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W.E/General / People That Benifits From High Exchange Rate Of Dollar by Ikoiikenna: 03:48pm On 4 Apr
The Naira has been falling against the dollars in a free fall, and only recently a dollar was exchanged at the parallel market for up to N365 and some experts say we might see a dollar exchange up again.

This exchange rate has had adverse effect on the economy of the nation, as some business had fold up as they cannot meet up to some financial obligation due to high rate of foreign exchange. Some companies had also been forced to cut down staff to cut down expenses.

The fall in Naira had also affected importation businesses as the shortage of the dollar and the high rate had made it more expensive to import goods.

But even at this rate, they are some Nigerians who are still benefiting for the high rate of Naira/Dollar exchange rates.
The first set of those people are those earning in dollars or foreign currencies. Here we have the forex traders, bloggers, writers, graphic designers and those who do some online jobs on sites like fiverr, freelancer and other online job sites. These set of people get paid in dollars so they are of advantage at the high rate of Naira/Dollars exchange rates.

Another set of people benefiting from the high exchange rate are the exporters. Nigeria is majorly known for exporting crude oil and they are mainly an importing nation and very few products are exported from the country. But they are some small scale exporters of agricultural, mining and some other products. And these people earn their money in foreign currencies especially in dollars since its main currency for international businesses, so they are of advantage exchanging their earning in dollar to naira at the high exchange rate.

The third sets of people are those working in foreign countries or those getting paid in foreign currency. They are some Nigerian international staff earning their salary in foreign currency based on their contracts, also we have Nigerians working abroad that are taking the opportunity of the high exchange rate to come and invest and buy properties in the country. These people earning are in almost double when they exchange it to Naira compared to what we have last year.

We also have entertainer that benefits from the high exchange rate, most entertainers, especially the musicians, comedians and dancers that perform shows outside the shores of the country especially those in the United State or United Kingdom.

While some are some are adversely affected by the high rate of exchange, some are finding it more profitable.

Business Ideas / 3 Business Ideas & Opportunities To Easily Startup In Nigeria by Ikoiikenna: 09:54am On 4 Apr
There are countless of business opportunities that many Nigerians are not showing interest for, the few that pay attention to some of the opportunities are making cool cash.
Though the risk is high, so also is the reward. Like I said; if you are an entrepreneur with guts to take on business challenges like Richard Branson; then this post is for you.

In recent years most of the new millionaires have been young entrepreneurs and investors who have created promising businesses and invested in lucrative sectors of Nigeria’s fast-growing economies. It’s just a matter of dedication and having focus.
Doing business in Nigeria is currently viewed as one of the most lucrative business ventures, in today’s global business environment.

If you are thinking of setting up a business in Nigeria and making millions of Naira from it, kindly check through these top three hottest business opportunities currently booms in Nigeria.

Fashion is arguably the next big thing in Nigeria. Now it is commonplace to hear, “I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up”, alongside the professional careers like medicine, law and so on. There is no formal education or certification required to be successful in fashion business but that doesn’t make the feat any easier. You will need to have a combination of drawing, sewing, and design skills, knowledge of the fashion industry and unparalleled perseverance.

Quite interestingly, there are many who have made great strides-not only in fashion designs, but in creating opportunities for other designers. We have the likes of Folake Coker, the founder of the world famous brand Tiffany Amber. We also have Kaela Kay design label, Lisa Label, Gabriella and Kelly Davids and others who are well-to-do in the fashion business. I must confess that fashion design has been embraced by all sun and sundry due to the sophistication and creativity that have been introduced by great Nigeria designers that have made Nigeria fashion what it is today, unlike before where in house design were known to be an item of the museum in the western world.

Talking about fashion business, it is a broad business with many stems under; such as; clothing line, hairstylist, cosmetologists, to mention a few.
Should you be planning to invest in this fashion business opportunity, there are things that are involved to ensure success.

Do not forget an adage which says, he who fails to plan very well, will definitely plan towards a state of jeopardy. In essence, you need to have a business plan for the business to survive the test of time. Engage yourself in feasibility study regarding the business. Do not be ignorant of the fact that there is competition, there are people in the industry already and more will likely to come in after you start.

Select suitable location, some business thrives more in certain locations because of the level of consumption of the product involved and level of patronage. For example, what will it profit someone that builds a garage in a silent area? The same thing goes to fashion, location matters a lot. It is important to consider how busy an environment is, in order to ensure success in the industry.

