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Media/Publishing / How To Start A Video Blog And Make Money by Ikoiikenna: on Thu at 09:29am
We are in a generation where real life reality is being replaced by online reality, in every spheres of life. Out of this online reality many are making millions of dollar daily, monthly and yearly. Of this most recent in this trend is video blogging now simply known as Vblogging. Blogging is now generally known as we now have more blogs than before. However, Video blogging is still a blogging format yet to be explored by many.

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Video blogging provide more advantages than other blogging format, it increase conversion and relationship between author and audience. Also video blogging provides huge earning potential.


Choose a Niche-
Just like other blogging format the first step is to choose a niche. What will your video blog talk about? What problem will it address for your viewers? Will you just show videos of personal life or will you focus on health, technology, foods etc.

Identify your audience-
After choosing a niche, identify who your audience are or likely to be, this helps you choose the right background, how to speak and how to dress.

Buy Good Video Production gear-
Unlike other blogging format, you will require to get good video production gear, quality matters. This gears includes a video camera and a microphone. At startup however, use what you have.

Create mini studio or prepare your video recording environment-
Once again quality matters- Choose either to create a mini studio with background color or use natural background. Either way, ensure it in suit with niche and target audience.

Dress according –
Dress according to audience needs and niche requirements. No matter how you love to be on your pajamas, if blogging on business, your audience will never like to see you on that. Dress accordingly, it give you a tag of seriousness.

Start recording-
This is however the most crucial step- runs your gears with you as the focus. Get more hands if you can’t handle all the gear.

Get a video editing Software’s/editor
No matter how professional the background or your flow, you will have need to either cut out some part. Add some touches. Using editing software you can add titles, credits, effects, music etc.

Choose a blogging platform for your Vblog-
Creating good videos is but a step, getting it across to your target audience is yet another. Choose a platform from the avalanches of web platforms to host your vblog. Popular video platforms are YouTube , vimeo, viddle, etc. choose platform according to your need and to one that will readily make your videos available on the net.

Following the above steps, one can successful start a successful video blog in Nigeria and earn hugely.

Travel / Packing Checklist For Business Trip by ikoiikenna: on Thu at 07:20am
Business deals often come with business trips. Of the top query in every business man struggle, the least is “How can I pack the essential things but with little luggage?” often many set out thinking they have everything needed for the trip but then just after arrival they realize they forgot an essential item like an electronic gadget or your toiletries.

The key to pack right and travel light with all you need during your business trip is through creating a checklist covering the essentials. this list will help you remember to pack only the most important things.
If you are planning a business trip within the boundaries of Nigeria or overseas? below is a checklist, applicable and useful for people setting out either from Lagos to Port Harcourt to close a local business deal or flying out of the country to attend business meetings or conventions.

For tips on organizing a business travel checklist; here are some of the things to take note of:

Use sized bag:
Most business travelers prefer using carry on luggage only, though it saves time and reduces the risk of losing your luggage. It, however, extremely uncomfortable to arrive at your business destination without your work Kits. you don't need to check your luggage in or wait for a pass.

As a business traveler, your wardrobe should be a lot more conservative. Catchy outfits and accessories should be kept to a minimum. A number of factors affect the type and amount of clothing needed for the trip, pack only business attire that can also play a double role for both meetings and be dining out and stick with few casual outfits for your free time.

travel-bag employs best packing method- The Bundle Wrapping Method. this increase the number of outfits that will fit into your sized bag. Roll softer fabric and fold stiffer fabrics. Also, you can use garment carrier bags when traveling with suits. Ensure you pack and strategically arrange your items, it saves valuable time reduces hassle when going through security.

Travel documents and money:
This step is the most crucial. Keep your travel documents organized and safe while traveling. Keep extra copies of your document separate at all times as you are likely to need some of them for your journey:

Electronics and Gadgets:
Ensure that your luggage gives you easy access to your laptop and to remove it from your bag when going through airport security. Every business traveler takes a small mobile office along on trips(laptop). Also, you need your mobile phone, laptop, iPad and charger and other necessary business gadgets.

Minimize the number of toiletries you put in your bag as much as possible, only take the necessary things like your hygiene products, antibacterial wipes, insect repellent, sunscreen lotion etc.
While arranging, keep your toiletry bag at the top for easy access. if you must travel with any liquid, put all in the right size of containers (less than 100 ml. this is the current regulation) and should be in separate clear plastic bags.

Follow regulations:
The Transportation Security Administration as you know, screen checked all aircraft passengers and luggage prior to boarding a commercial aircraft. Visit the website of your departure airport for regulatory information before packing.
Packing for a business trip doesn’t have to be such a difficult task. Prepare ahead of time and sticking only to the essentials, focus solely on the trip.

Agriculture / How To Start A Gardening Business by ikoiikenna: on Wed at 08:50pm
If the unpredictable Nigeria weather isn't enough to dampen your desire to work outside, then gardening is a great industry to get involved in. With the ease of networking and use of a strong hobby, entrepreneurs are in a good position to start a successful business.
If you have dreams of wanting to make a living interacting with people outside of an office environment, this article will guide you and give you a head start to get your name out there. Who knows, one day you may find yourself exhibiting at the world famous Flower Show.

It's difficult to pinpoint a strict routine for someone running a gardening business but, for many, this might just be a part of the market appeal. More as, you're guaranteed early morning starts and weekend work. Customers typically want their work finished at specific times and may want you to be around the house when it is done.
If you plan on taking less residential work and working with businesses instead, you're going to find you will have a more regular working day. However, it might be hard to find these corporate contracts in your early start-ups. Keep in mind that commitment is all you need to give to networking and administration.
Another thing is, showing up on time, even in the early hours of the day, maintaining good relationships with clients will help spread your name.

