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Biography Of Successful Entrepreneurs

  • Mar 2018
  • entre_success

  • Being an entrepreneur can be rewarding. However, it doesn't come easy as the past century definition of an entrepreneur simply means a risk taker- someone willing to take a business risk and stand either to profit or loss. Due to this uncertainty, an entrepreneur is often referred to as such ( someone who takes RISK). Furthermore, living in an economy such as ours, the work or the dream of becoming not just an entrepreneur but a successful entrepreneur is farther pushed away from the potential entrepreneur. Economic recession, unemployment, lack of funds, non-governmental support, initial failure, lack of motivation and more has restricted many and have put fear in the hearts of others, preventing them from pursuing their entrepreneurship dreams.

    We at West Entrepreneur have devised a way to keep you motivated in your quest to become successful entrepreneurs - it is B.O.S.E which translates to BIOGRAPHY OF SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS.

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     Nothing is new! No sunset or sunrise is new, its just a reoccurrence, no idea is new either, it's just a re-modification with rather the personality of the conceiver (someone that had the idea). 

    We are all remodeling- what succeed in Las Vegas can also Succeed in New York if the same approach is employed. If Mr. A can succeed, Mr. B can as well do better at that same thing if he had the same mindset, the same approach and the same confession as Mr. A.

    If someone can succeed as an entrepreneur you also can succeed. This is the principle behind B.O.S.E ( Biography of Successful Entrepreneurs).

    We have come to realize that  Irrespective of the top-notch lucrative business ideas we provide nearly on daily basis most of our Valued Readers remain but potential Entrepreneurs. They still prefer to fish in shallow waters and may be due to lack of motivation are afraid to launch into the deep. But hey, the motivator is here *wink*.

    We introduce B.O.S.E ( Biography of successful entrepreneurs) as a solution and to serve as a motivation to us all ( Entrepreneur). After much brainstorm and research, we realized that the success story of others can be the fuel you need. therefore, the birth of project B.O.S.E. Therein we will try as much as we can to dig in deep into the lives of successful entrepreneurs to help keep you motivated.

    We will :

    * elicit their family background

    * moral- To prove to prove to you that most of this successful entrepreneurs started worst that you.

    * Alert you of their initial failure

    * Moral - To prove to you that failure is not a destination rather a transition- transition to greater heights not quits.

    We will also show you the major advantages you have now that they don't have then (Examples - Advancement in technology and internet) so you can do better.

    This and lots more will be covered under project B.O.S.E. If work according to plan we will interview all (if possible) successful entrepreneur alongside the biography.

    Now we will present B.O.S.E of not just successful Nigerian entrepreneurs but also across Africa and the globe at large. Providing you with different taste and business fields, sectors and different business ideas that became successful and the step it took them to get there.

    We are trying to make this Home undoubtedly comfortable.

    Please tell us what you think via comment box.


  • Mar 2018
  • entre_success

  • Can you feature the owner of makemoney2000 blog? He seems to be making waves

  • Mar 2018
  • entre_success

  • will We be delighted to.  Send in more details to info@westentrepreneir.com

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