Graphic design is another business opportunity that you can make cool cash. Graphic designers combine art and technology to develop graphics for product illustrations, logos, and websites. They are responsible for creating design solutions that have a visual impact. The role involves listening to clients and understanding their needs before making designs decisions. Their designs are required for huge variety of products and activities, such as websites, advertising, books, magazines, posters, computer games, product packaging, exhibitions and displays, corporate communications and corporate identity. That is, they help to make an organization recognizable by selecting colour, images and logo designs that represent a particular idea or identity to be used in promotions. When using text in layouts, they collaborate closely with writers who choose the words and decide whether the words will be put into paragraphs, lists or tables.

They determine size and arrangement of illustrative material and copy, and font style and size. They also liaise with external printers on a regular basis to ensure deadlines are met and material is printed to the highest quality. Graphic designers work mainly nine-to five; but deadlines may require working additional hours. Opportunities for graphic designers exist in cities throughout the country, although freelance designers can work from home.
Apart from making cool cash from graphic design, graphic design itself is everywhere. Anything that needs to be communicated that cannot be done verbally must be put into some form of design that gets a message across. Imagine life without it and it would be a strange world indeed. Everything would be in a plain white wrapper. No pictures, no text.

Catfish and poultry farming belong to the top three business opportunities in Nigeria. This is because it’s an emerging business that hasn’t reached its peak or full potential. The major players in this business are usually regional players. What this means in essence is that each major player in the catfish farming industry is focused only on a particular business terrain within the geographical location of the farm. So all you need to do is to look for a region with a growing demand that haven’t been covered by a major player and situate your business there. As for poultry farming, the high demand for chicken meat and eggs has really proven that that poultry farming in Nigeria is indeed a very lucrative business. The business of rearing of chicken and producing eggs for sale has created an opportunity for some young graduates, retired civil servants and others to earn regular income and also provide employment for countless number of Nigerians. We should not forget that there are major buyers of chicken meat and eggs in the country such as; Mr. Biggs, Tantalizer, Tasty-Fried Chicken, Mr. cook, UAC, Hotels, Restaurants and then the various household nationwide. I must confess that you’re assured of your millions when you venture into the business. Naturally, food is one of the basic necessities of man, thus making catfish and poultry farming a huge potential.

At this point, you don’t need to sit and relax, get yourself involved in one of the aforementioned business opportunities. Don’t expect manner from heaven, manner no longer fall from heaven again. It is high time you start planning for one of the businesses above and you will definitely have reasons to glorify God.

Healthcare & Medical / 20 Healthcare And Medical Business Ideas & Opportunities 2017 by Ikoiikenna: 09:55pm On 4 Apr
Are you a medical personel, prospective medical personal or non-medical personel looking to start a profitable business opportunities in the healthcare sector?

If yes then i think this is what you are looking for. As we all know the health care industry is much profitable when compared to other industries and it remains an ever growing billion dollar industry.

Healthcare is one of the basic needs of man, good health is desired by all and without it every other achievement is nothing.
For better underatand, by health service we refer to the business of providing medical services, products and equipment through which life is preserved extended and to increase the quality of lives.

The health care is a broad industry and below we will provide you with all the profitable ideas in this sector which you can venture into and earn handsomely. Note however the healthcare industry unlike other sectors requires deligence and commitment to high level as you will be dealing with fellow human lives. With that being said below is a list of the top business ideas you can start in the health care industry.

1. Dental Clinic
2. Manufacturing of Drugs
3. Health care Television Program
4. Retail Pharmacy Business
5. Eye Clinic
6. First Aid Box Retail Business
7. Maternity Center
8. Medical Equipment Manufacturing
9. Hospital or Medical Center
10. Retail Eye Glass Frame Sale
11. Radio Talk Show on Health
12. Cotton wool Manufacturing and Sale
13. Medical Waste Recycling
14. Sperm Bank/ Egg donor Agency
15. Drug testing
16. Child care center
17. Health Insurance Agency
18. Medical Billing and Record
19. Skin Care Center
20. Medical Waste Disposal Agency

There you haveit, profitable business ideas you can start in the health care industry. Please stick around as we will subsequently provide you with more details on each and every ideas listed above. Meanwhile, your replies is welcomed.

Marketing & Advertising / Re: 6,000 Active Nigerian Email Addresses Database List by Ikoiikenna: 09:31pm On 4 Apr
Here is my email .

will be greatful if sent, Thanks.

Noted. Please do share your out west entrepreneur and invite your friends to join.

However, Check your mail.