Due to a combination of simplicity and pre-established networking opportunities, it is most common to start a gardening business close to your home. But, don't just take my word for it, research your location first so as to know how many competitors you will be up against, what they are offering and their prices.

If you have seen someone who's already using a well priced and effective gardening business near you, it is going to be very hard to get the customers. Your best option is to look at areas where there's a need, and start offering services in those areas. So do your research and make sure you know as much as possible about where you are going into business.
Once you're done scouting those few areas, start looking out for large areas that you can reach, weigh up their benefits, such as market appeal, gaps in the market, advantages and disadvantages such as commuting time and expenses. Once you have this sort out, you can decide what/where will be the first location of your business.

Running a gardening business requires you to function in a lot of different ways. While your ability to create beautiful landscapes will be tested regularly as a business owner, so will your financial expertise and people skills.
Moreover, before committing yourself to the business, you need to know if you possess the following skills:
• Creativity
• Communication skills
•Organising skills
• A knack for designs
• Planting and general gardening expertise
• Bargaining skills to cut costs and increase profits
• Reliability to hold up your business' name
• The motivation to keep working in the wonderfully changeable Nigeria weather
• A grasp of business and management skills

As you start your gardening business, you will need some clout to show you what you are going to be doing in a garden. While a huge portfolio of your work will help bring the clients, so also will a professional qualification.
There is a wide range of options available, like obtaining a certificate in practical horticulture or working for an established landscaping company. Make sure you conduct a proper research on the business so as to build your business and enhance your skills.

One of the best aspects of starting a gardening business is the low costs, you get to set up without searching for outside funding.
Other than what you spend on any qualifications, your outlay will go towards equipment, goods and marketing. You can cut cost by establishing good relationships with suppliers although you will need to purchase a couple of equipment from the start-up.
When starting up, it's advisable to combine buying a smaller set of equipment to hiring large, more expensive ones to keep your invested cash to a minimum before you know how well your business will fare.
On the profits side, ensure to stay realistic about what you can make and grab every available opportunity. Starting up takes a lot of hard work, but if you combined your work with effective marketing, you're sure to bring in a good income.

Insurance is a big deal in the gardening industry. You need something, which covers you for accidents, injury, theft and damage to property and others.

Having an in-depth knowledge and skill sets you apart and gives you something to sell yourself to help you reel in business, even when competition might be stiff in the market. Once you know what you can offer, get the word out too far and near; while local advertising such as papers and shop windows may work, it will be far more effective to spread your name through friends, family, and contacts. Make sure to use a website to advertise yourself and effectively brand your company in order not to lose out.

Aside from this, consider striking up deals with garden centres and other businesses in your area. If you are buying goods from them regularly, and they do not offer landscaping services themselves, then maybe they can recommend you to customers.

Don't be blind to the range of opportunities available. While acting as a gardener, remember you could be selling tools and products to your customers.
Be both professional and friendly with clients. Striking up friendships with all your clients is the best way to bring in business, but always stay professional, have prices agreed and decisions documented to prevent unwelcome disagreements later on.

Never let yourself become disorganised - just because you currently have a few jobs lined up, doesn't mean you shouldn't be scouting for more in the near future. But, at the same time, double booking yourself is not a good idea as it might leave at least one customer dissatisfied and may cause negative impressions. So stay organised to remain on top of your clients.

Sports Trading / How To Start A Sport Betting Business In Nigeria by Ikoiikenna: on Wed at 07:04am
It is no more a news that most Nigerian youth have diversify into online sport betting all in the name of recession. Thanks to Nairabet, Bet9ja, soccer360 and host of others for their initiative. Well, Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad says the best time to venture into business is during a recession. I think I support this assertion. I therefore, write this comprehensive article on how to start online sport betting.

Online sport betting is one of the latest profitable and lucrative business, where subscribers and predictors (bettors) comes together to predict a sport score on monetary basis. Imagine predicting a game for #100 and earn #100,000, amazing, isn't it?

Online sport betting in Nigeria is like setting up a multi-million business when located in a marketable environment like Lagos, Ibadan and the likes. This business needs 100% of your time and tactics because it's a game of tactical prediction. Basically, soccer is one of the must-do for any sport bettor because it's an entertaining game loved by largely percentage of male folks.

Have you being told doing online sport betting is your fate? Do you need a cool guide to easy startup of online sport betting in Nigeria? If the definite answer to the above question is yes, then all you need to do is to relax as I unveil the fundamental dos and don't while starting online sport betting in Nigeria.

I don't need to tell you to hire or rent a shop in a marketable place before you know you have to. But if you don't know before, then I think I've done that now. Withdraw a token of #30,000 or more from your bank account and research for an arena that has high population of tertiary institution students and guys, near a populous field and probably around a barber's Salon. This is important because men are 90% of your customers and you need to move near their resident.

On like the ancient baba ijebu and baba ijesa local lotto where they only need a kiosks and a table to start their business. You need a durable Laptops or P.c to visit the internet, a modem for mobile network, a printer to print out document, a T.v and a decoder to watch sport update and news, a table and chairs to accommodate customers.

For More detail of what to buy, you can visit a nearby sport betting (Bet9ja, Nairabet etc.) shop for research. Be wise enough to buy only items that are needed and urgent and later when income comes in you can fill in the necessary gaps.

Congratulation to you in advance because if you can do the above two steps, then I assure you doing this won't be difficult. Register your business as far as you've set up your betting store, pay certain amount to incorporation organization and get your betting shop registered so as to set a pace for your licensing.

Since you are becoming a private limited company, then you need to be offered the Tax payers I.D which will enable you to pay your tax and makes government cater more for the masses.

While betting, you need to create a more reliable and easy payment Column on your website. Let people be able to pay from the corner of their room. If truly you have set out your website to fit the taste of how you want to run it. Don't forget a web designer is the best specialist to do that for you.

