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Marketing & Advertising / Re: 6,000 Active Nigerian Email Addresses Database List by Ikoiikenna: 08:41pm On 5 May
sammytee:Here is my email .

I will be greatful if sent, Thanks.

Sent. Please check your mail and share out this forum to all your social media networks. Thanks.

Sports Trading / Re: Make #50,000 To #100,000 Monthly From Football Betting With Ease by Ikoiikenna: 08:38pm On 5 May
NJayson:I equally have lost as well.
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Sports Trading / Football Programs In Turkey, Azerbaijan, Estonia And Cyprus by NJayson: 06:12pm On 5 May
It's true that Africa got a lot of talents. One can see for the various professional leagues in Europe, Asia, America and what have you.
With direct contact with soon teams in these countries, we have placements for attackers, midfielders, defenders as well as goalkeepers.
Any interested person should inbox at

Opportunity comes but ones


Sports Trading / Re: Make #50,000 To #100,000 Monthly From Football Betting With Ease by NJayson: 06:00pm On 5 May
I equally have lost as well.
Kindly send to me your guide via


Sports Trading / Re: Make #50,000 To #100,000 Monthly From Football Betting With Ease by muzumuzu: 10:48am On 5 May
pls I hope this is not coming late but I will also like to have the e-book . my email is
thank you

Marketing & Advertising / Re: 6,000 Active Nigerian Email Addresses Database List by muzumuzu: 10:44am On 5 May
pls I would like to have the database my email is, thank you

Technology / How To Start A Video Game Design Business by Ikoiikenna: 09:17pm On 5 May
Are you a software designer or developer? Do you know you stand the chance of making cool cash by designing video games? Do you know that the market for video game is on the high side? If no the then be happy you are here, for you will learn all you need to start a successful video game design business.

Fact is, the annual income made from the sales of video games both in hardware and software is over $1.5billion in the United States alone so if you are talented and you also have a broad mind, then let get you started.

With great graphic sense and good graphic skills you can successfully start a game design business. To be successful however, you have to put your imagination to work and exercise your ability to think to the fullest, imagination is one of the key factors in running this business.

Much capital is not required to start a video game design business because the major things you'll need is a personal computer and an improved thinking faculty, the business is very lucrative and highly competitive but your level of creativity will stand you out among other designers.

Consider the few steps below to successfully start your video game design business as a newbie and how to profit from it in a short time.

Starting a Video Game Design Business

Feasibility study
Many entrepreneurs overlook or jump this step. Carrying out a feasibility study on the entire video game design industry will give you an idea of your competitors, start up capital and other factors that influence your success in the industry. If you think this might be a bit difficult, you can hire US (professionals) to carry out a feasibility study on your behalf.

Acquire all the required skills
A prior knowledge about video game design will help you more when you enrol in a video game design school to further your knowledge about graphics and animation. You need 2D and 3D skills and also be very creative to make head way in this business.

Draft a business plan
Since you are designing game is a business, you have to have a business plan. Business plan play a major role in the success of your business. In drafting a business plan, your business plan must cover the different strategies you want to employ to build a successful business. Your business plan must be more practical and promising, the type of business plan you draft will determine the future of your business.

Setup a Studio
Just like any other business that needs to be given much attention, your video game studio must be situated in a location free of distraction for you to pay rapt attention to what you are doing, your imagination is a worthless asset in in this business that's why you need top notch creative skills to design state of the art video games, you can setup your studio in your home and expand your business as time goes on but ensure it is in an area free from all forms of distraction.

Source for marketing channels
How great your designs are will only speak for you when you source for good market for your business, if you are not are not experienced in the aspect of marketing, you can hire an experienced marketer to help you out. You can get your work known by selling your game software to phones, computer and game console manufacturing companies.

Follow these steps to start your video game business from scratch and be a proud owner of a profitable business in no time. For questions and answer please use the comment below.