Marketing & Advertising / Re: 6,000 Active Nigerian Email Addresses Database List by sammytee: 08:43pm On 4 Apr
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I will be greatful if sent, Thanks.

W.E/General / How To Know Your Headed Towards A Career In Business by ikoiikenna: 11:04am On 4 Apr

Business handling comes with its passion, training, knowledge, skills to mention a few. Not everyone is in business or is a business man, though we indirectly carry out business activities in one way or the other. Not everyone is eligible to go into business specifically. There are other career paths but there are some individuals who just will not go for any other but go into business. If you make research on the best business men and entrepreneurs you will see various features that will be traced to them becoming businessmen/entrepreneurs whichever way you call it. Now let us know what the post says!

· When you are creative and innovative you just might be heading to the business path if you will give it a try. Creativity differentiates you in business. The word is full of copies today, do not get me wrong there are originals too. So creativity makes you stand out, with good creativity your business leads. Maybe this is a sign that you should go into business. Cheers!

· When you love being independent, you might just be heading to the business/ entrepreneur path. Having your business makes you the “commander in chief”. The craving for a financial independence can also be a trace that you are actually heading for business.

· When your thoughts are always directed to business when you always get to know businesses that are profitable. When you are always excited about your various conceived business ideas, then you are in a set path to start a good business.
· Good businessmen/entrepreneurs are motivated by challenges, they love seeing the impossible and they move forward even when people believe there are challenges. When you have that urge to overcome challenges you might just be a businessman or entrepreneur.
· When you are a good sales person you might be heading towards the business path. Everyone sells something in one way or the other but there are some people who just have the skill in having good sales. Check well it might just be that you are heading towards a business/entrepreneur path.

· When you are Always looking for opportunities in every environment you find yourself. I am no exceptional, when I enter a mall that is booming and very busy with people my mind provokes I feel wowed and ideas start pumping in. So one of the ways you know that you are heading towards being a business individual is to check your thoughts and 85 percent of where you are always channeling your thoughts too.

· You admire great business ideas. You are alert to business ideas you see in movies and books you read. You are provoked and ignited with it. When you get so excited with various business ideas, you might just be on your way to that path road to business.

Though there are traces that prove that you might just be good in business. Why don’t you make your research and know where you really stand. Do you want to go into business? Know what drives you and what you possess. Cheers!

Business Advice/Tips / Performance Coaching And Its Benefits To Entrepreneur by ikoiikenna: 08:50am On 4 Apr
What ambitious entrepreneur doesn't want to improve his or her performance or that of the people around them? None!

Performance coaching as it's known is the process where individual influences the development and action planning of others, to bring about changes in their lives. However, the performance it's not about giving advice or sharing experience, it is like health, where we hardly pay attention to until there is a need. More so, we go about autopiloting and assume great performance will just come from getting the work done.

The problem with this theory is that performance as it is, is no different than most things in business or in our personal lives, it needs its own space in priority checklist. And if it's properly analyzed the way large business goals are, it will help improve daily performance.

For instance, as a business owner who's at the start-up stage that feels the need to get the business right off the ground. You bombard yourself with too much work, which might deprive you of actually focusing on areas that you are good at. In such situation, it's clear that you will be doing work misaligned with your talent. Your talent might possibly be just solving client problems via heavy data analysis and creative solutions, and this is a major superpower in any business. However, when more time is spent on doing sales, which might not be something you enjoy doing, you will end up not getting full satisfaction in the business.

To avoid finding yourself in such situation, it's best to plan from the beginning to get the right salesperson whom you can trust, then dedicate your energy to doing the work you love. This has proven to be most successful for companies. Here are three tips to building personal performance:

1. Never Play Down Your Talent.
As a business owner, you might feel the need to run all parts of the business on your own, because you have the most skin in the game. But in reality doing so might kill your performance. So find someone who will support you in managing the operations that are not exciting for you.

2. Employ Dedicated and Committed People
One major reason entrepreneurs feel the need to do everything themselves in the initial stage is that they are the most passionate about its success. So hire people who will be as dedicated and committed as you are about the company's goals. Ensure to get a mission statement and that it has a personal connection to whoever you hire.

3. Be conscious of Where/How Your Time is Spent.
Most entrepreneurs work like they're on autopilot. They can spend almost all day/night working without being conscious of the time. Rather, take few minutes every week looking at how your time was spent, or how exciting the work was. With all this, you are bound to start learning how to manage your work to maximize your ability to bring out the best in you.

Running a company is tough, that's why some entrepreneurs have coaches and constantly assess their performance. As the boss, you have more control over how your energy and time is spent, so ensure you are doing the things that will make you and your business successful.