Start out by receiving information and well connected to the sole registering sported company so as to earn your income from the two source as you're serving as intermediary between the bettor and the Host. Easy payment is what you must ensure and after that you need to;

Starting an online sport betting in Nigeria entails your ability to manipulate the characters on your p.c to generate income by ensuring trustworthy transactions as for the winning side and the losing side will keep earnings you the more.
Now you must be licensed as a corporate body. As a legalized company, you need to get the necessary documents and files that will save you when it comes to defending your business from governmental bodies.

Getting the license is very important as it saves your brand and would let the government know that you are truly not a fraudster.

This is a very important aspect of your online sport betting tactic. Stand up for real and advertise your firm, create jingle in media houses. Sponsor a program or soap opera. It will let people know more about you and more confident in you.

Don't be too egocentric seeking your own interest forgetting you are catering for people's interest. So doing, you are going to become the best upon the best in the field of online sport betting in Nigeria as people will keep knowing you the more. Better still, you need to be standardize in your online marketing because doing so will pave way for your efficiency.

In conclusion, while setting out as an entrepreneur in the field of online sport betting in Nigeria. Don't omit the virtues of your business, be faithful; when people won don't trick them and say they loose, it makes you loose more customers when they loose all the time. Be consistent in achieving the best. Hardworking and diligence must not be lagging as they will aid your growing online betting store and set the best pace for you reaching the peak of successful entrepreneur.

Following the ways explained above, you need to note that, researching more and seeking advice will be of great benefit to you.
My dear, I will be expecting your brand outside there! (Winks)

Successful Entrepreneur / Cletus Ibeto Biography And Net Worth by ikoiikenna: on Tue at 11:47pm
We have a lot of successful entrepreneurs in Africa, and they are not just successful and known in their own homeland and households but the billionaires – yes, billionaires – are known all over the world.
They didn’t get there by cutting corners or being shady or anything of the sort but by being the true embodiment of what every entrepreneur should aspire to be – dedicated, focused, committed, create opportunities, take advantage at the right time and being smart.

One of such people is Cletus Ibeto and if you don’t feel a man worth $3.7 billion is successful, there is something up somewhere.
Born on the 6th of November in the year 1952 to the Ibeto family, an average one at that, Ibeto was having it all smooth till he was old enough to start his secondary school education. What he didn’t know then was that life was about to throw him a curve ball that he wasn’t expecting. His father, who had already sent Ibeto’s two older brothers to school, felt he couldn’t go the same way with all of his sons and opted that Ibeto learned a trade instead. This didn’t t down well with him but unknown to him at the time, this was the path fate had chosen out for him to tread.

He was sent to a master at Onitsha to be an apprentice and in this place, he was treated with an iron hand so much that he started to totally forget the idea of school. Just as he was about to start getting into the business and looking forward to his freedom from his master, the civil war started and he had to leave his master to join the war. Being a lower ranking personnel, he was simply made to run errands for the masters in the war instead of going to the battlefield himself. By the time the war was over, he still looked to start a trade and so approached his brother for financial help. His brother, Louis, gifted Ibeto a leather handbag and a suit which he sold alongside other things to raise enough money to start his business.

The breakthrough came during the initial period of the Shehu Shagari administration when all import bans were removed. Cletus Ibeto took advantage of this time and started mass importation, bringing in containers upon containers. To further boost the business, he invested all of the profits he made from the business back into it and made even more. This way, he kept on expanding massively till the import ban came back into being and with the massive wealth he had amassed, he was able to get a license that was not only scarce then but equally expensive. He stayed on top of the market this way for many years and his wealth now is proof of what those years yielded.

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He also branched out from the importation business when in 1995, he founded a manufacturing plant where auto spare parts were being made and it went on to be, and still remain, the largest in the country.

Ibeto’s journey was simply a grass to grace story, true, but he saw an opportunity and he didn’t wait to think about the risks of the market but just went into it with the true spirit of an entrepreneur and here he is today, one of the most celebrated business moguls in the world.

Pets Business / How To Start A Dog Treat Business by ikoiikenna: on Tue at 11:12pm
Are you a veterinary doctor and would love to start a dog treat? Do you have a passion for pet and wouldn't mind treating sick dogs? If you truly have a passion for pets- specifically dogs, there is no harm in changing that passion of yours into a business that will fetch you something exorbitant and make a living through it. I mean a peaceful and honorable life through the steady flow of income to be generated from the lucrative and reliable business.

I couldn't imagine the kind of love people are having towards dog this days that they don't mind spending thousands of dollar on its welfare. If you have ever come across anyone, even once, that truly loves his/her dog only then you will realize what I'm trying to enunciate that they are ready and willing to do anything so far their dogs receive the best of treatments from the veterinary doctor. Albeit, if you are passionate about dogs and wouldn't care to take good care of them, then, you can seize this golden opportunity to start your very own dog treat business and generate something huge, gigantic and massive in returns as your start up capital.

Informatively, venturing into this lucrative dog treats business required not huge start-up capital and you can have my words; it's indeed a profitable and comfortable business you can kick start most especially in the environment where people give their pets a great value and best of all treatment.

Without much ado, here are the few but mighty ways to follow when starting a dog treat business.

1. Carry out a research
To start a dog treat business, the first thing you are required to do is to embark on a research so as to scoop all necessary information need to make the business worth while. Starting a business is something and the business response towards reaching greater heights is another thing. For your dog treats to thrive well and prosper, it's advisable you embark on a thorough and exhaustive research to garner the useful and sure-fire dos and don't that revolve around the business.

2. Acquire skills on ways to handle Dogs
Without any scintilla of doubt, it's believed that dogs are tamed animals and they are being used as a pet. But don't let us leave the truth untold, they are somehow dangerous and wicked. Dog are cannibal animal and could tear a human apart if care isn't taking. To avoid all these messes, very important it is for you to go for special training on how to handle different species of dogs.