Marketing & Advertising / Re: 6,000 Active Nigerian Email Addresses Database List by Ikoiikenna: 08:34pm On 5 May
ebbyolu:My email is, kindly send me the database. Thanks.

Noted. Please share out this forum to all your social network and expect an email soon.

Marketing & Advertising / Re: 6,000 Active Nigerian Email Addresses Database List by ebbyolu: 05:02pm On 5 May
My email is, kindly send me the database. Thanks.

Agriculture / Re: How To Start A Profitable Groundnut Farming Business by Ikoiikenna: 08:10am On 5 May
When is the second planting season start for someone that didn't meet up with the first planting season. Thank u

I will like to know the state you reside. However, the Second Time to plant is in August to be harvested in December if you live anywhere in swampy areas (I mean where waters sprout out of the soil or where irrigation is possible). This is because harvesting the seconding planting in dry land is a big job. It will make you suffer. So plant the second if you live around such water area.

Agriculture / How To Start A Potato Farm Business by Mhzik: 07:42am On 5 May
Do you have a land wasting away and you are wondering what to do with it or the kind of crop to grow in it ; while not consider growing potatoes there, who knows, growing potatoes might just be what you are looking for.

Potato is among the most popular vegetables today. It is great for frying, boiling, mashing, for salads and for baking. There are over four hundred varieties of potatoes in the world and to start your own potato farm, you need to choose the variety that best suit your farm land. The best way to know which variety to grow on your farmland, carry out research among potato farmers within your area.

Ask questions, know what works best in their Soil and how to properly grow and cultivate potatoes. Aside from knowing which variety to grow, it will also help to know where to market your products after harvest.
This article will guide you on what you need to know in order to start your own potato farm.
Read on.

To prepare your farm, you need to clear, plough, trill and drain the soil. You can hire workers to help you in those aspects, they will assist in putting a good amount of manure which will automatically improve the soil texture.

Once you decide on the type of potato to plant, buy certified seeds from commercial suppliers and plant them. Make sure to space out each Seed from the other when planting them.

After planting your seeds, you can wait for about three to four weeks before applying fertilizer. Use some comfrey leaves to fertilize the soil, wilt them for a day and place them at the bottom of the trench and cover the plant with a small amount of soil.

One major factor that adds to successful potato farming, is the effective management control of diseases and insect infestation, using herbicide and insecticides.
Potato farmers apply insecticides when the plants starts growing to drive away flying insects and pests. Farmers apply herbicide or insecticides by sprinkling or spraying irrigation systems while making sure the liquid does not contaminate ground water.

Once the potato leaf or plant starts showing brown and withering, you will know that your potatoes are ready for harvesting. Ensure to dig them up before the ground becomes hard to prevent too much hard work.

After harvesting, keep your potatoes in storage and lay them out on the sun the next day, repeat this for three (3) days ; after which the potatoes will become more mature and dried. You can take them back to storage and go seek out dealers in the market place and sell to them for a profit.

For the complete business plan on potatoes farming business contact us or drop your email address below

Agriculture / Re: How To Start A Profitable Groundnut Farming Business by ozome15: 04:10pm On 4 Apr
Groundnut is a crop that is high in demand because it\'s very useful in the economy and proteinous for the body. Groundnut can be used to make varieties of other product such as peanut butter, chocolate candy, groundnut cake, groundnut oil, peanut butter etc. Groundnut takes about four(4) months to mature and can be cultivated twice in a farming season.
Let\'s look at the steps to take to start a lucrative groundnut farm business. You need to first;

Purchase a Farm Land
You can get a good plot of land on the outskirts of town for a good price of about ₦300,000 (this applies to most states in the country). Get a Farm Land, seek the service of one or two locals and pay them to help clear and drain the land.

Till the Soil
You can either do it yourself and save some money or you hire workers to do it for you for a token.

Purchase Seed
Once you have gotten your farmland cleared and well-drained, the next step is to purchase groundnut seeds. You can always get groundnut seeds to buy at the market if you don\'t have any. The number of Seed you will buy depends on the size of your farmland. You can get seeds for about ₦500 depending on which part of the country your land is.