Web Design / How To Prepare Your E-commerce Website For Black Friday by ikoiikenna: 08:51pm On 4 Apr
As an e-commerce site, it's important to be on top of things at all times and take advantage of seasonal peak trading. It will be a major blow to any e-commerce websites if performance issues crush on their bottom line during peak periods. Especially if it destroys brand’s name due to poor public relations and customer service. Chances are high, so you have to plan ahead and focus on giving the best customer support so as to boost online revenue and increase exchange rates.

Here, we show you a short guide to help prepare your e-commerce website for Black Friday.

1. Plan for Your Peak Periods
To plan for your peak period, you have to prepare an extensive load test plan for like six months or more before Black Friday. It’s very crucial to include businesses as well as tech teams as part of your plan, that way everyone involved is in the know about test dates, emergency dates, and deadlines. Doing all this in time gives you the chance to test, fix and complete all important details, so there's no room for any last minute changes.

2. Prepare for Your Desired End Result
It’s crucial to establish the result you want for Black Friday. Always try to compare previous year performance and use it to improve present day plan, regarding, creating an updated and practical load test plan and the amount of traffic you hope to attract.

3. Measure Current Capacity
To get yourself ready for peak sales season, you will need a detailed analysis of web performance. Recommended that you do this for like 6-8 months before Black Friday to me get the degree of current capacity and to handle whatever issue that may negatively reflect on customer service.

4. Test Run Your Site Early and Often
We recommend daily load testing, with more numbers in the run-up to code lockdown. Doing so saves time and money and makes it a lot easier to manage any changes that may occur, giving you more time to move on to other stages.

5. Get it Right on Time
Here, you need to aim toward lockdown code before eight weeks to Black Friday. It is because high performers on that big day will be those that get it right on schedule. And that's not all, ensure to update your site's with special Black Friday deal codes and offers, but have all these done before lockdown.

Bottom line:
It’s imperative that you recognize changes to a site comes with the risk of more performance problems. Customers should be able to enjoy easy, and simple experience from the beginning to check out. Ensure to guide mobile journeys to the end and include delivery or ‘click and collect’ options to avoid slowdowns.

Consider minimizing the varieties of products offered for the flash sale period for speed and stock control. Lastly, consider having an array system as an emergency plan.

Marketing & Advertising / Re: 6,000 Active Nigerian Email Addresses Database List by ikoiikenna: 10:34pm On 4 Apr
Fredrickz03:Here is my mail: Thanks

Sent. Please do share and invite your friends to join the Forum. Thanks

Advertising/ Marketing / Silent Partner Vs Secret Partner: Which Is More Beneficial by ikoiikenna: 08:54pm On 4 Apr
There are many ways an individual can become a partner in a business. A lot of people like to play the part of a silent/secret partner in a business partnership because it is more favorable to them. A business partner can contribute his/her own money, contacts, and expertise to a growing or new business.

A business partnership comes in different forms. You may get an equal partner who's committed in terms of the amount of money he contributes or the amount of time and effort he puts into the business. An active partner, on the other hand, contributes a huge share of investment and reaps a bigger portion of the profits than an equal partner. The two main categories of business partnership is the Secret partner and Silent partner. Let's now quickly look at the difference between these two partnerships:

Secret Partner
A secret partner in a business partnership is a partner who has a say in the business' operations but still operate behind the scenes. The public is unaware of his/her involvement with the business in any way. He/she may have been involved in a previous business failure and for that, wouldn't want her name or reputation linked with the new business. A secret partner is satisfied to have the owner of the business be the “face” of the business, while he operates behind the scenes.

Silent Partner
A silent partner is just an ordinary investor in a business, that contributes to the business but has no say or make any other contribution other than money in the business daily activities. He is silent when it comes to dictating how the business is run. A silent partner is recognized by other people to be in partnership with the business owner. Oftentimes a silent partner's business contacts, involvement or reputation can be favorable to the business and help strengthen its image in the community.

Except the business operates under another business partnership (limited partnership), then both the silent and secret partners share in the responsibility of the business. A limited partnership agreement reduces the burden of the partners in cases of a lawsuit or debt. And If the partnership is unorganized, each partner can be subjected to damages for unlimited liability. So even though secret partners are not always known in the business, they too can obtain liability.