Better still, you could endeavor to work in an existing dog treat for some time to garner the skills or even employ trained dog keeper to help you out by training you, too, and paid them for the profound service they are going to render.

3. Draw your Business Plan
Because you are starting dog treat business doesn't stop you from drawing your business plan. Planning in any form of business, even if the business is as small as that of an atom, it shouldn't be over emphasized. It's a must soul that you are to mind as a business owner.

You need to plan the nature of dog treats business you are going to establish, its hours of service, type, kind and qualification of employees to be employed, your short, medium and long term goals, mission and vision statement etc is expected to be categorically drafted in your business plan. Take note!

4. Go for licensing and ensure your business
Irrespective of where you set up your business in the world, dog treat business is that type of business you must register under the government. Maybe, insure them for future unseen.

Failure to register your business will lead to its forfeiture by the government, sooner or later. To skip all this unnecessary reputation and legal/ court disturbance, chasing after registration prior to the opening of the business or few days after the opening day is advisable.

5. Location
Where you would be doing your dog treats business should be one of the best and fine areas in your city. Let it be well polished and furnished; for this are one of the attributes the dog owners will check on you for them to patronize you. Be reminded that you will need a very large and open space to enable the dogs to run heather skelter and play with one another in their course of visitation. Only these will prompt you to get more customers. Through referral of those that trust your service. I suppose!

6. Adopt a very nice and unique style
Sequel to the last step to follow on how to start a dog treat now is the right time to tell to go after your own style in carrying out the business. Go after your niche and give something unique to your customers. No one will query you for doing your things your way so far it's legal, nice and unique.

7. Market your dog treats business
And lastly, marketing of the proposed business is the last step you can trust on how to start a dog treat business. This could be done in several ways. Some of these ways are; through advertisement on local newspaper, creating a website where everything about your dog treats business would be said, distribution of handbill, fliers, brochure and the likes to your target audience and more.

For me to believe that you truly and really understand the aforementioned steps, endeavor to drop your comments. And if again, there is something fishy, odd or what you couldn't comprehend, on your own interest as well, use the comment section below.

Manufacturing/ Production / How To Start A Nylon Production Business + Free Business Plan by Ikoiikenna: on Tue at 03:08pm
Are you looking for a business to invest into, are you perhaps looking for a right business that pays? Then I strongly recommend you start a nylon production and selling business. This is a good and lucrative opportunity for you to exploit, the demand for nylon is very extensive and still expanding on daily basis nationwide. Owing to varieties of uses of this product its demand is simply out weighing the supply.

Nylon is used both by individuals, shops (both retailers and whole sales) companies (both goods and foods manufacturing companies) on the basis of individuals nylon bags has a wide range of uses domestically such as storage, bagging, shopping and covering. On the basis of companies usage nylon is in constant demand in large quantity being used for wrapping and packaging of their products.

Nylons are available in different sizes and thickness and in such are used based on this, for soft, thin and transparent nylon is used for packaging of edible products (e.g. Breads etc) and non-edible products.

Thicker forms are used as covers for products. Not forgetting the super markets and laundry operators who use nylon (some cases customized nylon) for packaging of the sale and packaging of clients clothes.

Nylon is also used in the educational sector as laminators, in construction and building for making tents. The uses of nylon cut across all works of life and also for decoration, fancy shopping bags, school bags and other uses.
Haven seen the vast market range of this business one is guaranteed of making huge profits from nylon production;

Below in this article I will be reveling with detailed step on how you can start and start making it big from nylon production. So I advice you read on with all concentration.

How to start a nylon production and make money from it:

v Requirements

Starting up this business requires the following
v Adequate knowledge on the business
v Technical know-how
v Capital
v Location/site
v Machine
v Raw material
v Employees ( though not needed initially if starting in a small scale)

Raw material

Raw materials for nylon production are chemically based, manly of the byproduct of petrochemicals such as
v Polyethene
v Polyethylene also
v Escorene
v Lupine
v B.A.S.F etc
This materials listed above should not scare you as they are abundantly available in Nigeria.

Machinery for production
Find the machines needed for production in the ebook

Polyethene bag is produced by heating and feeding rolls into machinery which draw out rolls into segment of specified length which are then cut off into individual bag.

Rate of production depends on this machine, thickness and size of the bag to be produce. Machine has a rate of 70,000 bags per hour for thin bags and 2000 bags per hour for thick bags. Machine is automated or semi automated using 220volts electric motor once switched on machine works off upon completion of production of rolls of polyethene feed into it. NOTE: punching is done on a separate machine know as puncher which is semi- manual.

If you’re asking if you really have a chance of making it then the answer is that of an emphatic yes. Not minding the current players in this production for supply is yet far from equaling with the demand so there is readily available market for your products.

To start off on this you can start with an initial investment of just 5000 which you will be using to get our feasibility/report eBook on this business that will reveal to you the secrets of this business
ü Where to source raw material at cheaper rate
ü Where to obtain the machinery
ü How to seek for fund with the report
ü How to start off production

ü Marketing
ü Management etc

For full details get the BUSINESS PLAN / FEASIBILITY REPORT that we will provide for you for free. All you need do is join west entrepreneur if you are yet to and the hit the reply button to drop your email address. In less than 30minutes it will be sent to you.

Entertainment / How To Set Up Event Planning Business From Home by Ikoiikenna: on Tue at 02:10pm
Most recent organizer started from their home or as an apprentice to a professional event planner. This is always the best solid foundation that will enable you set up your own event planning business easily.
Advantages of starting this event planning business from home are;

*Low cost
*Less worries about paying or renting expensive office
*It enable you focus on the growth of the business
*It also enable you to save more and gather funds for expansion.

