
Hope you have been enlightened the more on the topic.

Blogging / Re: How To Start A Successful Fitness Blog And Earn Passively by Ikoiikenna: on Sun at 07:15pm
ahjerryboy1:bro am new to blogging,but i have passion
for blogging,bro if i may ask you which website could someone generate free website call blogspot and free domain purchase i want you to enlighten me more better

I can relate to this stage. I started blogging on trial and error too. The good news is that you have me to guide you.

Blogging Basics:
Now, I will classify blogging into two:
1. Free
2. Paid
The question you ask above refers to the free blogging platform, the website is - owned by Google.
All you need to start blogging is a gmail address and internet access to help you signup.
Setting up a blog with blogger is easy and will take few minutes. By default you will be assigned a domain.
If you are interested in setting up a blog on blogger I can help you.

Blogging / Re: How To Start A Successful Fitness Blog And Earn Passively by ahjerryboy1(m): on Sun at 07:03pm
bro am new to blogging,but i have passion
for blogging,bro if i may ask you which website could someone generate free website call blogspot and free domain purchase i want you to enlighten me more better

Fiverr / Re: Free Ebook Tutorial: How To Make Money On Fiverr by ahjerryboy1(m): on Sun at 06:52pm

Fiverr / Re: Free Ebook Tutorial: How To Make Money On Fiverr by ahjerryboy1(m): on Sun at 06:51pm

Sports Trading / Re: Make #50,000 To #100,000 Monthly From Football Betting With Ease by Ikoiikenna: on Sun at 06:34pm
ahjerryboy1:i dnt want loss again.....<4>


You know how we do it. Share out this forum in all your social media outlets.

Sports Trading / Re: Sports Betting Tips: Ways To Double Your Winnings! by Ikoiikenna: on Sun at 06:27pm
Noted. Your emails have been added. Stay tunned.

Sports Trading / Re: Make #50,000 To #100,000 Monthly From Football Betting With Ease by ahjerryboy1(m): on Sun at 06:00pm
i dnt want loss again.....

Sports Trading / Re: Sports Betting Tips: Ways To Double Your Winnings! by ahjerryboy1(m): on Sun at 05:55pm

Sports Trading / Re: Sports Betting Tips: Ways To Double Your Winnings! by ahjerryboy1(m): on Sun at 05:54pm

Web Design / How To Start A Successful Web Hosting Company by ikoiikenna: on Sun at 04:47pm
So you have finally been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and looking for a business to go into, why not consider starting a web hosting company.
Web hosting is a service that allows individuals or organizations to post a web page on the internet. And a web hosting service company is a business that provides the service needed for websites to be viewed or seen on the internet.
Before starting a web hosting company, there are various things you will need to get in order to understand the best way to run your company. This article will summarize the various ways on how you can start your own web hosting company.

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Before starting this business, you need to acquire the basic knowledge on what web hosting is and how it works - business-wise. Basically, web hosting company provides the technology and management services (server space) for websites to be viewed or accessed on the internet.
Also, the web hosting industry is a very competitive one and it is important to study the industry first in order to know your target audiences, find out their needs and wants and figure out what you need to offer to gain a competitive edge.

There is a various way you can start a web hosting company. This include, reseller - use data center for your servers or buy and store your own servers. So you need to decide which level of the web hosting you want to operate.

A reseller is the most affordable type of web hosting, but the downside of it is that there aren't a lot of profits to make from it. When you provide and use a data for your servers, you run a smooth operation and have a fair playground with competitors in the industry but you have to be prepared to spend some cash. Lastly, if you buy and store your own servers it limits the service provided and also create an avenue to spend more.
So whatever decision you make, ensure that it is easy to scale your business and gives you the opportunity to get your own fair share in the industry.

As you start your new web hosting company, it is important to offer and provide excellent support system 24 hours of the day in 365 days of a year. Keep in mind that in order to provide this kind of service, you should be ready to employ experts to provide the service around the clock - it is essential to succeed in this business.
However, you can still cut down cost by seeking for external hosting support. There are companies who assist in such area, they provide you with high-quality support system at a minimum cost.

As you set up your web hosting company, it is important to cover and settle any legal issue in your business. To get things done in the right way, contact lawyer and get him/her to draft agreement documents for you and to also help with the registration of your business with the appropriate government authority.

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In this stage, it is expected that you already have everything in place to start operating at full capacity. From legalizing to having the right server in place, monitoring and evaluating the right external hosting support system. Now, all you need to do is start advertising and marketing your service to the right audience. You need to come up with amazing offers that will win customers to your business, gear your web hosting to fit well with popular platforms like WordPress and the others.
You can also advertise on other social media platforms such as Bing, Yahoo, Google AdWords, Facebook, and Instagram. Ensure to select cost-effective and frequently used keywords within the industry to help bring new customers on a daily basis.

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