In Conclusion
Sometimes, people use and take the terms "silent partner" or "secret partner" to mean the same kind of partnership. Some theory doesn't help in differentiating the two partnership, stating that as a secret partner is not recognized by the public - in other words, a silent partner can also be a secret partner. The difference so far is in if the partner has a say in the business' daily activities; which we already established that a silent partner never does, and a secret partner may.

Marketing & Advertising / Re: 6,000 Active Nigerian Email Addresses Database List by Fredrickz03: 03:52pm On 4 Apr
Here is my mail: Thanks

Real Estate / Hottest Real Estate Investments Opportunities In 2017 by ikoiikenna: 11:17am On 4 Apr
Real estate and rental property investment carry a certain amount of risk but it's also rewarding and has an even better future with the ride up the stock market. One major cause that may add increase your success as a property investor is being able to adapt and adjust to circumstances. Being current with the latest trends and development in residential and commercial markets is essential if you intend to stay on top of the curve. There are lots of places to put your money into and get it working hard for you.

The real estate market is a very competitive one and changing how you make your investment might turn out to be the most intelligent choice. Let's now quickly find out the investment opportunity that lies in the real estate market.

Rental Income Investment
Rental Income seems to be the one to look for in 2017. It is simply difficult to beat the returns of buying rental income property. I mean not through real estate investment companies but straight buying of rental income property. It doesn't necessarily have to be only in your city but in others as well. This investment offers good capital gains, which you can always protect, market appreciation, enter payment, tax savings, and living in your own investment. The best part of it is that you get to control its outcome and performance and you can also use other people’s money to invest and get rich.

There are lots of flip house and popular home improvement shows riding high on this wave of investment strategy and being a smart individual, it's good you see the value in rental property and flipping. The 40% to 50% ROI gotten from it is unbelievable and the results are very hard to ignore. There’s virtually nothing that can beat buying rental income property whether in cities or in neighborhoods, you just have to be in the know in which cities have the best outlooks and pay close attention to forecasts and predictions.

However, there are some pretty tough work and big decisions to make in this property investment, for it's not all good and rosy especially at the beginning. If things didn't work out, you still have your investment to fall back on.

Commercial construction in real estate is also expected to experience positive growth in 2017. The section has experienced 5% growth in the previous year and it's expected to grow even more in 2017. While there is a more significant growth in both the commercial and residential section, there is still a much positive response for investors whose attention is on ground-up properties.

The Bottom line
The economy has a way of influencing the way people go on vacation, work, and make certain decisions - this also leaves its mark on the real estate market. As the year kick off, evaluating your property investments while analyzing other goals is vital. Putting it into perspective the trends position to take off can make it easier to potentially spot hot property investment opportunities that are ahead.

Web Design / The Advantages Of Web Hosting And Benefits To Business by ikoiikenna: 09:56am On 4 Apr
Before creating/owning a website for your business, it's best to put certain things into consideration. You don't want the trouble of organizing your site with different channels through various companies. It's not advisable to search/create a domain name with one company, then register the name with another. It's highly expensive for you to buy website creation software to build your site and pay extra for web hosting.
In all of this, there’s one thing that counts the most, and that's finding a good web hosting company. There are many advantages to web hosting, and this article will highlight them for you as well as its benefits.

With web hosting plan, you have more security and will gain full access to the server/machine and not share with anyone else. You can also set restrictions on any users that you give allow in.. This freedom is not offered on any other web hosting plan.

Another advantage is that you do not have to worry about buying or maintaining any equipment because that's the job of the hosting company.

You don't get to share web hosting anymore, and no chance of other sites is bothering your website load time.

Root access. Allows you to make any adjustments you deem fit to the server, the operating system, or to users on the server. You get to do anything you want.
Successful online presence. Not saying shared hosting is bad, shared hosting can accommodate the vast majority, due to the lack of visitors of a site. But as time goes on and visitors starts coming in their numbers every minute, it becomes imperative to upgrade.

Web hosting makes the process of publishing and setting up a website a lot easy. You get to choose a domain name with the host and register the same name.
You also get to use the host's software to create your website, and when you are through, publish the site on the net with a click because you already have the advantage of using the host's server to create your site.
With web hosting, you can edit your site in a fast and easy way.

Best web hosting gives you a hosting service that offers a constant flow of traffic that will guarantee a successful online presence.
You can have your dedicated server which will provide you with the best opportunity to never have a long downtime experience. There's no loss of quality, and you get an excellent site in a short period.
Additionally, you get to benefit unlimited email account, daily backup for your data, a gallery, and a virus and spam filter. All of these affirm that Best Web Hosting as a top choice for serious online businesses.