So if you are wondering if setting up this business from home would work, I am here to tell you, absolutely yes it will. Now let's go through some of the tips to ponder on.

As an individual who is starting his or her event planning business from home, you have to engage or undergo some soul searching. Take time out to do some research work that will be beneficial to your line of work and also engage in market testing. Once you are able to pass this stage, the other stages will come easy to you.

This means that you have to be your own cheerleader. Since you will be working from home, you need to look for ways to motivate yourself and you need to also look forward to building a successful name for yourself and your business venture.

One of the beauty in setting up this business from home especially at the early stage is that you get to safe money. I mean, you worry less about raising the right funds to rent things like, office space, set it up to look corporate, your transportation cost daily and the rest.

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Networking is very important in any kind of business and it doesn't matter if you are starting your business from home or in an office environment. You just need to build a network of contacts and contracts that will be beneficial to your business, ensure to sell yourself well to friends, family members and to prospective clients as well. Associate and mingle with other event planners , attend social gathering and other stuff, you never can tell where your next job might come from. You also need to do networking online by creating a website for your business, showcasing jobs you have done and the rest. Don't forget to visit other social media platforms and advertise your business there too.

You need to create a place or a space in one of your room and convert to your work area. If you prefer, you can design the work area to suite your style of work but make sure you have working materials like a smart phone or laptop with Internet connection, desk, shelves or filing cabinet, chairs, printer etc.

The fact that you are working from home shouldn't make you less serious and be found slacking. People varies, some need something or some one to get them going with their daily job. For instance, you can choose to get up and dress like you are going for an office job or something and begin your daily work in your work space at home --if that will get you to be more serious, go for it. Do whatever work best for you, so long as you know what you are doing and it gets the job done.

This is the part you might have to deal with as your business grows. There will be need to buy a bigger printer, marketing materials and other working tools. The issue of where to store these materials as they too start taking up space in your work area will be your primary concern, then the need to move to a bigger and better built office will surface.

One of the major perks in working from home is the high level of productivity. There is no specific closing time as in the cases of nine to five jobs. You get to carry on working for as long as you want to and you worry less on how to get home as you feel secure in the comfort of your own work space at home.
Other perks to working at home including; no business registration, tax, office rent and also been able to take care of your household running expenditure through the business.

In conclusion, everyone hope to achieve success in whatever business they get into and the fact that you want to start and set up this event planning business at home shouldn't make you less dedicated. Rather work hard and focus on expanding and moving your business into a befitting and bigger environment.

Registration/Licencing / How To Open Co-operate Account For Your Business. by ikoiikenna: on Tue at 11:23am
The issue of opening co-operate account in Nigeria, I thought to myself is a well-known topic that I overlooked it not until recently, I got a call from one of my valued reader and friend precious called up enquiringly, on how to open co-operate bank account for her business in Nigeria. I tried explaining all the System for her through the phone but on a second although, many might be asking the say exact question so it’s better I blog about it, for her and for every other of my reader that might have the same question in mind or will need the information in the future and generally for all that need to know. Enjoy

First lets fully grasp what a co-operate account is: I wouldn’t go into scholastic definitions I will simply refer to co-operate account as a bank account opened in reference to co-operate body; with its registered co-operate name as the bank name.

What we are to learn from this article
• How to open co-operate account for your business in Nigeria with any bank (using GTB bank as a case study)
• Requirements
• How to register a business name
• How to get a TIN
• Applying for TIN
• Getting reference
• The process

How much you need to open this account
Now, it will be worth it to give you a rundown of the need before; I am taking GTB bank as a case study because my business is now banking with them.
1. Business name registration certificate
2. BVN
3. Means of identification
4. Passport photograph
5. Referees (two)
6. TIN

Requirement to open co-operate account in Nigeria#1 - Certificates of Business name registration
As indicated above the first step to this whole process is registering a business name. I have in my earlier post and in a video @ discussed how and the steps to registering a business name with co-operate affair commission (CAC). Assuming you have registered your business name of which you want to open a bank account. After registration of your business name with CAC three documents/certificate is given, on the way to be for opening co-operate bank account.

Requirement to open co-operate account #2 - BVN:
Currently, in Nigeria with a mandate on BVN (Bank Verification Number), I will assume all bank account owners should have, for the benefit of those opening an account for the first time BVN means Bank Verification Number which is a customized 11 digit personal numbers issued to all bank account owners by their banking institutions.

Requirement to open co-operate account #3 - Means of Identification
To open this account you must give a means of identification likewise your partners (if any). Means of identification - your ID card, Voters Card, Drivers License, International passport or NIN certificate etc.

Requirement to open co-operate account#4 - Passport Photograph
You need a minimum f 2 colored passport photographs of yourself and your partner (if any)of any background of any size provided your face is showing identified as you.

Requirement to open co-operate account in Nigeria#5 - Two Referees
This refers to people (a current bank account owner in any bank in Nigeria bust preferable look for refers having a current account with the bank where you intend opening the account) that will stand for you and your business proving legitimacy. Space is in co-operate account from where they will have to fill and sign. It’s crucial without which your account won't be opened. Getting these referees is sometimes a hard one as you would not want all to know you’re starting up a business. If you have family and friends that own a current account, you can even talk with the staff issuing the form, strike out something with them they often help get referees.

Requirement to open co-operate account in Nigeria#6 - TIN (Tax Identification Numbers)
This Is highly needed for every registered business establishment in Nigeria, and needed for many business purposes and also to open co-operate account, TIN in Nigeria is issued by Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) having office all over Nigeria so you can get a tin anywhere throughout the Federation and to get this is simply

The requirement to get TIN:
• no charge
• passport
• Letter- addressed to FIRS together with your corporation’s letter head.
Stamp – (hand stamp) you will have to get a stamp with your business name which you will use in your TIN application Form. It’s mandatory without which your Form can’t be processed.