Plant Your Seeds
Best time to plant your groundnut seeds is in March when there must have been rainfall on the land. When planting, give space for at least 30cm for each Seed to yield a good crop.

Wedding occurs when the plant starts growing after four weeks. You can clear unwanted plant growing around the groundnut and still use it to serve as natural fertilizer for the plant.

If you plant in March, harvesting should be around June or July if you want the groundnut to mature very well. If all goes well, you should be able to harvest about 100 large bags of groundnut.

Storage and Sales
Once you are done the harvesting, the final step is to store the groundnuts in a cool and dry place. Your next assignment is to find out how much a bag of groundnut is sold in the marketplace.
Let\'s say a bag of groundnut sells at the price of ₦5,000 and you have a hundred(100) bags harvested. So ₦5,000×100 -- ₦500,000
Subtract other expenses made and the money invested, your profit will still be a reasonable amount.

And this is only for the first three to four months, imagine what you will make in the other quarter of the year; this is not a bad investment I must say. So what are you waiting for? Get started!

When is the second planting season start for someone that didn't meet up with the first planting season. Thank u

Business Plan / How To Start A Nylon Production Business + Business Plan by Ikoiikenna: 01:26pm On 4 Apr
Are you looking for a business to invest into, are you perhaps looking for a right business that pays? Then I strongly recommend you start a nylon production and selling business. This is a good and lucrative opportunity for you to exploit, the demand for nylon is very extensive and still expanding on daily basis nationwide. Owing to varieties of uses of this product its demand is simply out weighing the supply.

Nylon is used both by individuals, shops (both retailers and whole sales) companies (both goods and foods manufacturing companies) on the basis of individuals nylon bags has a wide range of uses domestically such as storage, bagging, shopping and covering. On the basis of companies usage nylon is in constant demand in large quantity being used for wrapping and packaging of their products.

Nylons are available in different sizes and thickness and in such are used based on this, for soft, thin and transparent nylon is used for packaging of edible products (e.g. Breads etc) and non-edible products. Thicker forms are used as covers for products. Not forgetting the super markets and laundry operators who use nylon (some cases customized nylon) for packaging of the sale and packaging of clients clothes. Nylon is also used in the educational sector as laminators, in construction and building for making tents. The uses of nylon cut across all works of life and also for decoration, fancy shopping bags, school bags and other uses.

Haven seen the vast market range of this business one is guaranteed of making huge profits from nylon production; Below in this article I will be reveling with detailed step on how you can start and start making it big from nylon production. So I advice you read on with all concentration.

How to start a nylon production and make money from it:
v Requirements

Starting up this business requires the following
v Adequate knowledge on the business
v Technical know-how
v Capital
v Location/site
v Machine
v Raw material
v Employees ( though not needed initially if starting in a small scale)
Raw material
Raw materials for nylon production are chemically based, manly of the byproduct of petrochemicals such as
v Polyethene
v Polyethylene also
v Escorene
v Lupine
v B.A.S.F etc
This materials listed above should not scare you as they are abundantly available in Nigeria.
Machinery for production
Find the machines needed for production in the ebook.

Polyethene bag is produced by heating and feeding rolls into machinery which draw out rolls into segment of specified length which are then cut off into individual bag.
Rate of production depends on this machine, thickness and size of the bag to be produce. Machine has a rate of 70,000 bags per hour for thin bags and 2000 bags per hour for thick bags. Machine is automated or semi automated using 220volts electric motor once switched on machine works off upon completion of production of rolls of polyethene feed into it. NOTE: punching is done on a separate machine know as puncher which is semi- manual.


If you’re asking if you really have a chance of making it then the answer is that of an emphatic yes. Not minding the current players in this production for supply is yet far from equaling with the demand so there is readily available market for your products.