Automotive / How To Start Profitable Haulage Business In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: 10:50pm On 4 Apr
Haulage is the transportation of goods by road and railway. It is very important to the development of any nation. If economic development is to be achieved by a nation then the transportation system has to be developed. Efficient transportation system will aid production and distribution of goods and services.

Road haulage has been the preferable means of moving goods and service between city due to the underdevelopment of Nigeria’s rail system.


In embarking on a haulage business the following areas will be considered:

The truck industry is a very large and in order to succeed you need to choose a niche for yourself. There are several niches in the haulage business and the type you select will determine the type of truck you will be needing and the startup capital. For example, if you decide to on petroleum product haulage you will need petroleum tanker and will have to register with an oil company but if u decide to venture into building material haulage what you will need is a tipper or lorry.

The next step is to get your capital and you are going to be needing a lot it because haulage business is highly capital intensive. Your startup capital will largely depend on the number of fleets you intend to own. You will need to decide if you are going to be buying new trucks or used trucks. There are ways in which you can get your trucks, either through outright purchase or get them on a lease.

Another area that needs serious consideration is the legal requirements for starting haulage business. You will be required obtain different licenses and permit and would also be presented with a set of rules and regulations to be strictly adhered to. You should carry out an extensive research on what rules there are and ensure total compliance with the rules.

Lots of businesses come with risk so also is the haulage business. You would be carrying expensive merchandise which does not belong to you and will be required to carry them safely to their destination. Considering the distance that needs to be covered in delivering these goods, it is impossible to predict what might happen on the way.
Accidents might occur, cases of theft may arise, dishonest drivers may divert the goods and this may be lead to huge debt on the part of the haulage company. This is why is important to obtain insurance for the haulage business in order to mitigate against the risk listed above.

The next area to look at in starting up haulage business is your management strategy. A good management team is essential in carrying on a successful trucking company. If you lack experience in this area, you may need to employ a manager who is experienced to oversee the day to day running of the business and also make it profitable.

This is another area to consider as well. You will have to find drivers that are willing to work with you in order to make your business profitable.

Conclusively, the trucking business is one of the toughest areas to break into but once you succeed the reward is worth it.

Advertising/ Marketing / Twitter Marketing Vs. Email Marketing: Which Is More Profitable by ikoiikenna: 10:03pm On 4 Apr
Lately, the debate about which of this medium, Twitter marketing, and Email marketing makes more money have been on. Some social media analysts believed that email marketing is more profitable, while others strongly disagree and say Twitter is the best medium to reach targeted market and more.

This post is not to change views but to give you great ideas and examples about the best marketing medium. Below are some of them:

Twitter Marketing and Making Money
Some of you might say, oh is not really possible to make good money from twitter. Well, best believe it is possible. As a matter of fact, Twitter is ideally set up to encourage affiliate marketers because all the URLs are screened behind an URL shorten service. It gets confusing for users because you can't tell if the link you’re clicking on is an affiliate or normal link.

Twitter seems to offer good marketing choices for affiliate marketers, and more individuals are getting into it. The user base of Twitter keeps growing each year and the market, bigger and bigger with various niches.

Also, it is a lot easier to target and reach the right audience via twitter due to its unique marketing platform. However, you must be smart when promoting product/brand by using the right words.

An example of how you can make money with Twitter. Say you are a brand manager with about 10,000 followers, you can talk about any new product to your followers with just a tweet. That first tweet can produce many comments and questions about the product, which can lead to subsequent tweets and sales. You get to record more sales without so much as sending out a newsletter about the product. This is one major advantage twitter marketing have over email marketing

How is Twitter The Right Medium For Making Money
Yes, you can make money with Twitter. But just like everything else, you need to make the right offer targeted at your followers and even non-followers who may come across your tweet. Also, ensure that your offer is rightly priced.

Email Marketing and Making Money
One unique thing about email marketing is that its produce almost instant results. If you placed an advert on your site, you can be sure to receive orders within a few minutes. Once your list reaches a decent size, it’s more or less a cash machine. But remember that it's crucial to develop a good relationship with your followers in order to make it.

Getting an Email List
Email marketing works best by giving almost instant results. If you have a site and have no way of capturing the leads coming to it, start by setting up a system. An example of such system is Aweber, which is so far the best in the industry.

Bottom line:
E-Mail Marketing, when combined with other strategies, has proven to be successful. While twitter marketing is a great method of generating targeted traffic for your brand right after a promotion. Remember, whichever you decide to go for it can only work if you have a good brand reputation.

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