Providing the entire above need to the agency your TIN and given to you in less than an hour.
After meeting all the above need then you can go ahead to your bank of choice for documentation and opening of a co-operate account.
What’s the least amount needed to open co-operate account?
Depending on the bank, no mandatory amount is the least but be aware, to open co-operate account a fee charge of N5000 which is the legal search fee is deducted.

What is a legal search fee? You provided a certificate of your business registration, they will charge you that fee for confirmation and for all other legal proceedings. In addition, check book, ATM (if requested) fee. So you need at least 10,000 to open co-operate account successfully in Nigeria. Good luck with opening co-operate account. Please leave a comment.

Business Advice/Tips / How To Keep Customers Happy And Loyal Forever by ikoiikenna: on Tue at 09:43am
As an entrepreneur/business owner, it is a known fact that customers are one of the major reasons people go into business. Every successful business owner will tell you that in order for you to grow in business, you need to learn how to attract customers and know how to keep them as well.

One of the biggest desire of humans is complete recognition, to be well recognized and respected wherever they go. Humans constantly have this need to feel loved, recognized and appreciated which is why people will do anything to feel loved, to have power, status, money, beauty, and the rest.
The struggle applies to everything even in businesses. As a business owner/entrepreneur, if a customer comes to your premises to make patronage or call over the phone to make an order and all you could do when you come in contact with them is to give a cold welcome/respond - not even a smile or exchange of pleasantries.

As a business owner, if your relationship with your customers is poor, best believe they will pretty much, stop patronizing you sooner than you expect and take their patronage where they feel welcome and appreciated.
So you need to master the art of making customers feel special and satisfied with your service at all time. This article will share with you tips on how to keep your customers loyal to your business.

There is so much going on in the world, the least you can do is be that friendly person who eases worries away even if it is only for a minute or a day. So if you are known to be a friendly business owner, you will have customers coming to you at their own free will.

Been observant will earn you a lot of points in your business. All you need to do is pay attention to little details concerning your customers. Let them know that you truly care about their welfare and if there is something you can do to help them out from time to time, please do it. It might seem like too much but believe me when I say it will be beneficial to your business in the long run.
Note that, I am not saying you should start solving all the problems of your customers. Show genuine concern and only offer to help when you can.

One thing customers value aside getting a good price is being treated with respect. If you intend to keep your customers loyal to your brand/business, you got to know how to treat your customers right. Businesses need customer referrals in order to survive, so you must at all times treat customers with respect no matter their status.
If your business relationship with customers leaves them feeling disrespected or irrelevant, they would definitely stop coming. Nobody wants to continue going to a place where they are not wanted, people would rather take their money where it is wanted.

Customers love to always get value for their money. As an entrepreneur, you need to be prepared to give your customers full satisfaction whenever they make patronage.
The benefits of buying from you from you may vary, for example; if a customer buys a product from you and at the end of the day or week, the product refused to work and wasn't durable. Now, the question is who beats the loss?the customer or yourself? and can they return it?will you be able to give them their money back or replace the product to a better one?

All these are a scenario you need to be prepare for and come up with ways to reduce the risk of buying from you because customers love stress free products and they want to know they can count on you (reliable after-sales support system). Doing this will surely build their trust in you and you can count in their patronage at any time.

Make Money Online / Four Major Online Money Making Ideas For Everyone by ikoiikenna: on Tue at 07:15am

There are a lot of business opportunities online, trust me, and I have tried out a very large number of it for myself. I have gone from the first extreme of online business to the other and I still await a new idea of an online business that would come to blow me out of the water in the sense that I am yet to hear of it or try it out. Something with these businesses online is that you tend to get exploited when you start and this, they would do a lot. You could complete some offer online and not get paid or even get paid an amount you can’t cash out while some people would offer you cents for a survey that would take your time. Still, I maintain that you can generate a very stable income online. How then, you ask?

1. Sell an e-Book
There is always that one thing that you know how to do and are very good in but someone else isn’t, and they would be willing to pay to get that piece of information. It might be on how to start a business, how to plan an event, how to go about fashion, organize a show or what have you. What you need to do is get the proper research done and then articulate all of your thoughts into one single book. Make it clean, make it personal and make it practical also and you would be amazed at how much you would be raking in monthly, sorry, weekly and daily, from the sales you would be getting, and its passive too.

2. Affiliate marketing
I am always very wowed when I find out that my friends who operate blogs, and successful ones too which generate a reasonable amount of traffic, haven’t heard of affiliate marketing and they just let all of that influx of people to waste. If you do not own a blog, now might be a good time to rethink that idea and create one. Have a niche that you would be based on and start to market products with affiliate links too. You could even talk about one of the things the vendor your marketing sells and guess what? You get paid commission on EVERY UNIT of product they buy via your link.

3. Bulk SMS sales
One of the things that I love most about having a bulk SMS business is that it can be done by anyone and everyone, not like some businesses that require you to have a Ph.D. in computer sciences. All you need to do is set up our own website (which can also be done for you by your wholesaler), buy some units of bulk SMS and start to sell it to those that would need it. you have schools, churches and other big establishments around you and they always need this. Why not meet their needs and your own financial needs at the same time?

4. Develop a Game/ Application
You might have been part of the people who played Temple Run a lot, use WhatsApp and Instagram on the daily and is also patiently expecting when Pokémon Go would land in your region. If you could just take a minute out, go check how much the developers of these apps and games have made so far and it would amaze you that from a few lines of codes comes a lot of billions. Even if you can’t code but you have a million-dollar (even billion dollars) idea, just get out there and assemble a team of gifted developers that can help make your dream an actual thing.