To start off on this you can start with an initial investment of just 5000 which you will be using to get our feasibility/report eBook on this business that will reveal to you the secrets of this business

ü Where to source raw material at cheaper rate
ü Where to obtain the machinery
ü How to seek for fund with the report
ü How to start off production

ü Marketing
ü Management etc

All this and more you will be revealed in the eBook for the giveaway price of #5000. Don’t let this lucrative opportunity elude you contact us now 08180081665 or 08168710034 or via email ikoiikenna[at] or


Foods / How To Start Chin-chin Profitable Production Business by ikoiikenna: 09:40pm On 4 Apr
Chin-chin is a deep fried crunchy snack and it's most common in west African countries but widespread into other countries. Chin-chin has become a household name due to high demand as it’s enjoyed by kids and adults alike.
There is a huge market for chin-chin in most states across most countries because it’s crispy and fun to chew among many other reasons, it's liked by all. Parents often package it for their children or wards to eat at school as lunch and adults also eat chin-chin with cold soft drinks and also it’s mostly used in the house, home and offices to welcome guests.
However, many seeking to start a business are still blinded by the lucrative money making opportunity and huge profit they can make constantly from chin-chin production and sale business. While those that know its potential have dived into this business and are making, even more, money producing and combining this chin-chin business with other products such as pizza, egg roll, meat pie, fish pie, sausage roll, buns, puff-puff etc.
Well if you wish to go into the baking business, you should consider chin-chin production and sale business. To this, this article will answer all your questions and inquiries on this business.
Firstly: - How is chin-chin made?
There are quite a number of recipes for this snack and they all produce chin-chin but of different qualities, such are the super hard chin-chin to the soft chin-chin. To be discussed here, however, falls neither to the hard nor the too soft chin-chin but rather, a moderately soft and hard chin-chin thus we will keep it in between.

Let's get started
Ingredients you will need-
1. All purpose flour( 500g – 1kg)
2. Milk( 150 -250g)
3. Pinches of salt (2.5)
4. Granulated Sugar ( 200 -250g)
5. Vegetable oil
6. Baking powder ( 1 teas spoonful)
7. Fresh raw Eggs ( 4 eggs)
8. Powdered Nut Meg
Note that the amount of ingredient to be used depends largely on the quantity of the chin-chin you intend to produce.
- I’m going to start off by measuring out some all-purpose flour into a bowl
- Add some baking powder( note this is optional if you want a hard chin-chin)
- Add sugar and Nutmeg in the all purpose flour.
- Mix all together, makes a deep at the center, add egg with butter and milk (at room temp.) then mix all together until dough is formed.
- Using your hand massage the dough for 2-5 minutes.
- Transfer the dough to a neat floured surface (a table) then roll the dough with a rolling pin till it's flattened.
- Then cut out your chin-chin size and fry
- Your chin-chin is ready for packaging and for sale.
Haven learned the procedure and can now start producing, how do I do it as a business?

Feasibility Studies
Capital: - Just like every other business, to start you will need a capital to start with. Chin-chin business is not capital intensive. However, you need to have a clear source for capital, if you intended getting a loan, it's required you create a repayment plan as well.
Get the Necessary Machine and Equipments:-[/b] At startup stage, you might not necessary need to use machine, however, if you have the capital and intend to start on a large scale then you will need a roller and cutter, which will help you cut the dough into uniform chin-chin size of choice ( if small or big). The must have basic equipment are – stove or any other cooker, perforated spoon for scooping the chin-chin from the hot oil.
[b]Choose a Location
Just as its important to any business, while starting up your chin-chin business, it's important you choose a location that will get you’re the best exposure and nearness to large customers.
As you might have noticed chin-chin business requires no much machinery, with the above you can start up easily and make huge profits.

Sports Trading / Re: Make #50,000 To #100,000 Monthly From Football Betting With Ease by Ikoiikenna: 04:23am On 4 Apr
Nelzon25:please sir i need your help in football betting because i have really loss so much money in this business. my email is :
Thank you sir

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