There you have it, folks. Think there is anyone we left out? Let’s discuss it.

Agriculture / How To Start Pepper Farming Business by ikoiikenna: on Mon at 11:23pm
Our country Nigeria is a land flowing with milk and honey, the land is very fertile and can take nearly any kind of plant. This makes it hard for us to believe that there should be someone who would be poor in such a great land of opportunities. There are a lot of potential gold mines around us but a lot of people just turn their blind investor’s eye to it. Well, we here at Abode Business Online are just here to help you open up that blind eye.

Look around you today and look at something that your meal cannot do with in a day. Just look at what you are eating right now and try to guess one of the spices therein that you and many other Nigerians use on the daily. Yes, you guessed right – its pepper.

While many of us go to the market each day to buy pepper for our various meals and recipes, have we ever thought of the lucrativeness of the pepper farming business? Follow through this post and we would give you the rundown of the ways to commercially grow the popular types of pepper for the market and you would see why we think this is a great business idea for you to act upon.

1. Picking the Variety
You would have to make some research into the market to check the species of pepper that is generally accepted in the local market and/ or international market should you be looking to forex trade also. Currently, the most widely accepted type of pepper is the Trinidad Scorpion and the bell pepper so you might want to start with any of these two varieties. Picking these would ensure that you can not only relate to the local market but international trade scenes too.

2. Nursery Preparation
A nursery is one of the most important stages in the life of the pepper. Nursery preparation comes best around March and April as this is when the rain starts to fall for the year. Your backyard or any other piece of suitable land can be used for the nursery. Simply, make a great bed of soil and spread the pepper seeds on it then allow them to flourish by themselves. From a period of five days to one week, you should have started seeing some germination

3. Transplanting
Transplanting is the final move your pepper seeds would be experiencing. Till the soil and make spacious holes in it to accommodate the roots of the pepper plant that you are bringing from the nursery. Depending on the size of your farm, you could look to hiring laborers to work with you.

4. Wedding/ Application of Fertilizer
Both moves above are aimed at getting the best yield for your plants. Removal of weed would ensure less competition for soil nutrients and fertilizer would fix even more nutrients for better growth into the soil. You should be careful when fertilizing though to avoid excess application which can lead to soil acidity.

5. Harvesting
Pepper usually matures some three months after it has been planted and they do not mature at the same time. At the start of harvesting, you could have to keep harvesting daily for about one week because some mature faster than the others. When that red hue is visible on your pepper, you should rest assured that it is right enough for the sack.

6. Marketing
Pepper is already in very high demand so it shouldn’t be hard getting a market for your product. Identify all the list of ready markets that you want to supply to or better, just enter a deal with a middleman who would come take them at farm gate price. In the international market, pepper also does well with the possibility of getting as much as $21,000 for two tonnes of bell pepper which would have cost you only about 1 million Naira to produce. That’s more than a stunning 100% in return on investment.

Funding / Alternate Ways To Get Funding For Your Startup by Ikoiikenna: on Mon at 07:20pm
How many starts up entrepreneurs have you meet? how many told you they have had issues with actually launching their businesses because they can’t seem to get funding for it? A lot, right? Maybe you are even in the same shoes right now and you are still waiting on that bank to grant you a loan or an angel investor to come round.

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We have good news for you today because the only way to raise funds for a business is not to get an investor or get a loan from a bank, but numerous. If you don’t believe us yet, read on and by the end of this post, you would be more than glad that you have taken this piece of advice.

Before we go on, we should probably tell you that some things are needed to get the best funding sources for your business and these include but are not limited to a great business idea/ existing business, good business skills, understanding of the business, credibility and collateral, to mention but a few. Now to the business of the day-

· Get a loan from your existing retirement plan
· Sell some of the shares you hold in a company
· Get loans from religious associations that you are affiliated to
· Manage a fan club for a celeb and raise funds
· Settle for some online business to raise funds
· If you are in the agricultural sector in Nigeria, bodies like FADAMA are ready to lend to you.
· You can start as a consultant ii nth industry you want to invest in and make some money first (plus even gain on-field experience)
· Obtain credit from your suppliers
· Do you have a hobby? Consider monetizing it
· Launch a fund raising event in your area
· Talk to equity financing institutions
· Get money from your friends and family
· Use NGOs and non-profits to your advantage
· Go to money lenders and ask for some money
· Become a member of a co-operative society which would be more than willing to fund you.
· Sell some of your valuable assets
· Borrow from your life insurance plan
· Talk to a financial expert to weigh your options
· Apply to get a government loan
· Apply for grants from the government

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· Use crowd funding sites to your advantage (Kick starter, Go-go Funding, etc.)
· Get a franchise loan
· Establish your business as a joint venture to reduce the burden of capital on you.
· Sign up a partner that has cash into your business.
· Go to angel investors
· You might want to refinance either of your home or equipment to raise some money too
· Persuade your clients to pay before delivery to increase the cash and capital at hand
· Sell a private placement in your business to a willing investor
· Get the services of a money finder
· Enter competitions for business plans. The prize money could really help.
· Get a licence for your business idea
· Try online loan websites (such a KIVA)
· Start an investment club and finance your business with the deposits
· Join professional societies and associations pertaining to your business
· Sell your business idea.
· Obtain government tax incentives
· Sell shares from your business to your customers
· Increase the price at which your products are being sold, but reasonably
· Consider a merger option
· Consider the use of export financing options.

Import/ Export / How To Start Cocoa Export Business In Nigeria by ikoiikenna: on Mon at 01:38pm

Cocoa is one of the lucrative and most trending raw products that can be used in manufacturing beverages across the globe. No matter your location, I would love it, if you can read this piece patiently to uncover the content within.

Are you having the money to start cocoa exporting? Do you really love the process of this business and you would like to start? Then all you need to do is to stay calm because this is the junction where you will read in details, how to start cocoa exporting business.
Don't panic and don't be exhausted in your thinking, if you need to start this business, there are some dos and don'ts of the business, which you can never escape while proposing for its start.

Do you know that the way you transact with a local cocoa dealer is widely different from the way you will transact with an international client? For instance, the cost would definitely vary, the time for delivery would and that is why you need to fully prepare before loading those sacks of cocoa into the trailers or ship.

The following are the best ways to follow if you really want to venture into cocoa exporting business.

Sorry if I had not talked about harvesting the cocoa or running after the farmer. Cocoa exporting business is a very wide and vast business which you need to be aware of. Meeting professionals, attending seminars and workshop will be advisable before starting anything in the business.

Invest in the knowledge, pay the money for teaching and tutorials before rushing out to start the business. It is very important to note that, many companies have failed because they failed to take the knowledge acquisition aspect important. No matter the kind of intelligence you might formerly possess. Rush out to grab the knowledge before starting anything.

If truly you are quite among those that needed the knowledge, then I would advise you to stay calm and identify the principles you need to use. Is it one man business, affiliate one. Do you need to buy it from people locally from a farm or you wish to get it directly from your farm. How much will you be able to sell?

And at this point, you are going to implement your recently acquired knowledge. Don't be too aggressive, it takes cordial measure so start calmly.

Congratulation in advance! You are starting gradually. You need to understand that exporting business entails some legal document and license to back your traveling up. Export Management Company- EMC and Export Trading Company- ETC. They are the legalized sectors of government that ensure the appropriate and rightful running of the business as they ensure trustworthiness between the two partners like the buyer and the seller.

The amount for running this registration varies from one country to the other and that's why you need to be careful so as not to be cheated. Start gradually, register and the next thing you need to do is to;

Nose for competent and qualified buyers, companies that are worth associating with must be your target. Don't go for riches but a trusted value that enriches your business as at when due. Researching is very important so that you won't go out selling at the wrong price or partnering with the wrong companies.

Do you wish to sell to the north or to the south, do you wish to travel by land or by sea. Make the necessary inquiries from qualified personnel. They worth it, have a target, don't just invest but have a purpose, don't just sell but have a market target and through this, your cocoa exporting business is going to last in the market being known worldwide.

You could actually buy cocoa from suppliers and you could export cocoa you produce. No Matter the case maybe. Start trading, after your lengthy and days of preparation, selling is the main angle for making your months of investment come true. Bodies regulating the exporting charges will surely give you a stipulated date and how to start your business. They will source for partners all over the world for your sake, they will ensure you are also selling the best kind of cocoa to such company. They will write out that proposal for you and all you need to do is to get the stock available and the transportation must be registered for.

Don't forget the employees are the key helpers which you must never omit while processing your cocoa exporting business. Though it takes a Personal Assistant in the field to help you so that you won't take the wrong step.

How do you expect yourself to invest with millions and later discover you have no one in the field to buy your stock. It is painful and killing. Don't allow that to rock your market, you must be competent enough to set things right, convince the buyers that your own stock is the best in the market. Tell them that there is no cocoa farmer as good as you are.

The above steps are genuine, endeavor to take them seriously if you are actually on the verge to earn millions of money month ends. Be real, be original. Start now, take the bold step to reach your determined height!

Real Estate / How To Start A Landscaping Business by ikoiikenna: on Sat 09 at 10:06pm
Starting a small landscaping business needs some form of education in landscaping design, business knowledge and physical fitness to some degree. If you want to start a small landscaping business, your job entails to design and maintain landscapes, choosing the right plants and features, and performing manual labor with machineries. You will also be responsible for business functions, like advertising, marketing, sales, book-keeping, management and payroll if you are going to hire workers. A lot of the heavy machinery required for this kind of business can be rented with or without an operator, and you can mostly run the business from your home office. Let's now go through the necessary requirements to get started on your landscaping business. Landscape

1.First and foremost, get a landscape training certificate or gain comparative experience by working or interning at a known landscaping company.

2.Write or Draft a Business Plan for Your Landscaping Business
Business plans need not be fancy, but should be accurate and include start-up and operating finances, marketing, advertising, equipment purchasing strategies and other information.

3.Apply For Local and State Business Permits, Licenses, and Tax Registration
A lot of state/country have a small business planning checklist on their website, or you may call their business regulatory and tax revenue offices for details. Some also require you to obtain contractor's license as well. If you intend to hire landscape workers to help with your business, obtain a Tax Identification Number and Employer Identification Number from your state/country's Internal Revenue Service.

4.Buy the Necessary Landscape Equipment Based on Your Business Plan Service. Try not to go overboard when buying your equipments, only buy what you need to start and acquire more if need be as your business progresses.

5.Purchase a Service Vehicle or Truck or to cut cost, use your own, as long as you know it will fit your equipment and supplies properly. Get an insurance policy from a good insurance company and purchase business liability and business vehicle insurance. Adequate insurance is required for good measures and may be mandated by state law for landscape contractors.

6.Advertise Your Business.
Distribute fliers or brochures to neighbors in your work area, and ensure to use site and vehicle signs for maximum visibility. Consider uniforms for your workers to present a professional image, and give pep talks on the need to always address clients in a polite manner and also to look good in appearance.

Subscribe to landscaping trade magazines and websites to stay abreast with all the latest trends, skills, equipment, and business protocols. Ensure to carry out cost effective ad on these landscape trade magazines with few pictures of the beautiful works done by you, along with your contact information.

More Tips: Ensure your vehicle and equipments are all well-maintained and in always in good condition. Presenting a clean image at all times is not only good business sense, it makes an impression on customers too.
Be sure to get all necessary licenses and permits, and keep copies with you at all times while on the job site. Good luck!

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